Log of the Italian Inexplicable Locations
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Foreword: Throughout the history of our organization, we found several places, areas and locations where reality goes nuts, but let's say that it doesn't always go enough nuts. Sometimes, such locations are indeed monitored by our agents, they have to be checked on every now and then, but they're simply not interesting enough to deserve their own SCP designation. They might come in handy in the future, but they'll stay in the following log for the time being.

— Dr. Sollo, Manager of Control Station 11

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Inexplicable Location UE-368975
Location Description: A clearing on the edge of a birch wood, with a 10 m deep and 5 m wide crack at its center. Every Tuesday, from 18:00 to 18:07, a blue substance spills out of the crack. Said material is blood dyed with ultramarine blue pigments, mostly lapis lazuli.
Containment Date: 07/05/1987
Whereabouts: A woodland near Zocca, in the province of Modena
Security Protocol: The area in a 20 m radius from the crack was forbidden to the public by passing it off as a protected clearing. The blue fluid is harvested weekly after the end of the anomalous event and kept in a storage cooler at Site Asclepio.

Inexplicable Location UE-711979
Location Description: Abandoned living quarters lacking roofing. In case of weather events like rain, snow or hail, the room remains covered from them, as if it actually had a ceiling. It was ascertained that the perimeter walls are not involved in determining the anomalous properties of this location, even when damaged by medium-strong seismic events.
Containment Date: 07/11/1979
Whereabouts: Castello di Polcenigo, in the province of Pordenone
Security Protocol: The area of the castle remained open to the public, since the effects of the anomaly are easily concealed; the entrance of the affected area was preventively bricked up with reinforced concrete1 and the cadastral mapping of the building was modified accordingly. The room is checken on yearly by Site Vesta personnel.

Inexplicable Location UE-100289
Location Description: A beach where varying amounts of Brithys crini pancratii (sea daffodil) specimens are found at night. These moths can form swarms, which are believed to have the goal to dig into the sand, looking for [REDACTED].
Containment Date: 01/09/2022
Whereabouts: A free beach near Capalbio, in the province of Grosseto
Security Protocol: The beach was declared a protected natural area and every possible access by civilians was prevented with fences. Although this location is closely linked to SCP-006.INT, given what was found underground, it is now monitored by Site Nettuno.

Inexplicable Location UE-000008
Location Description: A four-star hotel abandoned since ██/██/1984, following an earthquake which damaged it bady. However, no casualties were reported. Nowadays, the facility is severely decayed. Once an individual spends a period of time ranging from 2 to 5 minutes there, they begin experiencing hallucinations where the hotel appears to be still fully operational. After exactly 3 minutes from the start of the hallucination, the building is shaken by intense quakes, and the visions reflect the change in the situation, showing the people inside as scared, escaping or seldom injured or dead. At that point, anyone inside2 begins suffering from symptoms such as headache, nausea and seizures.
Containment Date: 20/11/1992
Whereabouts: Pietralunga, in the province of Perugia
Security Protocol: 5 agents of team Kappa of SPeV-I (“Acies Aegis”) must contanstly monitor the facility, keeping a 2.5 m minimum distance from the entrance, undercover as forest rangers. Any approaching civilian must be driven away, possibly in a non-violent way. In case any civilians manage to enter the building and suffer from its anomalous properties, they must be driven away immediately, then amnesticized with Class D amnestics.

Inexplicable Location UE-12376
Location Description: Room 115 of Site Deus, where people experience visions at 20:00. The visions may last between 5 and 15 minutes, and will keep affected individuals in a functional dissociative state, causing them to respond to no external stimuli. During the hallucinations, the following objects/people typically appear:

  • A woman of varying ethnicity and age, sitting on an armchair;
  • The rear garden of a house;
  • A staircase with a hallway;
  • A door hidden in a yellow wall.

Containment Date: 01/01/2022
Whereabouts: Site Deus
Security Protocol: The room was sealed.

Inexplicable Location UE-267293
Location Description: A garden tool shed measuring 4 m × 6 m × 3 m. However, when measured with a laser rangefinder, its inside gives results consistent with an area at least 10 times larger. The inexplicable way sounds echo inside the shed seems to prove this. However, this "additional" space - if it actually exists - is physically inaccessible.
Containment Date: 15/5/1983
Whereabouts: Sellia Marina, in the province of Catanzaro
Security Protocol: The property where the anomaly is found was bought by the Foundation and forbidden to civilians. The tool shed is occasionally used as an operational base for the local activities of the Intelligence and Research Section.

Inexplicable Location UE-239863
Location Description: A 30 m × 30 m area near the beach next to a cliff. Several items from a party are found scattered across the place, such as: a boom box, empty bottles of alcohol, leftovers of various foods - which do not seem to be rotting after several checks - and paper chains. Every Saturday night between 21:00 and 3:00, some torches surrounding the affected area are switched on, casting human-shaped shadows. Said shadows move mimicking popular dances, the act of eating and drinking, interactions with the boom box and with each other for the duration of the anomalous event.
Containment Date: 27/07/2005
Whereabouts: [REDACTED] islet, on the Aeolian Islands
Security Protocol: The area was declared a natural reserve, blocking access to civilians. Since the area is already secluded on its own, no further protocols were deemed necessary.

Inexplicable Location UE-837292
Location Description: A garage for individual vehicles. When an individual enters it, they perceive that the floor is tilting towards the entrance wall. This effect causes affected subjects to lose their balance and believe to be sliding towards the wall. However, if another person is in the location, they see the affected subject fall to the floor and squirm.
Containment Date: ██/██/1988
Whereabouts: ██ de Chiari street, Bologna
Security Protocol: The entrance of the garage was preventively bricked up. The previous owners of the facility were amnesticized, and the cadastral mapping of the building was modified.

Inexplicable Location UE-173420
Location Description: A natural silica cave affected by an acoustic anomaly. The echo bouncing against its walls recreates the words and sentences vocalized accurately in terms of content, but it is always distorted somehow, adopting a reportedly "mocking" tone of voice, often complete with mispronunciations.
Containment Date: 27/9/1985
Whereabouts: Beigua regional natural park, Sassello, in the province of Savona.
Security Protocol: Access to the cave was concealed, blocked with a grate and put under surveillance. The implementation of an etheric resonance detection system led to inconclusive outcomes. Therefore, it is still unclear whether the anomaly is due to the presence of an entity.

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