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It had happened. The Foundation, the first and last defence line of humanity, had failed its duties. It happened in its blind spot, at a place it did not monitor thoroughly enough, and when it was noticed, it was already to late.

In the year 2055, two young scientists in San Francisco managed to successfully create nanomachines via anomalous means. Their goals were, although fanatic, purely medical in nature. The nanomachines should be injected into humans and support their immune system by destroying pathogens. Then they would use the materials of their victims to generate energy, create more nanomachines, leave the body and destroy all pathogens in the world. Of course, they had to be programmed to not destroy the the human body and harmless organisms. This was the first thing the two scientists did. Unfortunately, they made a small, but fatal error, that became apparent, when the nanomachines were used for the first time. They destroyed nothing, except organisms with a human genome.

It was over when the nanomachines spread in the air. All humans were converted to a pile of dust, which attacked other humans. Even abnormals with extraordinary regenerative properties could not resist the sheer amount of nanomachines for long. Nobody was spared, and even the Foundation was, despite its efforts at containment, not able to get the situation under control. The days of humanity were numbered and the nanomachine swarm gained the moniker "The Dust" thanks to his appearance.

But this was not the end. Despite the approaching eradication, the Foundation considered it as its duty, to at least save the future of humanity if they couldn’t save themselves anymore. To this end, it started Project Automaton in its last months.

The Foundation started already a while ago to develop functional androids, humanoid machines, whose intellect could measure up to that of humans, even had the potential to surpass it. Originally, they were to be used for space missions and to carry out tasks, that were to dangerous or impossible for humans. This invention was now misused.

Three days before the last human died, the first android was activated. His duty was to lead Project Automaton to success, to provide the Foundation and all institutions it needed with personnel and to subsequently protect the planet and the universe against all threats, until they day came, when humans could again find a home on the planet.

Project Automaton was a success. The first generation of androids took control of all Foundation sites and reestablished the containment of all anomalies, that did not fall victim to the nanomachines. Eventually, they reached a point were they could revive humanity with SCP-2000.

Unfortunately, the Dust threw a wrench into the plans of the Foundation. It turned out, that the nanomachines drew energy from sunshine. Through this, they could remain active permanently. Additionally, they had been programmed to react to threats towards their existence and to disassemble and rebuild defective, destroyed and reprogrammed units. The androids also had to learn, that they were able to evolve and adapt against what was used against them. Whether those properties were intended by their creators or not, could nobody say for certain.

Unable to reach their last and highest goal, the androids concentrated on their other tasks. The SCPs were given android tailored Anomaly Safety Protocols and from then on called ASPs. Also, the research into the unknown and abnormal was continued by the androids. But, they did all of this not because of resignation. They maintained the world for the humans. They studied the universe for the humans, hoping to find a solution for the Dust, the only obstacle between them and the achievement of their ultimate goal.

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