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Logo of the Mages Academy

The Mages Academy is a group with locations in several European countries, with its headquarters in Germany, who are dedicated to research the safe use of anomal abilities, and to learn it in form of “magic”. While the Foundation essentially sees anomalies as a threat, and tries to control them at all costs, the academy sees them as a natural part of the world, and tries to reach a harmonic coexistence by mostly non-violent and scientific dealing with anomalies.

Although they have existed since ancient times in one or another form, they have thus far managed to hide from the Foundation. Recent events have awoken some interest of the Foundation, but they have not yet listed the Academy as a Group of Interest, and does not seem to investigate further.
In most bigger facilities of the Foundation in Germany and Austria, and some in Europe, the academy has covered agents, monitoring the Foundation and taking influence here and there, and coordinating secret support or countermeasures by the academy.

One might think, the students of the academy ran around in gandalfesk flowing robes and pointy heads, or would dwell in anomal castles where gifted children are teached in a Harry-Potter-like parallel society. Far from it. Most academies are disguised as technical or general scientific universities, at which the students, which all are adult, besides the magic acquire an academic title in a technic scientific profession. Nobody there wears robes and pointy hats; there is no dress code.

Mages Academy-articles

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