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Logo of the Mages Academy

Based in Germany, the Mages Academy is an organization with colleges and universities in multiple European countries, that has made it their business to research and teach the use of anomalous abilities in form of "magic". Whereas the Foundation categorically considers all anomalies as a threat and tries to control them with any measure necessary, the Academy sees anomalies as a natural part of the world, and tries to achieve harmonic coexistence through a science-based and broadly peaceful approach. They see themselves as pioneers of a new domain of natural science.

While the Academy sees the anomalous as natural, it advocates the position that mankind must be protected from the dangers of the anomalous, as well as from itself. There is no need for destructive magical artifacts; should magic become credibly known to the public a catastrophic mass-hysteria would follow. Thus, the Academy has secretly supported the Foundation since the 1950s, for example by taking magical anomalies into custody or by neutralizing them, or by bringing them to the Foundation's attention and, as the circumstances require, weakening the effects beforehand. Also, they occasionally remove hindrances, hold personnel that are hostile to the Foundation at bay, or create distractions. Therefore, the Academy has embedded agents in many larger facilities in the Germanophone Foundation and a few in other European branches, to keep track of the Foundation's work, to exert influence here and there, and to coordinate the Academy's covert support or countermeasures. Until 2018, they were able to remain undetected by the Foundation, however, since they had been set up for a trap by 4R1, an incident in which an embedded agent had to break disguise, and the Academy was uncovered and classified as a Group of Interest considered hostile by the Foundation due to its embedded agents. Until further notice, the Foundation rejects offers of cooperation from the Academy, and holds discovered agents captive as E-Class Personnel. However, these events did not result in the departure of the agents, but rather to an intensification of their disguise; a step which impedes their work and has lead to a latent increase of findings of magical and thaumaturgic anomalies, and more accidents and casualties during contact with them as well as with 4R.

The Academy has banned "black magic", and considers the demonologist Rass as an enemy not only for moral, but also for magical-ethical reasons, and are probably the only Group of Interest that actively and aggressively takes action against 4R, especially since several members of 4R are former students of the Academy. The Magisters of the Academy regard the unyielding attitude towards the Academy with an increasing lack of understanding, as this position evidently costs lives.

Despite the feud with 4R and the activities inside the Foundation, the Mages Academy is mainly an organization for teaching and researching the anomalous. All agents embedded in the Foundation, fighting 4R or researching and taking into custody anomalies are volunteers and represent only a small portion of the activities of the Academy.

One might think that the students of the Academy walk around in flowing robes and pointy hats like Gandalf, or dwell in anomalous castles teaching gifted children in parallel societies like in Harry Potter. This is not the case. The schools are private universities at which the students - all of them adults - acquire a civil academic title alongside their magic abilities, and most Academy schools have technological or scientific faculties.

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