「Against the Threat of Religious War」
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Good afternoon. I am Doctor Oliver Stevenson, and I am here today to teach you.

I'll get straight to the point. One of the hundreds of scenarios, the CK-Class Restructuring Scenario just realised. On mass. Yes, the woman wearing red earrings. Why didn't you feel anything? Haah… Crap. Guard, take her away. Yes, the one with the red earrings.

The woman who just got pulled away used to be Steve Wilson, Rank-2, C-Class personnel. Yes, the MAN who made an excellent dolphin impression. That's reality restructuring. Your loved ones, friends, families changed into someone else in a second. The problem is, it happened on a massive scale. In other words, we're fucked.

The guy with the blue hat. "What happened?" When we first discovered something happened to the Foundation, we attempted to take care of the matter according to the manual, as usual. You know, spray spray. But the Foundation started to uncover more horrible stuff as we went on. Something, completely assimilated to our lives, changed; to a form most horrible and friendly.

Religion changed.

You heard it right, fucking religion changed. Is anyone religious here? One, two… I'll stop counting. Thank goodness it's not Sunday yet. Now, have you ever thought of 'The Great Karcist Jesus Christ'? Oh, don't frown like that. That wasn't a hypothesis; it's real. Any Muslims here? Allaht hu Akbar! What? It's Allah? Nope, it's Machine(Allaht) now. Any Koreans here? Congratulations, your grandfathers made Fifthism. For Buddhists, one word: We are not cool yet.

Yeah, religion can change to whatever it is. Apostasy, done! But it's not as simple as it seems. As I told you, religion has too much of an influence on our lives, and the ripples of the change are immeasurable.

Our enemies became stronger. The UIU, once weaker than a worm, is now armed with physically enhanced agents, and ORIA became ORMA. The Fifthists have hit Foundation Korea Regional command in a second and lost communication. The staff… are presumably dead or became Fifthists themselves. Anomalous artists started reincarnating. Those psychos reaching nirvana will be a sight to behold.

The world faces a threat against ginormous religious warfare. …However, the Foundation has to do what it has to do. So try to be atheist. Dismissed.

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