A man on a chair
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The man still sat on his chair.
A day, two days, ten days, then even a year passed, and he sat on his chair.
He didn't eat.
He didn't drink.
He didn't even breathe.
However……. He was alive.

The immortality curse turned him into concrete. That was the reason.
After he was cursed he couldn't move, nor did he wanted to.
However, he could speak.
He could see.
He was concrete but alive.

He closed his eyes and opened them again.
How many years have passed?
He didn't even count the days.
But today he can't hear the singing that he had heard from the room ever since he entered this room.
No people in white lab coats came in anymore.
Dust coated the chair white while laying thick on his body.

He kept looking out the window.
Explosions, screaming, crying and blood.
But he was uninterested.
For a concrete doesn't care about such things.

The sun rose a thousand times, and the moon set a thousand times.
The sun rose tens of thousands times, and the moon set tens of thousands times.
The windows were too dusty to see through.
The walls gathered large amounts of mould.
He couldn't hear the voices and footsteps he sometimes heard outside the room anymore.

Can I move?
A thought hit him.
After all this time, my curse would have indeed faded away.
Clasping on to that faint hope of his, he turned his iris with his hands.


The signal from his brain silently, but rapidly relayed through the nerves pass the neurons and to the muscles in his digits.


His finger moved.
After what could have been a few thousand years, he felt ecstasy.
He did something that he believed impossible.
The curse was gone.

He moved his legs.
He can stand up.
Filled with joy, he walked around the room.
And he stood in front of the dusty mirror.
He saw.

Wrinkles rapidly appeared on his face.
His hair faded white and then fell away from his scalp.
All of his teeth fell off.
Shortly after, his skin tore apart and turned into dust.
He felt himself dying.

What a marvellous thing it is.
The curse that turned him into concrete held him down for centuries.
Everyone else wants immortality, but it had been agony for this man.

He collapsed to the ground as his legs turned into dust.
His body parts that hit the floor turned into dust.
Watching at the ceiling gradually crumble away, the man did something he couldn't do for a long time.

He smiled.

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