The Day of Madness is already here.
The SCP Foundation Universe's Largest Canon
Began in 1998

July 12th, 1998.
Operating in the dark, containing and combating the anomalous,
The Veil the Foundation used to keep them out of the public eye was pulled upwards.
The falsehoods that should have endured for 2,000 years easily shattered.
The abnormal merged with the normal, and the world's status quo was forever changed.

The Foundation has become public knowledge, and both para-science and magic became mundane parts of life.
Commentators of other species are on the news,
And para-tech companies hawk their newest products in commercials.

However, not all is well.
Poland's sparks on that day inflamed the rest of the world,
And paranormal disasters and strife are happening more and more frequently.
New types of accidents, injuries, and societal problems make headlines each day,
And the world is slowly turning into one completely different from our own.

Then came September 11th, 2001.

Thus begins the story of mankind still moving forward in this new world.
April 31st, 2023. Another historical moment that'll live on in your memories.



Early summer of 1998,
The widespread, mysterious Veil is torn apart
And the existence of the anomalous was revealed to the entire world.

It is three years later, on September 11th, 2001, that it happened.
"Copper02, responding. Please advise."
Three silver wings soar across the sky.
"It changed course — no, wait, it's speeding up!"
It was all so sudden.
An unprecedented man-made disaster.
"It's heading for the Twin Towers."
In only a few minutes
Manhattan turns into a literal Hell.

The SCP Foundation and the Global Occult Coalition, now public,
Stand firm against paranormal terrorism.
But just the defense alone leaves their hands full.
The attack's mastermind was once part of the SCP Foundation, now defected.

“Chaos Insurgency”

The Coalition, for the world's safety and protection,
Decides to destroy Manhattan Island.
The Foundation has until the Coalition's deadline
To get this situation under control
Even while they plan their goals,
The city vanishes, buildings are destroyed, and demons run rampant.

Set right in the middle of one of the world's most populated areas,
Many paranormal agencies, ordinary civilians, and separate agendas intertwine,
In a tale of one single purpose against adversity.
There is no resignation in their eyes aas they continue moving forward,
Doing their damndest in fulfilling this purpose.

The Foundation, The Coalition, The Church, and other organizations,
How do they go forth into the frenzy?

Let's look at their courage.



Alto Clef

As we're all aware, the Foundation’s problem child.
Happened to be at the site during the terrorist attack, and thanks to his experience,
Clef became the first commander of the Manhattan Rescue Team.
Has some sort of deep connection with the Undersecretary of the GOC.

Jack Bright

Another problem child of the Foundation.
He ended up involved in all this alongside Clef,
and despite his reluctance, was entrusted
to the position of provisional information director due to being the highest position on site…?

"Hime Akumu"

Class IV reality bender of the Teal Division.
Can create cupcakes, and change/destroy their structure at will.
Dangerous person who likes to exclusively create bomb cupcakes,
and destroy her enemies,
although she’s also an extremely good spy.

Cassian Jaruzelski

Gamma class agent in charge of material transportation for the munitions division.
Massive amounts of munition and agents
were moved into Manhattan for the attack.


Assistant Director. Takes over the Undersecretary while she’s
attending the General Assembly of the United Nations, and brings the Council of 108 together.


Kabul administrator. Young talent, but with a troublesome character.


PHYSICS Division High General, North American Section.
Intelligent and cunning conspirator, with a sarcastic personality.

Nathan Fillmore

“Priest” of the Broken Church.
His encounter with a boy changed the fates of many people,
the will of a certain person being passed then.

Jude Kriyot

A reality-bending boy who can control lightning.
A strange turn of events
has led him into a battle
at the Jefferson Miller Church.

Alison Chao

A girl accompanied by a strange animal.
Is on a journey to find her father when the attack occurs,
and has now become busy trying to protect civilians.


Small ferret-like animal that follows Alison.
Understands human speech, and can enhance their contractee’s magic.
No one knows their goal.



Ryu JP

Character Design/Drawing/Cinematography

Executive Director


Web Design: kihakuWeb Development: kihakuWeb Production/Syntax Development: MikuKaneko「MANHATTAN CRISIS MOVIE PORTAL」 Production Committee



Three Days Grace

This music was chosen due to its atmosphere, not the contents of its lyrics. Western music goes together with extravagent openings quite well.

Theatrical Soundtrack

「Manhattan Crisis」

「Breakthrough for Future」

It's always good to have theme music. Just by having songs set to a scene, the story becomes several times more enjoyable.
The scenes that you see in your head become a cinematically rich soundscape experience.
Many thanks to SOYA-001 for contributing these great themes.


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