Beyond the Carcass
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Experimental Record on the Devirtualization and Suppression of the Pseudopsis of Paraentity Through Thaumaturgy, AKA "Pair EVE Parasupressor"

Entry BD Entities Threat

ID Threat:

LTE-0050-Velveteen-Blit – "Photokiller Paratáctile"

Authorized Response Level:

2 (Sub-Moderate Threat) N/A (Confirmed Destruction, Archived Record)


— "All right, Dunwich, are you ready?" Said a hoarse voice behind a mirror.

Dunwich nodded and then extracted several milliliters of blood from his arm with a syringe. Then he opened the way to the photograph machine. He felt undeterred as many invisible things touched him. Maybe a simple look at the man would not show anything strange, but watching him with heat machines would show a bugalú of reds and blues.

He sat inside the photokiller, looked at his camera and pressed the syringe to see the blood jump. With his eyes closed, he levitated the blood feast he had caused and formed a connection with the machine. Blood came from one end of his neck, and the other connected to the machine. And he slept.

Then, Dunwich fell into an eternal void. It was inside what was previously something alive, now attached to something lifeless. A wandering symbiote that feeds on concepts such as eating or drinking. There was no up or down, but he was touching ground. It was already inside the soul of the machine.


Project "Averte"

With the approval of 92 of the 108 members of the Global Occult Coalition of the United Nations, Pretoria Thaumaturge Rick Dunwich has been urged to perform a thaumatological experimental procedure with a code name: Pair EVE Parasupressor (PEVEP), where It is intended to neutralize low-level para-threats through non-destructive methods. Through this procedure, Rick Dunwich will also look for ECHO-22 information to later be used in the development of paratechnology.

It was a place full of nothing, in any direction, maybe really he was the only something there; in front of Dunwich, walking in a straight line, a man, with his hands touching his surroundings, with a wake of cobblestones shining like the moon following him, with the face of ebony, with formal skins, with nothing in his chest; He was looking for something.

From it came an arm or a hand for each time it extended to touch a wall of solid nothing. Dunwich had walked towards him, trying to touch him, but that wall prevented him from doing so. Dunwich began to sweat, and even though the place was cold, there was heat.

He moved away from the man and again came the frozen stupor; and he kept walking.

The face of that man shouted the calm, each step made him tremble, and for every new member that came out of his body, there was a tic in his right eye.

13/02/2███ 11:50-

Rick could feel his body on the outside, he was in the dream of a machine, an alternate world to which he had entered by magical means.

He must hurry before the machine found what he was looking for. He needed to find a way to break the wall of nothing.

He walked in the nothingness towards the Man of the Hundred Hands again, he did not have time to be solving riddles. He sat down and began to meditate while the man kept walking, or is what an observer would say.

He was trying to communicate with the soul of the machine, but only one word came from it. So dry and sharp that Rick probably took it as a goal that had to be met at all costs: "Caresses."

But what were those caresses?

While the man continued walking without flinching, Rick thought, leaning against the wall of nothing, uncomfortable with the robe as a sacramental vestment. He remembered the thaumaturgists with whom he worked: "When you find the soul, try to find your goal, it is something that seems to motivate you to follow, once you find your goal, try not to do it later, or before, because the situation may become dangerous, its normal effects may accelerate, its anomaly may become deadly quickly, but remember, after being in that world, your life counts in hours, if not minutes. God luck. Rick thought about the sensations in his skin on the outside. It was not normal, it was faster than usual. Being there disturbed the soul, a kind of observing effect, where it accelerated the acts of the soul.

If he let them enter his mouth, could he see the other side of the soul? Rick risked dying of suffocation, but he had enough time to look at what this soul needed to be deactivated.

"You can not look beyond the soul while it is not working, it seems that they make so much effort in their goal, that they weaken." Or that's what some say, we still do not quite know how non-living souls work, so be careful, maybe dying in that soulful world can kill you in real life." Those words were still tormenting him, and at the same time they were a key to deactivate the soul.

He got up and ran, his soul lost sight. He got it after a few minutes. Then he waited, and waited…and waited. He waited as he followed the soul and touched the wall in his eternal thought that, if externally the sensations entered his mouth, he could weaken the wall and be able to interact with the soul.

He felt an arch and fell sideways. The wall was gone. And he looked at the soul, all his hands pointed to a hole levitating into nothingness, and each entered little by little into it. The face of the soul turned into a smile of pleasure, as if finally, after a laborious day, he took a rest in his bed.

Rick must hurry, he did not want it to be what he thought.

The soul began to shout: "Caresses, caresses, caresses!"

Rick was turning pale. He shuddered, but undeterred, touched a part of the man, and Rick understood everything.

The man started crying and gave Dunwich a warm smile. His hands began to extract something pink from the portal, rather than pink, it was red; it was not something solid, it was more veins that had a liquid in it; and Rick began to lie on the floor, tried to communicate with him, hoping not to succumb.

- "Once I had the same as you." - Said the soul, because now their feeling is mutual, and the two know the same - "Now I'm just looking for something to replace it. I need caresses, Rick. "

- "I know what it feels like, and it's not good, I often cried for women, for family, for my life, nimilarities that I regret today, but I found a way to leave it. Left behind the caresses, be free, I told you, find freedom and stop being attached to this world, can you? "

Please kill Me.

Rick felt the soul weakening, and from his robe, pulled out a dagger and a jar.

He cut his throat and recited some prayers.

— "Well, Rick?"

- "I do not feel anything now" he said as he sadly left.


Assistant Secretary General D.C. al Fine
Global Occult Coalition of the United Nations
The Machine Now Does Nothing,
Well, It Lies In A Porcelain Flask

In my mind, sir?


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