New Cyberbrain "lightning" Appears.
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「 lightning 」


Maxwellism brings you the first new cyberbrain in two years.
An unparalleled sense of immersion, at an unparalleled speed.

More immersive than ever.


Our revolutionary neural synchronization system allows for more sensory feedback than ever before. With this feature, you will no longer just get simple information; not only visual information, but also auditory, olfactory, tactile, and all other senses are provided with real-world-like feedback. The "lightning" will take you to a whole new world, and excitement.

Fastest information processing capability.


As the name suggests, it is capable of processing information like a bolt of lightning, which is why it can deploy virtual images with minimal time lag, even on the cyber layer. In addition, 3D virtual contents that used to require prior downloading or take some time to be perceived can now be displayed immediately. You can do what you want to do right away.

You can connect it almost anywhere.


Connections can be established to any type of cyber layer, more than all previous models. It supports not only the "default" layer provided by Maxwellism, but also the "city" layers introduced independently in various capitals around the world, such as New York, Paris, London, and Hong Kong, as well as 99.99% of the "original" layers introduced by organizations. From now on, you will no longer have to worry about the term "access unsupported".

Safe and secure.


It covers all risks, including the physical ones from impact and age-related degradation, and the malicious electromagnetic ones such as viruses and malware. Because of its unique structure, it also works inhibitively against diseases of non-cyberbrain origin, thus avoiding not only cybernetics-related risks, but also risks associated with life itself. Your life will be safe and secure.

And that's not the only good things about it.


・Highly efficient processing reduces the stress on your brain.
・The beauty of layer rendering has evolved significantly.
・The usuful lifespan has been extended by 12 years compared to the previous model.
・30% less expensive than the previous model.
・Substitute sleep function has been greatly enhanced.
・Health condition diagnosis is now even more accurate and simple.
・Up to 150 hours of continuous operation without the need for sleep.
・Eidetic memory has become clearer and more convenient.
・Dreaming function is available; now lucid dreaming is unlimited.

Now, let's get connected.

To the Contract Procedure

Please read the Specifications and Precautions in advance.


Classification: Human Cybernetization Device, Category 2
MHLW Cybernetics Approval Code: EC2BM42ACC18
Circulatory expansion neurofusion type / Size 2.75am
Maximum processing speed: 20exa/1s
Built-in barriers: Autonomous Version7 / Reflective Version8 / Mimetic Version3
Eidetic memory compatible senses: Vision / Auditory / Olfactory / Gustatory / Tactile
Continuous operation limit: 150 hours and 30 minutes (normal function maintenance limit)
Built-in self-healing system / Built-in emergency shutdown function
Cyber health diagnostic accuracy: 99.998% / Built-in normality maintenance function
Substitute sleep: 25.17% efficiency / Lucid dream playback: Possible
Approximate usuful lifespan: 25 years / Medical insurance-compliant device


・Cybernetization is not reversible. Please consult with a medical professional before cybernetization.
・The service life is only an approximation. If you feel any abnormality, please contact the appropriate organization immediately.
・We do not compensate for any damage caused by cybernetization, except for cases of gross negligence on our part.
・Medical insurance coverage for cybernetization is subject to specific conditions. Please consult your doctor or visit the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare website for details.
・It may not be compatible with cyberbrains from several other companies. Please be sure to check before replacing your cybernetic body or transferring your memories.
・Please read the "Instructions for Use" carefully before cybernetization and comply with it. The worst case scenario may result in death.

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