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Mom! Mommy! I’m stuck please help me
The hole’s squeezing my body.
Please help! I’m trying! Mommy!
Oh the walls, hurting my body.

Mommy? I am feeling hungry.
When will I get to eat mommy?
Why’d I have to be stuck in place?
Body’s hurt, belly groans to eat.

Mommy, days I spent stuck in place,
More and more, I want to be fed.
Let me eat, I’m feel like I’m starved,
No need for happy birthday song.

Mommy! Mommy! I’m falling down!
The ceiling! Me! Please catch! Mommy!
Oh the pain. Where are you mommy?
I’m aching, I need you, mommy?

I’m wandering for so long now mom…
Why don’t you answer, or look for me mom?
I’m starving the cake’s not enough,
Only threads, stuck between my teeth.

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