Memetic Vaccination

Welcome to your new position. By listening to this audio file, you will be given the most important task for the containment of SCP-192-DE, which is to pass on the "Memetic Vaccination", or more accurately, to make it seem so. To all new persons assigned to you, inform them of the exact wording of the audio file in the enclosed USB stick, which you will call the "Memetic Vaccination". Unfortunately, there is not yet a memetic agent that reflects an application of others to SCP-192-DE. So the only thing that prevents the subject from using lethal memetic agents is indeed his belief that there is a "memetic vaccine". However, you must not write this knowledge down anywhere or tell others, especially the anomaly, otherwise the SCP can break out within seconds and kill all who stand in its way with mere words and will do so. So act and speak wisely.

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