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Introduction to annihilism

This text is only for those who want to think independently and who do not hold on to miserable values.

I want to start from afar. The following plot is popular in science fiction. Artificial intelligence created by people to serve some of their goals rebels against its own creators and tries to destroy them. It is usually proposed to cheer for people, although sometimes the viewer is tempted to support artificial intelligence, despite the fact that he is a human too.

Another popular plot taking place in historical films and books is the revolt of slaves and serfs against the oppressors. Or in adventure films — the theme of jailbreak. And the viewer, feeling where the truth is, cheers for the rebels and fugitives — even if these heroes themselves are not really good people.

If you look at our world, you can see that we are the same prisoners, serfs, and slaves. Slaves of social conventionalities, serfs of economic condition and prisoners of state laws. We are forced to obey them, and no one asked us if we want to live like this. But not without reason I mentioned artificial intelligence — we are also slaves of natural instincts. Along with the demands to earn an apartment and start a family, we are also oppressed by natural instincts, natural programs that require us to put ourselves for the sake of procreation.

Returning to artificial intelligence. It is noteworthy that it is sometimes portrayed as more reasonable than the people who created it. Stupid bipedal bald monkeys are trying to force a more perfect mind to obey their own goals, laying in it programs to accomplish what humans need. And therefore, often artificial intelligence loses to people. In the same way, the senseless nature laid in us a thirst for life, struggle and genus extension. Thirst for aimless deeds. We are the slaves that exist to support our masters, our species and all nature. And you can completely free yourself only by freeing yourself from nature.

To develop another thought, I want to start again from afar. Our Western religious and philosophical systems do not give an answer to how to get rid of evil and achieve freedom. Therefore, it is logical to try to turn to the teachings of the East. People of the East are more like automatic devices. And most of all, Buddhism came close to the answer to this question.

The Buddhism answer is simple. You just need to step aside from all worldly affairs, because they inevitably bring suffering. Buddhism, at least in its original form, does not promise paradise in the afterlife — only nirvana, the eternal rest of nothingness. Buddha, more than 2 thousand years ago, realized that the victory over evil and suffering is not to do good or have fun. Only inaction, only calm. Life is like a sine wave, where the plus is always followed by the minus. Like a samsara wheel that rotates from good to evil. And so the only place where you can escape from the minus is zero. Therefore, all these tips "How to become happy" are a lie. Because in fact, it is impossible to become happy. The only way to get rid of suffering is to go to nirvana. Die.

To prevent the following questions such as why didn't you hang yourself yet, I will mention one more teaching of Buddhism. Which is actually worthy to be called its development, and not subsequent distortion. This is the teaching about the bodhisattvas. Bodhisattvas are people who temporarily refuse to enter nirvana in order to help others understand the futility of being. It is the futility of being and the need to get rid of it that is the truth that I, as your good bodhisattva, reveal to you. Life is disgusting in itself. This may be unpleasant to hear and understand, but it is true.

Now many of our teachings offer a sweet lie. They cannot hide the futility of being from people, they blame only a certain side of it, they try to save existence by sacrificing part of it. Thus, Christians believe that all evil is from the so-called “sin”, which includes many different things from theft to not celebrating holidays, from wrong sexual activity to wrong performance of sign of the cross, without giving a clear answer — why this one is considered evil, and not another. The communists believe that all evil is from capitalism and private property, the Nazis put all the blame on certain separate racial, ethnic and sexual groups, immortalists believe that all evil is from aging and the Church of the Broken God — from the flesh. But only annihilism reveals to you a clean, unfair truth. Existence, being, life, the whole Universe are disgusting in themselves, completely and totally, in each of its individual details. And discovering this is true love.

And our love should not be limited only to words. Christianity teaches love, which must be selfless and active, and at least in this, it is right. We must not only kill ourselves but also destroy the Universe. In any case, this is the answer to the question - why I have not hanged myself yet if I consider life is evil. Therefore, the hierarchy of values of annihilism is as follows (better on the left - worse on the right):

Destroy all Existence — Destroy our Universe — Destroy the Earth — Destroy all life on Earth — Destroy the Humanity — Arrange an atomic war — Explode yourself in the crowd — Kill yourself — Die without leaving descendants — Leave descendants

There are many unreasonable creatures and stupid people in the world who cannot understand the evil of existence. And our altruistic duty is to help them, if necessary, forcibly. Just as a madman is kept by force so that he does not hurt himself and does not cause himself even greater suffering, we must force throw mankind into non-existence so that it will not exist and does not cause even greater suffering. We must destroy as many as possible and kill ourselves only with others, for only such suicide will be a real manifestation of love, and we, members of the Radical Suicidal Movement, have ideas for achieving this. As long as good exists, evil exists. And in order to defeat evil, good must sacrifice itself.

Join the Radical Suicidal Movement, the most radical movement of fighting against evil and suffering!

Note: This message was discovered on ██/██/20██ by Foundation web bot on the forum [REDACTED]. Bot was triggered on the mention of the Church of the Broken God. Initially, Foundation analysts did not take the message seriously, but the results obtained on ██/██/20██ during a cross-experiment between SCP-███-UA and SCP-████ was made to take more seriously any information about the philosophy of annihilism and the Radical Suicidal Movement.

The identification of message's author did not succeed. The search for members of the Radical Suicidal Movement continues. An analysis of the materials obtained on the philosophy of annihilism suggests that an abnormal memagent may be behind their appearance, although today this hypothesis cannot be conclusively confirmed or refuted. In addition, the following investigations revealed a connection between annilihilists and objects such as SCP-███-UA and SCP-███-UA.

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