The Microwave
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Hello, welcome to the SCP SHOW! I’m Dr. Thetar. Again, everybody will meet with a mysterious, anomalous object which you can’t find anywhere. I’ll let everybody to meet with, Ta-da! the microwave!, the most anomalous object for us for today.

Wait! don’t change to any other channel. As this isn’t ordinary microwaves which you can find from the stores and you won’t be able to find this abnormality from a microwave in your house.

The usage of this microwave is very easy. You just use it like ordinary microwaves, but it doesn’t cook the food. It’s the opposition. Alright, let’s see for what it can do. Here, in front of me, there are various dishes which are cooked and ready to be eaten. Mr. Miccle will be my assistant. I’ll input the mashed potato. Alright, I’ll test all of them.

Now, let’s see its result. These things which you see aren’t the magic tricks or setting the scenes. There isn’t any photo editing. It’s very amazing! Look at these dishes! They were changed from the delicious one to be raw, solid and unable to be consumed one! Certainly, it was used by the process returned to be their original form. It’s also the thing which a microwave at your house or other places can’t do!

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