The Microwave
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Hello, welcome to the SCP SHOW! I’m Dr. Thetar. Again, today we will meet a mysterious anomaly that you can’t see anywhere else in the world. Now, please meet with - ta-da! - the microwave, the most anomalous object so far in human history!

Wait! Don’t change the channel yet, as it isn't an ordinary microwave you can find in any other store. Moreover, the microwave in your house won't be able to obtain this anomaly.

It's very easy to use this microwave, just like normal microwaves. However, it doesn't cook food, but in the opposite. Here, let’s see what it can do. In front of me, I have various dishes, cooked and ready to be eaten. Mr. Miccle will be my assistant. I’ll input the mashed potato now. Eventually, I’ll test all of them.

Nice, let’s see its result. The things you will see aren't performed by a magician nor stage setting, and there won't be any photo editing. It's amazing! Look! The dish is no longer delicious, but raw and hard to be consumed! Now it certainly turns out that it will return the foods to their original forms. This is what the microwaves anywhere else can't do!

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