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If you are reading this article, you are probably a new member.

Welcome again.

We are a late night club.

The Night Club is an organization of hundreds of psychics whose members are of different origins, genders, and races, acting with the goal of being protected from outside groups and working together to protect each other. Now you too will be part of that member and join us on a new path after life.

Our late night club operates under the following basic rules.

1. The Late Night Club strives to ensure the freedom and fundamental rights of all human beings after death.
The Late Night Club is a group of people after death called psychics (ie ghosts, ghosts). Our club works for all the souls, beyond the members, to live a life free from persecution, free from persecution, and safe and free.

Inspired by that spirit of action, we help our members with unfinished business or projects, or resist and rescue those who are suffering from other mentally abusive groups. Going further, we will act to raise awareness and eliminate discrimination so that the psychic is also referred to as a different human being.

2. The night club does no harm to civilians.
Some of the civilians who do not know the secrets of the world were family members, friends, and lovers during their lifetime, so the midnight club does no harm to them. Any member who violates or intends to break this rule, or who has become a member of the level that is likely to violate this rule, may be deprived of his/her late night club membership.

3. The administration and diplomacy of the late-night club is conducted democratically according to the mutual checks of members in the position of director and the opinions of general members.
The late night club does not have the position of president, and the Human Resources Department, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Secretariat are in charge of their respective positions. In addition, the heads of this department are elected according to the votes of ordinary members. Since the behavior of the organization is also determined by the most appropriate agenda among the proposals proposed by the members, the Late Night Club currently adopts the democratic view of politics created by its members.

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