Mirror Flashpoint Hub
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They are the pair by the mirror
They are the sides of the coin
They are the twins of the sky
They are the loves of each other

The success is from you; the failure is from you
The love is from you; the hate is from you


The Foundation has doubled, and we still know ours, but what about the other? Are they enemies or friends? Are we mirroring each other hand in glove, or are we matter and antimatter that annihilate each other magnificently?

No one knows the exact answer, and some even begin to forget which is our foundation.

Moreover, who knows if we are the only ones who have got an extra partner?

However, it is certain that, in the unknown journey of guarding the dark night, their joining will make tomorrow different.

Work Catalogue

The Only One by Agent PhageAgent Phage

SCP-CN-398 An Anomalous Document by DrSeeDrSee

Cat-Nap by #ApmV#ApmV

I am in This Site-CN-09 by BELLOLCYBELLOLCY

News Weekly by nldznldz

SCP-CN-1134 Just Recover It by Dr FishboneDr Fishbone

Writing Guide

The "Mirror Flashpoint" series is a canon hub and collaborative writing project that depicts two foundations existing at the same time. In this world, the two foundations operate simultaneously, adding a layer of variability to an already fuzzy world.

Will they cooperate with each other to keep the world safe? Or will they be suspicious and spy on each other? Or will they sacrifice themselves to pave the way for each other's success? Or will they be hostile and put each other in a position of no return?

You may add your work to the series as long as it meets the basic requirement of "two foundations in the world at the same time". Your work will only be removed if it falls below the deletion threshold or if it is deemed not to be compliant to the hub. If you think an article isn't compliant to the canon hub, you may report to the page owner or actively use your vote.


  1. This writing hub is intended to depict "two foundations existing in the same world at the same time" as the mandatory story background. The other requirements do not exist, so authors are free to write as they wish.
  2. We do not recommend writing about foundations from two parallel worlds. This is not only because in the default world, the Foundation often deals with foundations from other parallel worlds, but also because the canon hub itself is a parallel world to the default world.
  3. Conflicts and connections between works are allowed, after all, the creation of works is based on maximum freedom under the framework.

In the end, welcome to join us!

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