My Apologies

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Explorador_supremo 12/7/2021 (Lun) 15:20:04 #73455234

Hi guys, today I wanted to tell you about something that happened to me while I was investigating a subway cave in Villa Alpina (Villa Alpina is in short a town in Argentina that I have visited for vacations since my childhood). Soon I will publish a context text and a text with the story. Wait for me :).

Mundofelino 12/7/2021 (Lun) 15:29:53 #73455239

@Explorador_supremo I remind you that you are no longer allowed to post articles of any kind on the wiki if it has to do with spamming your YouTube channel. I remind you of this, since your last two articles also started the same way describing your "research" which was full of links to your videos.

Explorador_supremo 12/7/2021 (Lun) 15:39:00 #73456890

Yes, yes the staff made it clear to me with that 2 week ban. But I promise you that this story does not contain a single drop of spam. Take it as my apology to the wiki and that I will start taking things seriously. Also I will have to leave the channel for a while because I broke the camera in the cave.

MetalRock 12/7/2021 (Lun) 15:58:30 #73456792

F for the camera. What happened to it?

Explorador_supremo 12/7/2021 (Lun) 16:10:00 #73456890

I'll explain in the story. Back to the topic, I swear that in these texts there are neither links of any kind, nor a premise for an upcoming video, nor an offer for any kind of sweepstakes or benefit to any Parawatch member who subscribes to the channel and put in the comments of the last video "I come from Parawatch where is my prize" or anything like that.

Mundofelino 12/7/2021 (Lun) 16:15:09 #73456910

Okay, we just ask you to stop spamming. Start when you are ready.

Explorador_supremo 12/7/2021 (Lun) 16:24:06 #73456924

Ok let's start, context: in Villa Alpina there is a subway cave that was made by miners attracted by the idea of finding gold. The miners had obtained all kinds of machinery and everything they needed. According to what is said in the town, the miners managed to find some gold nuggets, it did not happen very often but they found them. Eventually the mine was abandoned, as the miners began to flee suddenly, some left immediately, others tried to keep the mine some more time, but they all ended up leaving the town.
In the town rumors began to arise that the miners left because the mine had become empty, others said that a toxic gas leak made the miners hallucinate, the most childish and superstitious said that something drove the miners out of the cave. They said that there were wild beasts without eyes, a crazy naked old man who lived in the cave, a tribe of psychopaths who decided to spend the rest of their lives in that cave and who had eaten some miners, terrifying ghosts that appeared in the form of faces with eyes that penetrate your soul. You know the typical horror stories created to keep children out of that cave.
Ever since I was little my grandparents and uncles who live there used to tell me those stories. I always had the desire to explore that cave and see which of the many stories were true. But, as expected, my parents would never allow their little one to go there alone, accompanied or otherwise.
During my ban I went to visit my family there. Everything was normal, my grandparents let me sleep over at their house, it was nice to remember those beautiful moments of my childhood.
During dinner I asked my grandparents to tell me what had happened with the mine. My grandfather answered me that it is still the same as always, but now the younger ones are starting to say that what scared the miners was a race of giant bats just because they saw the projected shadow of one.
I asked him if anyone had tried to enter the cave. My grandfather replied that some teenagers tried to enter for dares and such, but apparently they all ran away scared without having entered the deepest part of the cave. Which is somewhat understandable for people who are not experienced in the subject of subway explorations.

I asked my grandfather, "What do you think is down there?" he replied with "I don't know, but it's more fun not knowing".
That night I kept thinking about it, I could hardly sleep, but when I got out of bed I knew what I had to do.

MetalRock 12/7/2021 (Lun) 17:00:30 #73458545

A little dramatic at the end.

Explorador_supremo 12/7/2021 (Lun) 17:30:34 #73489238

Once I decided to go to the cave I had to prepare myself well. I had to take a quick bus ride from Villa Alpina to my house and then back with my exploration gear. My helmet, a flashlight, my GoPro camera (may it rest in peace), my father's pocket knife just in case, some chalk to make a trail or some signs in case I got lost, and my gas mask.
When I arrived I tried to hide all the equipment in my backpack by covering it with clothes. I lied to my family and told them that I went home to get more clothes. That same night I decided to sneak out of my grandparents' house, dodging the cops patrolling the area (do I need a reason for this? Yes, it's because of the covid, the issue is quite serious in Argentina with that patrolling and quarantine thing. And because of the other young people causing trouble they had to put people to do it, since for example, they almost started a fire near the cave) I was able to get to the cave. I turned on my camera put it on my helmet and set out to go down.
When I entered the cave the first thing I saw were the large stalactites forming around the cave, I could also see a small path leading to a hole. That must have been the route taken by the miners, I couldn't tell how big the hole was, but it was big enough for a man with a bit of a belly to get through easily. As I went further and further down I became aware of all the foul smell in the cave, possibly from toxic gases or bat shit accumulated over the years, to avoid that problem I put on my gas mask. The floor was slippery, I almost fell a couple of times, the walls became narrow, my only hope for not getting lost were the tracks of the mining cars and the arrows that I was drawing every now and then with the chalk.
But nothing, but absolutely nothing paranormal or any kind of monsters crossed my path. Everything I had described had already been experienced in some past expeditions, I felt disappointed, I thought this was my chance to deliver something useful to Parawatch on my behalf.
I decided to just keep going for a few more minutes, I had already spent three hours in the cave, and I had to get to my grandparents' house before they woke up or a cop discovered me. When I went through the last hole I found I entered a large open area, I guess this is where they came to extract the minerals, and I must admit it was beautiful. I think I saw some amethysts or stones a little purple I don't know. I climbed up to a bigger rock to get a better view, I could see a lot of shiny rocks and even a lake. When I decided it was time to leave I noticed a small movement to my left, by reflex I turned as fast as possible shining the light on the thing that made that movement, but to my misfortune it was a small colony of bats, before the sudden light the bats attacked me. One scratched my hand. As I moved my arms trying to push them away I slipped off the rock I was on and fell face first to the ground. Thanks to the helmet and camera that were still on my head and the mask I didn't get that much damage on my face when I fell, but due to the impact the camera broke, the mask also broke leaving some cracks that prevented the air purification, and the worst my hand (where the wound was) fell in the mud (or at least I hope that was mud and not wet bat shit).
The bats kept scratching and screeching, I tried to get out of there as fast as possible. After passing a few holes hurting my knees and avoiding falling as the bats called for more of their colony.

MetalRock 12/7/2021 (Lun) 17:59:09 #73489324

Weird, most of the existing bat species are afraid of people and will move away from them at their mere presence.

Explorador_supremo 12/7/2021 (Lun) 18:08:07 #73456890

After a few minutes of the chase I began to feel dizzy, I felt that everything was spinning around (surely the toxic gases of the cave). In the middle of the confusion I could see some shadows of people or animals that looked like dogs or big cats. I kept calm thinking that they were just the effects of the toxic gases, until I turned around and my mouth was open, before me there was a wall full of faces and I don't mean normal faces, I mean disfigured faces of men who had beards where the eyes should be and the eyes were where the mouth should be. (I want to clarify one thing, these heads were not looking at me, nor did they produce any kind of noise, they were just there, possibly they had no life).
All this left me blank, I couldn't move, I couldn't do anything I just stared into the dead eyes of those heads, Thinking; what kind of sick art is this. I felt a light tap on my shoulder, and it wasn't like the scratch of some bat, it was five fingers. I didn't see them, but I could perfectly feel five human fingers. That woke me up, I ran out as fast as I could, when I turned around to make sure what I had seen, I could only see the infinite darkness of the cave, at that moment I could not think much about it, since the bats' screeches were getting closer.

MetalRock 12/7/2021 (Lun) 18:20:15 #7349144

It was time for something paranormal, but severed heads in the middle of a cave, which were in the same area where you passed. I think there's something seriously wrong with those gases.

Explorador_supremo 12/7/2021 (Lun) 18:23:00 #73459145

I think you're being a little harsh on the research, I mean maybe I did see that or maybe I didn't. Wait until the end at least.

MetalRock 12/7/2021 (Lun) 18:30:15 #73489159

sorry, although I'm not the one who leaves these spaces between your story to criticize it, but please continue.

Explorador_supremo 12/7/2021 (Lun) 18:34:10 #73496196

Well, I jumped up and ran without fear of falling, to get to the mouth of the cave. But something was wrong. The cave was getting longer and longer. I remember going through at least 3 holes, but I had already gone through 5 and the path, although similar to the one I had crossed, did not seem to have an end. Eventually I had to stop to take a breath, but those few minutes were enough for the bats to attack me, there were about 18 or more of them. The point is that they scratched me, bit me and deafened me with their screeching.
I tried to get away, but those bats wouldn't get out of my fucking face. I tried to use the flashlight to blind them and I think that disoriented them a bit. As I got far enough away from them, I started to get a chill, I looked in all directions to see what was causing it and it didn't take me long to figure out what was causing it. Those severed heads on the cave wall again, and as if they guessed the tapping on my shoulder. Those five fingers again.
I pulled out my pocket knife to face whatever that thing was, it was some kind of malnourished man with only old overalls for clothes. I'm not lying when I say I crapped my pants and ran away. I did nothing but run away, dropping the razor in the process.
I just ran and crawled through the cave not caring what was going on around me. I had to mow down those bats a thousand times, I had to endure that man's face a thousand times, but in the end I was able to get out of the cave.

MetalRock 12/7/2021 (Lun) 18:41:01 #73496383


Explorador_supremo 12/7/2021 (Lun) 18:45:18 #73496459

Yes, I was going to explain how my family reacted to seeing me almost dead the next morning, but I think that's a bit much.

MetalRock 12/7/2021 (Lun) 18:49:21 #73496506

Let's see, what you just showed us is a "real" story of how you alone could survive a pack of abnormally aggressive bats and a crazy miner who collects heads and lives in an abandoned mine, and a cave that seems to be under a time loop. From which you are released just because, apparently.
Considering your previous behavior and your "research" that you have shared here, along with all of the above, this gives me the flavor that this is a hoax.

Explorador_supremo 12/7/2021 (Lun) 18:50:35 #73459688

No, this seriously was what happened, I was on the verge of death and you focus on this being unrealistic, when the point of Parawatch is to show everything that is abnormal.

MetalRock 12/7/2021 (Lun) 18:52:21 #73496910

I am not saying that this is not abnormal. What I am saying is that it is fantasy, I almost predicted that in the end you would fight the miner hand to hand.
Look you have a talent with urban explorations and you know how we act in Parawatch. I recommend that if you're serious about apologizing you do some real research, instead of making up a story. Delete this and start over, and if you want I'll help you look something up.

Mundofelino 12/7/2021 (Lun) 19:10:53 #73496916

I understand what you mean, but I don't think you should jump to such hasty conclusions, neither should you recommend removal from the forum.

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