Why did Dr. Choi cry?
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This document is VERY SAD. Proceed with an ample amount of towels enough to absorb more than two litres of tears.

I cried 11 litres.

Couldn't watch without a smoke.

That poor unfortunate soul…

New SCP Designation Request

We've known each other for quite a while, Dr Choi, so I'll be blunt. Yes, I'm talking about the woman I spoke about at the bar. That woman is extremely dangerous. I think the Foundation should detain her immediately. What? Kidding? I'm not kidding. I'm more serious than ever.
It was three months ago when I met her. You'll probably know that I was very busy with tasks related to the now decommissioned SCP-███. The workload was simply inhumane for one single person. Had I not strangled you from a stress-induced neuroseizure I would have still have been suffering exactly like then. Huh? Of course, it WAS a seizure. Don't be so clingy. Also… It doesn't take a genius to notice you're looking at that Mosin-Nagant on the wall.

The time was 4 AM when I was driving home. You could probably guess how I would be after 60 hours of work, overdosing on stimulants and no sleeping. I dozed off for a second and didn't see the car changing lanes in front of me, and crashed into its bumper. That sure woke me up again. I then immediately-well, not immediately, since it took three minutes to find my civilian business card-opened the door, got out, and knocked on the other car door with its bumper flown about half a kilometre away. When I heard the driver's voice, I deduced two things. First, the driver is a she. Second, her blood alcohol levels must be well over her license cancellation limit. I did not break any road regulations, albeit I dozed off, so I thought to swing open the door and yell at her, but she was crying. She was well awake from the accident as I was. Now, this is when I noticed she was dangerous. First, her tears, expressions, and voice can blur a person's decision. I never experienced such rapid change in emotion ever since I was pulled into the toilet in my school days in Australia and forced to shove my fa… Nevermind. Anyways it was a rare experience. Also judging from the turbulence in my mental state, she must have psycho-manipulative abilities. After seeing her, I could not scream nor call the police. Also, I was forced to comfort her, seat her in my car passenger seat, and drive her to her registered address on her ID card. I presume she can perform exact mental manipulation since she made someone who didn't sleep for sixty hours drive for two more hours. On top of that I couldn't even charge her of the 7.5 million won for my car repair fee.

Are you listening to me? What's with that face? Listen to me. What I'm speaking is of high importance. Your negligence is why your reports get disapproved every time. Act more serious.

The second time I met her was at [REDACTED] of Gangnam-gu, the Italian restaurant. She called my number on the business card I gave her. I was sure she had some purpose, judging from what happened a few days earlier. I injected myself with memetic defence agents to protect myself from manipulation and headed to the rendezvous. When I arrived, there were a couple of dishes on the table. I swore not to touch anything, since I possibly cannot know what she might have spiked the dishes with. But, I couldn't but follow her orders to enjoy the dish, and emptied two whole plates of pasta. Yes, all because of that single word, 'enjoy!' Who could have imagined that? I had defence agents injected, but she still managed to infiltrate my psyche, messing with my emotions. I noticed her second danger, general loss of cognitive function and amnesia. I had my response plans, but I couldn't control myself in front of her. It was as if my brain was flushed empty, blindly following her command. She dragged me to the cinema, and then have a cup of coffee together. This was way out of my expectation, and I was left helpless to see her walk away, waving at me. And again, I didn't even get the chance to talk about my 7.5 million won!

Doctor, why are you crying now? You were smiling. Here's some tissue. Are you even listening to me?

Well, she might not be as dangerous as I think, if I don't meet her. Well, I did feel a bit awkward afterwards, but not that much. And then I avoided meeting with her again telling her that I'm busy(well, I was actually busy). But then out of the blue, she started mailing me stuff. All with her name on the sender. I didn't know what to say to her outrageous aggression. Since I didn't know what might be in there, I didn't open it, nor did I have the time to use Foundation analysers. So I started storing them in my personal safe, but her packages soon crammed it up. I couldn't take it anymore, so I used the alpha ray analyser to see what was inside. Yeah, I forgot to turn off the lab lights that day, because I was so shocked. Do you know what was inside? Sucrose, lipids, caffeine, aspartame, food colouring.. you'll get my point. Yes, they were chocolates and candy! Here's her third danger: she can detect a person's illness just by looking at them! She sent those stuff to me, a diabetic, to kill me! Not once but twenty times! I barely slept from then on and felt so anxious I started relying on calmatives. To make matters worse she lived in the same apartment, just one flight down! I was horrified at her meticulous planning to live in a place different to her registered address, but that was only the start. I still can't forget her face in the elevator, waving at me, smiling, and then put her hands on my shoulder… SHE PUT HER HANDS ON MY SHOULDER!! She was going to assassinate me! I was petrified in fear, but I managed to escape while she was answering a call.

I still don't understand why you're crying. Of course I'm in such a desperate situation. But it gets even more horrendous. So please, wipe your tears and listen to me.

It was just one week ago. I had to survive through numerous crises. Her psycho manipulation forced me to do similar things I did in the restaurant, and she even brought me drinks upstairs, but I managed to evade them. I thought I was lucky enough to escape her influence eventually. But, it was all a miscalculation. She was merely doing a thorough survey of myself. She managed to raid me. It was yesterday. I might bump into her if I took the elevators, so I walked upstairs. Oh, how stupid of me! She crouched down on the stairs. She often triggered my protective instincts to let my guard down, and it was especially intense last night. However, I tried to slide past her: I can't be attacked all the time, you know. But then she noticed and rushed up to me, and told me she couldn't wait any longer. Yes, it is what you think. Yes, that! It was my first time! As if that's not problematic on its own, I contracted an unidentified disease with high fever and chesty coughs. Here's her fourth danger: production of biological weapons. The fact that I survived the disease proves that she's able to control the severity. Also, she was able to pinpoint it on me! It's way out of the ordinary, outside my manual of life! I'm searching for a new home, but I believe the solution is only temporary. Who knows she'll manipulate me into meeting again? I mean, her abilities include:

  • Blurred judgement and accurate psycho manipulation
  • Hindrance of cognitive function and memory loss
  • Detection of disease and weaknesses
  • Production and pinpoint proliferation of biological weapons

What more do I have to prove she's dangerous? I'm not a test rat, nor a D-Class. I deserve Foundation intervention after all that I've done. Where are you going, doctor? Doc! Please! Report this to your superiors, I beg you!

The researcher successfully went through two years and four months of re-socialisation under O5-12's command. Also, every person who went only to all-boys schools and majored in engineering, or males without any past sexual or mental interaction with females since birth should undergo thirty hours of special education to prevent similar consequences.

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