Mobile Task Forces (PL)

List of the Polish Mobile Task Forces


M Military

C Containment

I Engineering

E Esoteric

T Tracking

U Undercover

Partial list of the Polish MTF

α18 Mobile Task Force Alfa-18 ("Explorers")

Exploration and containment of previously unknown sections of SCP-PL-043. This is the only task force authorized to disarm and prepare for removal of any atomic weapon. All operatives must positively finish three years of specialistic training, which will allow them to safely handle atomic weapons.

β1 Mobile Task Force Beta-1 ("Postman Club")

Prosecution and punishment for personnel deemed guilty by command of information leaks or deliberate containment damage.

γ1 Mobile Task Force Delta-1 ("Assistants")

Helping Field Agents in scenarios where the risk of life or health is deemed as high. Can temporarly contain and transport objects to the nearest Foundation facility.

ε1 Mobile Task Force Epsilon-1 ("Tawny owls")

Elimination of found SCP-PL-111 nests and operations in forest/mountain terrains.

ϝ3 Mobile Task Force Digamma-3 ("Tabloid")

Maintaining safety of civilians and securing SCP-PL-208.

λ1 Mobile Task Force Lambda-1 ("Sprinters")

Pursuit and containment of the Keter class objects that escaped containment.

ο2 Mobile Task Force Omikron-2 ("Mouflon")

Securing object transports between the Foundation facilities.

ρ4 Mobile Task Force Rho-4 ("Church Choir")

Tracking and capturing of SCP-PL-110 instances in case of a containment breach. However, thanks to their special training, the Task force assists other MTF in tracking, recontainment and neutralisation of any sound and acoustic anomalies, as well as with elements of Judeo-Christian mysticism.

σ80 Mobile Task Force Sigma-80 ("Flying Carpet")

Containment and tracking of all anomalies with memetic properties that are currently beyond Foundation reach.

Τ6 Mobile Task Force Tau-6 ("Herbiciders")

Research, containment and neutralisation of flora anomalies, such as SCP-PL-006, SCP-PL-073 and SCP-PL-185. These MTF files are currently declassified and can be seen here.

ω45 Mobile Task Force Omega-45 ("White Bats")

Removing information leaks from the public. Before that, their task was to neutralize the RedforesT group.

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