Morhadow's Translation Page

Hi guys, I'm morhadow and I'm a translator from the Spanish branch that likes to give a bit of love to our branch hub in this Babel's Tower.

Because I'm a simple guy who doesn't know how to code and I like to keep it simple, here there are my contributions:

Translation Author
CODE NAME: Uncle Nicolini - The Nexus of Babel Uncle NicoliniUncle Nicolini
SCP-ES-039 - Satellipeople Dr ReachDr Reach
SCP-ES-105 - Stargazing The Other Stars morhadowmorhadow
SCP-ES-136 - Penitent Cry Dr ReachDr Reach
SCP-ES-143 - May the Light of St. George lead us to Victory. morhadowmorhadow
SCP-ES-145 - Funerary Licentiousness Dr ReachDr Reach
SCP-ES-147 - Cessation of Legacy morhadowmorhadow
SCP-ES-156 - Bird of Peace morhadowmorhadow
SCP-ES-199 - Institution for Dealing with Your Issues of Normalcy LazyLasagneLazyLasagne
SCP-ES-203 - Super Golden Fruit JakuwoskiJakuwoski
SCP-ES-261 - The taste of the stars and the desolation of Juno RevenantHeimdallRevenantHeimdall
Evolution Doctor Von BraunDoctor Von Braun
The Iris Doors morhadowmorhadow
Spanish GoI Hub Doctor Von BraunDoctor Von Braun


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