I Died Consumed, I Came Back Wiggling My Ears
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Why do I see the stars as mere meaningless flames? My eyes are open, but I'm unable to move them. It shatters me with every step and with every minute. A gray ceiling is what I see every morning when I wake up and when I go to sleep. The pain dissipated the more I let myself get carried away by the moment and I'm very tired from all this; then I close my eyes to try to forget the pain and rest a little more.

I blink once more and see millions of dots with different colors, swirling to form a chaotic tornado ravaging the landscape where there were only gray, lifeless dunes. The sand reaches my face and makes me close my eyes once again. I'm afraid to open them one more time, I'm terrified of not knowing how to continue on this strange path, and of dying at any moment. I let myself be embraced by the darkness for a while and feel free for a few moments before carrying on with this path.

I feel pain again and then I open my eyes…

The sand has disappeared from my face and I find myself in front of a completely blue ocean. I see a turtle coming out of the sea. It is full of wounds, but it doesn't seem to be bleeding, it digs a hole in the beach and lays its eggs, then it returns panting to the ocean to disappear between the waves. The eggs begin to hatch and hundreds of turtles come out of them, in the distance I see several black spheres approaching and they begin to consume the small turtles.

The landscape loses color as more turtles are consumed, the spheres increase in size and come together to form a human figure. I try to move, but my muscles do not react… The turtles turn into rays of light that are directed at my eyes. I'm blinded by the lights, and I feel how the seconds tear me away.

I don't know why this is happening to me, I just wanted to have a normal life. I wanted to know that I could look at the starry sky peacefully without any worries, and relax to see those luminous dots. I feel a slight burning in my eyes and that sensation slowly spreads throughout my body, until I feel consumed by this internal fire… My sight has returned and I believed the scenario would change once again, but I found myself in my bed, and there was a note:

Head to the living room please, we need to talk. I can lead you to a dark rest.

"Maybe it was all just a nightmare, I'm a strange woman after all…"

I head into the living room and see her:

"What are you saying? She's just a child? What are you talking about? She's not a child, for the love of God. Not in a million years would I ever accept that."

The woman's hair becomes totally dark and her skin white…

"I'm also afraid, we're all afraid at some point -She approaches me and gives me a hug -You're afraid too, aren't you?"

I begin to cry as I feel deep bites on my ankles, I feel myself losing consciousness, but before that, everything in the room disappears, it all slowly fades away and I prepare myself for the future.

Pain isn't as deep as before, now it's distributed from my feet to my hips. I find myself floating in a spring above a door that has a metal plate with the inscription '123', but it changes when I finish looking at it to '321', then '312'. It seems to be generating numbers at random, and at a certain point it changes to π, then e and finally ∞.

At that moment, 2 goldfish approach me and start swimming in circles, then 4 other fish appear, 8, 16, 32, until the whole ocean seems to be made of them. One jumps up and lands on my legs, truly a beautiful and magnificent fish. I feel a terrible hunger and instinctively begin to bite the fish, its golden blood runs through my lips and my clothes. I eat it whole and the door underneath me opens.

I feel an unbearable sting in my stomach for a moment, I'm in free fall and I see the door closing, more and more darkness as always. The golden blood of the fish starts to envelop my clothes and form several symbols on them, from my mouth incomprehensible words come out… I can feel the pain fade away and my brain gets lost in the sensation, I feel how my insides become liquid, a small red thread comes out of my mouth… The thread starts to become more sturdy and seems to be a small flowing river, somehow in that river I can see my organs swimming like those fish, letting themselves be carried away by the flow. I feel a stab in my chest and I hit the ground.

Despite the impact I no longer feel anything, not at all. I've finally returned to those grey dunes, it must be midday because the sun is at its peak, like a dot. Dots… we're just dots in someone else's sky, I've felt those dots and I don't regret knowing their meaning. I feel a last sharp sting and then nothing.

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