Tales From the Bottom of the Sea

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The difference between a fairy tale and a sea tale? A fairy tale starts with "Once upon a time." A sea tale starts with "This ain’t no shit!"

— Edith Widder

What is this series about?


This series is a collection of short stories focusing on the Baltic Trench and its surroundings. The 13-kilometer-deep Baltic Trench itself is a 100% fictional location, invented for the needs of this series. It was discovered in 2010 under mysterious circumstances by the Foundation. What's next? What secrets does it hide in it's depths? You can find out in the stories.

Discovery of the Trench

Because everything has a beginning

We're only guests here

In addition, uninvited

Even in a place that seems familiar to you, you can find something unexpected

For example, the ruins of the palaces of the tyrannical Empire

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