Mr Abadede's Artworks
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Mr Abadede's (mostly) 3D Artworks and Fanarts


My first Foundation fanart. Obviously starting with a classic: SCP-173.


3D fanart of SCP-9801.


SCP-706, in containment.

Sur l'Orellier (Pillow)

Fanart for the tale "Pillow" (originally on the -FR branch with title "Sur l'oreiller"), written by AloicesAloices.


Fanart for the GoI "Caecus Carneliana" of the -DE branch, written by TPS-GeronamTPS-Geronam; it depicts the SCP named "Vivyan", which is capable of creating other SCPs in the form of animated statues (e.g., SCP-020-DE).


Fanart for the tale "Wriggle Like a Fu██ing Eel" of the -EN branch, written by DecibellesDecibelles; there's a depiction of SCP-847.

Take Her Back

This time I tried to imagine what would happen if other entities similar to SCP-054 existed… and wanted her back?

The fanart shows a reverse containment breach, where such entity was able to enter a containment site in search of SCP-054 (and wreak havoc in the process).

The setting is Site Vulcano of the -IT Branch, so it's the first -IT fanart. ;)

Curiosity: the whole rendering process took 11 hours and 48 minutes.

Incident Black Knight / Despirito

Cover for my first IT tale, "Incident Black Knight / Despirito".

Despirito / Laudanna / Divina

Autofanart for my tale, "Incident Black Knight / Despirito", in comic style.

It's showing the protagonists of the tale, agents Despirito and Laudanna from SSM-IX "Machinamenta", the gynoid DIVINA and SCP-ECHO-IT.

Business As Usual

Humoristic image showing the squad α of SSM-IX "Machinamenta" and Dr. Molinari from Site Iride.

It's just another day at the Foundation; why not take a nice selfie? :D

Fun fact: the image was rendered on June 21st, the "National Selfie Day".

Guess I'll <C04>

Humoristic image reimagining a popular meme, showing a generic SSM operative which is about to being [REDACTED].
The creature is CFO<C04>, a chimera created by the -IT GoI called CFO.

SCP-009-IT-A joins the SSM-I

The SSM-I "Sagitta Iovis" is the only SSM allowed to employ SCPs.

Here, SCP-009-IT-A is shown when joining the SSM-I.

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