Mr Key Sighed
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Mr Key let out a sigh.

Mr Key is a key. A mere key. Mr Key is nothing but a little Key.

Mr Key thinks. Why I am I born? Mr Key looked at the ceiling. To be fair, he can't turn his head so he can see nothing but the ceiling. On the ceiling was a giant ceiling fan turning. It must be on there for some ventilation.


Someone greeted Mr Key from his side.

"Who are you?"

Mr Key asked.

"I'm Mr Key."

The fellow next to him introduced himself as Mr Key.

"I'm Mr Key too!"


Mr Key talked with Mr Key.

"Mr Key, how old are you?"

"About three hours?"

"I'm just born!"

Mr Key laughed. Mr Key laughed, too. While Mr Key and Mr Key were babbling with each other, the owner of the house walked towards Mr Key and Mr Key. He then picked up Mr Key.

"Finally, I have been chosen!"


Mr Key congratulated him. Mr Key was grateful for Mr. Key's congratulation.

What key can I be? A house key? No, I might be a car key. Mr Key couldn't wait. Mr Key saw what was in front of him. It was a keyhole on a door. Mr Key was even happier. The owner slowly pushes Mr Key into the hole.

"Excellent! Now turn me around, quick!"

Mr Key wants the owner to turn him ASAP. Out of the blue, heat blazed out of the door. It was scorching hot. The heat melted Mr Key. Mr Key was confused. They created me only so they can kill me?!

"For fuck's sa-"

Even before Mr Key can finish his sentence, Mr Key melted away. The door opened.

"Who the hell designed this door? I need a new key every time I open it."

The owner let out a sigh.

The lonely key let out a sigh too.

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