The First Week of Dr. Renee
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Hi there, my name is Dr. Renee. You can call me Bob. I was the most successful surgeon in the country. I once made someone dead. After that, my professional license was withdrawn. Look at what they did to me! They left me when I was worthless to them! I couldn't find any place to work until SCP Foundation gave me a chance. But I was an unlicensed surgeon! Later I found out that I'm not alone. Anyone illegal was here. It was like any other workplaces doesn't accept illegal people to work, but SCP Foundation does. The well conscious one didn't want to die, did they?

Another thing which made me frightened, was that the number of people was always decreasing. What cruel things are they doing? I only wanted to know what I was doing, but would anyone tell me? Now, I have been working here for a week. I was only a level 1 personnel, which meant I was unable to reach any secret places except the office, mortuary room and the cafeteria. They let me to dissect corpses. What in the world are these abnormal corpses? Secretly, I thought that the Foundation was a place where they took people into experiments. The living ones, not the animals, it might even include the aliens. However, I would find the answers soon.

Now, I have the dead Class-D personnel tested in an experiment in front of me. A lot of people met their termination here in the motuary room everyday. I was assigned to dissect the corpse. I used to dissect the corpses when I was working at a private hospital in the cities, but it was different in the Foundation. Things I was familiar to were unavailable here.

The corpse which was said to be abnormal has no abnormality to me. It is only a pale, laying man. I slid the pushcart near me where the operation equipments are staying. After I took a small sharp knife. My hands shook…I had never had my hands to be shaken before. I might be frightened. Well, it should be frightening.

I slightly did the operation. I cut the skin open. What in the world was this!!?

I wanted to curse ‘bloody hell’ loudly if there was no others in the room. These internal organs were…Oh! I can't think of a word to describe! It was like plastics! There were no blood, no stinking smell! This was mad! How in the world could this happen!!? I was really frightened by this thing!

“Do you need help?”

The one who stayed at a nearby table came to me. His voice made me to be conscious.

“I can do this.” I am actually not sure if I could do it.

“It isn't easy, is it?”

“What are you talking about?”

“The scary management, I used to be like this. I used to dissect the corpse which was more horrorible than this. It made me to be blacked out.”

“Thank you, but I’m ok.”

Back to the corpse, I had to take out the internal organs. I slowly took it out, there, there. The internal organs did not stick together and they were very light. I took out the brain. It was also plastic like the others. All of them had to be analyzed and investigated again by the researchers, not by me. My assignment was finished now. I can now excuse myself to throw up. Oh man, it really stressed me out.

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