Do Not Give The Fish, Teach How To Fish
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"— No, that’s not illegal, ignore the signs. This is just an activity that I thought was interesting to get dad and son closer."

"— Yeah, I know you would love to stay at home but stop complaining. Today I will teach you how to do fishing."

"— Please, don’t do that face for me. Your grandfather teached me how to fish in this same lake…"

"— Ok, ok, it's a lie, but don't say it in my face, now… Can you see that?"

"— Another thing…"

"— Almost there… Yes! That boulder, smart kid!"

"— That boulder is shit."

"— Not kidding! I know from here! Now, what defecated there lived here millennia before…”

"— No, it’s not a dinosaur, dinossaurs doesn’t exist."

"— I sent you to boarding school at a Christian school for you to learn properly, not this dinosaur bullshit!"

"— Fuck it, god made that thing, right? You know why?"

"— To show us that we have big things in the world. That’s why that shit is still there after that creature lived here millennia before."

"— Throw that pieces of ham in the water, then the sheet while I explain to you."

"— The humans born to have fear of everything and everyone."

"— But the great lord said "Oops, the human being needs a virtue to not be a chicken anymore!"."

"— Stop laughing, now let's continue. God gave man courage and vice versa for a reason."

"— The hunt."

"— The man with his courage now can hunt and fight his worst fears."

"— …No… The catfish aren’t our worst fea-… Forget it."

"— The hunt is a sport, something that symbolizes an achievement of the humanity given by the lord against the animals."

"— That’s why I take part at that group, hunting is an important virtue… Oh, the bait grabbed what we want."

"— Don’t start panicking, i’ts not so big. You know the thing that lived millenia before?"

"— That thing still lives in this lake. Now… give the dynamite to your old man."

"— Today I will teach you how to fish like a man."

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