A Piece of Cake
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Her morning is no different from others: wake up from the employee room, take a shower, have breakfast, get prepared and go to work. If there's one thing unique about her, it's that she always buys a piece of cake from the employee cafeteria and heads to her office.

Her secretary greets her at the office. After having the cake while chatting with the secretary, she heads on inside and is faced with a tower of files. It quickly cleanses of the remaining sweetness from her tongue.

An especially annoying routine started.

Cheese Cake

The workload was questionably large, considering it must have passed through a middle manager.

However, she is a middle manager too, and so, she solaces herself, thinking she's the only one doing her job properly. Of course, it wouldn't be easy.

Considering quantity alone, the task at hand doesn't seem like it would take much. Most of the papers have the exact same words written on them every day; 'Is this an SCP or an anomalous object?', 'Please approve this report.', and facility-related suggestions, etc. Some lost papers go straight to the shredder—thinking that the paper flakes snowing down from the shredder as tears of a rookie researcher bring her a guilty pleasure.

Hmm? What's this? 'We're getting marri…'


They should give this in person. How rude.

After a fun repetition of sorting and shredding, one tower of files collapse. Noraemine then sees another one towering in front of her without her notice.

Feeling an urge to have something sweet, she took out a piece of cheesecake from the emergency refrigerator buried under the pile of papers.

Strawberry Whipped Cream Cake

They say there is always a teacher among three people. But what would happen if the other two refuses to learn?

Noraemine thought as she edited countless reports that were out of the format.

It feels like I'm a new employee at a publishing company.

A mass influx of new employees is a pain for superiors. Rookies tend to be unadjusted to the Foundation, ruining the easiest of tasks. It's their superiors' job to fix their mistake, which means more work. They always teach, but some rotten apples that wish to remain uneducated spoils everything.

And it would get passed over and over until it eventually reaches me alone - Noraemine thought as she pulled out another document from the sorted pile of files.

Item #: SPC-….


For 343's sake.

Noraemine crumpled the report, threw it away, and pulled a strawberry whipped cream cake out of the emergency fridge.

Chocolate Cake

There's a saying that there is one teacher in every three people. There's also a saying that if there are three people, one's crazy. In locations abnormal as here, the second saying hits especially hard.

While Noraemine was busy working, her secretary busted open the door, panting. She wasn't the type of person to make a fuss, so Noraemine stood up, nervous.

"What happened? Did a group of interest break-in?"

"Doc… Doctor Clef… He…"

"Did he die or something? He's not easily killable."

"Doctor Clef… At the seminar, again...!"

Noraemine crashed to the chair, sighing.

"Why all the fuss? Get a therapist prepared quickly."

"It's not that. Dr Bright switched the hallucinogen to a more potent one, so some people aren't still awake."

Why didn't I think there could be more than one lunatic?

Noraemine ordered the secretary to send a mail requesting that Dr Bright be absolutely reprimanded and the seminar attendees receive addiction treatment along with psychological therapy.

She pulled out a chocolate cake from the emergency fridge while talking.

Sweet Potato Cake

Noraemine knew anything could happen here. Many came, many die, many built, many destroyed. However, if the cause of destruction was a human mistake rather than an SCP, it could not be more annoying.

As Noraemine put down her spoon, the fire alarm started blasting. She calmly asked her secretary about the situation.

"It seems that they failed to control the fire while testing SCP-062-KO."

Noraemine sighed again. As the Granny's Cookbook proved its bottomless potential, employees exhausted from bugging the lizard flocked towards it, causing the problem. Of course, some people successfully followed the recipe, but some get distracted and cause mayhem.

As she thought, a light illuminated her left face as a lab visible far away exploded. Despite the explosion, she could hear the secretary speak in fear.

"It said to use gunpowder instead of pepper, and it seems the two researchers got too excited and measured it wrong."

Noraemine wondered if the two doctors who participated were still alive. She also thought about what disciplinary measures she needs to take if they're still alive.

As she saw the fire settle down outside the window, Noraemine pulled a sweet potato cake out of the emergency fridge.

Green Tea Cake

Not feeling hungry on dinnertime means that the day was extraordinarily exhausting and annoying. She had eaten five pieces of cake, including one for lunch, so she had no appetite for dinner.

Such an exhausting cake calls for more sugar. Noraemine reached for the last remaining piece of green tea cake before she refilled the fridge with new cakes.

Thump. Thump.

Her hands touched the refrigerator bottom.

Cake. Gone.

Noraemine looked down into the fridge. There were only crumbs and a fork on the empty plate.

She pulled out the plate and looked at the crumbs and fork. Her eyes were chiselled with rage never seen before.

She threw the plate to the wall, and a large clang filled the room. Her secretary entered the office, pale, and acknowledge the situation and the fact that someone WILL be fucked.

"Shall I bring the CCTV recordings of last night…?"

Noraemine did not answer. She only gave a blaring stare at the secretary.

Sheer bloodthirst overwhelmed her.

The secretary slowly exited the office and contacted CCTV controls, with an unofficial alert that someone stole Noraemine's cake.

That night, that unofficial alert reached everyone.

The following day, an employee was found lying in the hallway, bleeding from her head. Everyone, but one, paid respect to that brave, courageous person.

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