The Cosmos Beneath the Eyelids
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Wake up.

What's this?

Wake up.

Where is this?

A gap somewhere.

How long have I been here?

Not so long, as far as I know.

Why is it so dark in here?

Your eyes are shut.

Why are my eyes shut?

Because you are afraid to open them.


Do you want to open your eyes?

No, I'm still scared.

Scared? You knew no fear.

Not now. I feel nothing here. It feels empty.

You're not entirely wrong. It's empty here. It's filled with your thoughts.

Filled with what? What makes me so lonely?

So open your eyes.


Don't refuse and open them. You look better that way.

Why do you not speak?

I am at a loss for words. I'm too amazed.

Is it that beautiful?

I thought space would be beautiful. But I never expected it to be this much.

It's a commonly used phrase, but the stars are so brilliant.

It's a space I have never seen before…

Of course, it is. This is the space created by your thoughts, never seen by anyone. It's also the answer we'll find in the future.

The answer that I thought of.

You always searched for answers to the unknown. One more step and you can find the greater answer.

Where should I go? Am I there yet?

No, this is a temporary journey. You need to go where you should follow.

A banquet of stars and galaxies. Among them shines a light for humanity without fire nor electricity. Beyond the space, a white door bright against the cosmos slowly opens.

What do I get when I get there?

The opportunity to find the answer you were searching for.

What will it cost?

Everything that was you.

I have one last question.

What is it?

Who are you? I can only hear you but not see you.

Remember when you first asked Yeonji out for a date. What did you repeat in your mind?


Go. I don't think you'll come back soon.

The white door grew larger to fill the cosmos, which turned into the view of a familiar office. Deep inside his thoughts, the familiar voice that rang inside his ears slowly faded away.

Doctor Peter Linse Brille opened his second eye.

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