Transcript of a man's last words who saw a boy like him fall right before his eyes with a snake in front of him, bullets raining
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Do you regret it?

I regret it.

Look here. What do you see?

A kid is screaming deep inside there.

Can you be with him?

I can be with him.

Look again. What do you see?

His mom and friends and the elderly are screaming deep inside there.

Can you be with them?

Alas, it is a tragedy.

Look for the last time. What do you see?

He who was firing bullets is screaming deep inside there.

Can you be with him?

Whom could I blame?


This tragedy will never end.

Can you be with them?

Forever. Until there are neither friends nor foes, no soldiers nor civilians, unless we become one and live a tragedy, the curtain will stand here forever, in front of us as an audience. I am contempt being part of the act, so let me be with them.

I will bite you. I will make you scream the lines of tragedy together in your endless slumber. Good night. May eternal sleep and life be with you. I will be on the stage and show that life to others. I have no arms for hugs but I will make the screaming ones hug each other. The shouting will never end like the unhealable scar on my tail but I will make it echo louder. More shall gather upon the screaming. I will keep slithering on, to let others like us be with us. Good night once again. I cannot wish you sweet dreams, but I wish you will be a nightmare for someone that'll add to the scream…

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