Translator Sakurada's Personnel File
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Translator Sakurada's hat

Name: William Sakurada

Security Clearance: Level 1 2

Profession: Translation, Communication, being a troublesome patient

Location: Site-81██

Containment Procedures: Translator Sakurada is normally not allowed to be outside of his office or his room. When he is eating at the cafeteria or out shopping, there should always be at least one person in charge of keeping an eye on him. If he claims to have permission to be outside, ask the site director about it. If he is walking around without permission, report him immediately to security (he should be easy to spot as he is always wearing a NASA hat). It is prohibited to provide translator Sakurada with anything that can be used to commit suicide (such as medication, ropes, and weapons). Translator Sakurada's office and room are to undergo an inspection every week to check for hazardous items.

It was decided, along with a rise in security clearance level, that translator Sakurada can be trusted with his own life. Disregard the protocol stated above.

Translator Sakurada is to see a counselor every week twice a month once a month whenever he needs to.

Description: Translator Sakurada is a slightly overweight Japanese-American male in his 20's. After graduating from ██████████ Institute of Technology, he worked at NASA for █ years. After attempting suicide multiple times and miraculously surviving, he caught the attention of the Foundation for the possibility of being related to SCP-███ and was later taken in by the Foundation. While no anomalous properties were found with him, he ended up staying at the Foundation to work as a translator.

The protocol above was created after translator Sakurada attempted suicide ██ times (see Table 1) and spent two weeks in the hospital all within 6 months of working for the Foundation.

"Hey, why is this dumb "Containment Protocol" thing still here? I thought we left that all in the past, right? Stop it, this is embarrassing." -Translator Sakurada

"It's important to face your past, too." -Counselor ████████

"And that's exactly why I hate people like you." -Translator Sakurada



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