The Better Man? Part 3
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Ivy vines are known for their ability to anchor themselves even on smooth and hard surfaces. This, together with their remarkable toughness makes them acceptable climbing aids, with which Elli now reached the roof of de la Croix’s mansion. Pierre followed shortly behind her. There wasn’t much to see, only a few towerlets with some windows. Perfect.
Elli had to find Chloe as fast as possible so that this de la Croix couldn’t get his hands on her. For her next trip she would search for an universe where nobody could die, that much was certain.
"We need to be careful", Pierre reminded her. "If somebody hears us-"
Elli chose this very moment to smash in a window with her frying pan.
Pierre started to gesture wildly.
"Wha- Hml- Mh- Are you crazy? Now they know that we are here!"
"Indeed", Elli agreed while entering the house and extending her hand towards the undead.
"But this here is a big house and they, whoever "they" are, will in a few minutes not know where we are anymore if we finally get going."
Pierre had a dark expression on his face while climbing through the window. As an undead, it wasn’t very difficult for him.
The corridor both had landed in was quickly passed through and a stairway to the lower levels found. Elli was about to walk it down when Pierre suddenly dragged her behind a very big tapestry, hanging from a wall besides the staircase.
"What are you doing?", she hissed.
"Sh!", Pierre only answered.
Then Elli heard it, too. An approaching rattling and crunching, as if somebody shook a dice cup non-stop. She peered carefully through the gap between tapestry and wall to locate the source of this noise.
One did not have to wait for too long beforel it arrived at the staircase and slowly walked downstairs.
It was a naked skeleton, armed with a knife. In the pale moonlight falling in through the windows, it walked in a way that let it look as if it was a normal human, despite obviously lacking muscles, and Elli got the impression that it also still possessed its five senses. It did not notice them because the wall with the tapestry was situated in such an angle to the corridor the skeleton came from that it couldn’t see them without turning around. But if it had walked up the stairs…
It took quite a while until the rattling in the lower floors faded.
"Watch out for this guy", Pierre warned. "He wants his flesh back, and to that end will cut yours from your bones, should he catch you."
"Why did de la Croix do such a thing??", Elli asked as they stepped out from behind the tapestry.
"That was his original plan for the perfect man, a human without any ballast. It’s just that the poor sod has gone mad because of his fate. Just like the rest…"
"There are more of those skeletons?", Elli inquired with low amounts of rage in her voice.
Some alarm bells in her head rang with a rising number of decibels. Mostly because Chloe was in here.
"No, no skeletons", Pierre denied hastily, since he had spotted the signals. "But he had some other ideas…"
"Then get going, quickly! Should I find Chloe deboned you will wish you could die properly."
Pierre quickly hastened to get down the stairs and in doing so forgot one thing.
The staircase creaked woefully. It was a sound that seemed to echo through the entire building in this silence. The skeleton couldn’t cause this noise because it had been way to light. Pierre turned slowly to Elli who thought that it was a good moment to get drunk again.
"What are we doing now?" he whispered.
"Ensuring that they soon won’t know where we are," Elli replied and slid down the handrail beside him, still with her flask on her lips.
The undead followed her, and judging by the noise seemed to be torturing the staircase. Fortunately, the corridor they arrived in was furnished with a soft carpet that swallowed the sounds of their subsequent sprint or in the case of one participant, high-speed shuffling.
At the end of the corridor was a big double door that lead into a study.
Books pilled up to the ceiling.
Elli signaled Pierre to stop while she got her pan from her purse and tried to orient herself. In doing so, she leaned against against a mannequin that stood in front of a window. De la Croix had apparently used it to to study acupuncture. Apparent because of the nails. What had he planned to do?
"The windows here are too high up for Chloe", she noticed. "She has probably gone to the entrance door. Can you get me there, Pierre?"
"I think so. As long as we don’t… get… caught…"
Elli frowned her brows as she followed his gaze that was rigidly fixed on the Mannequin which in turn seemed to stare at Elli. But otherwise, it was completely normal.
Annoyed, Elli turned around again before her face went numb and she slowly looked to the doll again, on which she still leaned.
Beforehand, she had looked out of the window

It was apparently a big and shaggy wolfhound, that stood snarling in front of Chloe. She on her part tried her damndest to melt into the wood of the door. Not that it did accomplish anything.
The dog started to growl loudly but also emitted a high-pitched whistling sound, because his throat lay open.
The contrast was so ridiculous, Chloe had to chuckle involuntarily. The animal took this as a reason to jump on her with an opened jaw.
With a squeak Chloe pushed herself away from the door, causing her attacker to crush into the door at full force. It was so close, she touched his fur and smelled the scent of the rotting flesh that clung to him.
While the dog still tried to categorize what had just happened, Chloe ran to a table where a candle holder made of brass stood. Not the best in this situation, but the instinct of her ancestors from times long past recommended to arm herself with something long and rod-shaped if faced with a big animal with sharp teeth.
The dog turned around already and leaped towards Chloe, who just flailed the candle holder around helplessly while she moved backwards as fast as possible.
Of course the wolfhound was faster than her.
Chloe prepared herself for feeling a sharp jaw in her flesh but something weird happened.
The dog came to a stop in front of her and laid his upper body flat on the ground. The hindlegs remained stretched out as to hold the lower part in a standing position so one could clearly see that the animal wagged its tail.
With outright hypnotic attention it observed the candle holder.
It took a brief moment until Chloe understood what the animal wanted her to do. Then she threw the candle holder through the room. The dog dashed like greased lightning and couldn't brake fast enough to not miss the holder.
Chloe was a miserable thrower but that didn't seem to decrease the fun the creature had, because it retrieved the toy and laid it down in front of her with an expectant look.
Her mind got crossed by the thought that she was seemingly only alive because she could give the zombie hound some fun. She didn't dare to think about what might happen if he started to get bored. She couldn't open the door, because then the dog would get free and who knew what havoc he would wreak in the town. Chloe's only chance was to lure him back down to the washing chamber so she could crawl outside through the window again. He was too big to fit through.
No sooner thought than done, Chloe threw the holder repeatedly in front of her and then walked behind the dog so she could advance. She repeated the process once Volvo, as she had named him for the time being, had retrieved his toy. On her way, she collected a candle and lit her on another one that presumably served to maintain the fire inside the house.
It went rather well until Chloe reached the basement. Volvo started to growl again. In the first moment, Chloe thought that it was directed at her but then she she saw in the darkness how a massive shadow moved towards her, stomping.
Volvo barked, but his attempts at intimidation were neutralized by the squeaking of his throat.
The newcomer was a human, or at least something that consisted of human parts. One could vaguely recognize the original body, but somebody had sewn on extreme amounts of muscle mass and skin. The creature possessed all shades between corpse-grey and rot-green, and wore a big brown jacket and cloth trousers. And it drooled while it looked at Chloe like a man would look at a five-course-menu after finishing his four-week hunger strike.
The Frankenstein monster slowly shuffled closer…
Volvo apparently determined to not accept this and suddenly jumped at the newcomer.
He reacted by slamming the dog against the wall with a backhand-slap. Chloe made a few steps backwards, but that only caused the human patchwork rug to quicken its pace.
Volvo jumped on top of him from behind and bit into his shoulder.
His victim made no noise but turned his head to subsequently punch the snout of the animal with his fist. The dog let him go but jumped at him again immediately afterwards to latch onto his leg.
Chloe decided to not await the conclusion of this uneven fight and prioritised leaving the basement. Somewhere, there must be another exit.
She hastened her steps when she heard a sickening crunch behind her. Repeatedly…

"This de la Croix has a really weird image of the Better Man", Elli wheezed, while they ran away from another one of de la Croix's creations.
"I agree with you, but he dropped this approach with the clockworks pretty quickly, if I take myself into account", Pierre replied, who shuffled like he had never shuffled before.
Said clockwork approach followed closely behind them. It had presumably been a young woman but that was only discernible if one looked past the cuts, nails and screws on her face and limbs. She didn't have hair anymore. Somebody seemed to have had the intention to replace all muscles in her body with springs and metal rails, but had given up shortly before the end. The construct was completely naked but did not possess anything anymore that could have caused embarrassment because of her state of undress. She had turned her back to Elli beforehand, so she hadn't seen the absolutely confusing clockwork mechanism that had been installed in her body. It had been neglected, though, to apply the whole skin to the front again. The thing whirred and clicked while it chased after them and moved unnaturally jerky. Because of this, running was impossible, so Elli could get away from it. But Pierre couldn't.
When they fled from the room with the books, the cyborg had suffered a hit from Elli's frying pan, evident from a few bend nails on the right side on her face. That had not impeded her to a considerable degree, though, because immediately afterwards her concert of clicking gears and snapping springs had set in before she had gone into pursuit.
"What does she even want from us?", Elli asked, while she skidded around a corner.
Her sense of balance improved, the stress made her sober up way to fast…
"No clue, I believe she is after you", Pierre answered. "Envy on your beauty or something."
"You are making a dangerous generalization regarding women here."
In this moment the mechanical nightmare caught up to him.
And overtook him…
Pierre had apparently stated a fact…
She reached a stairway and slid down the banisters so as to not accidentally draw the skeleton to her.
But she could have saved herself the effort, because her pursuer did not walk down the stairs. Instead she had curled up into a ball and rolled down them. Her lead shrunk considerably, since the monster arrived shortly after her at the lower end. Elli let go of her frying pan to become lighter, allowing her to accelerate a little bit. She fled through a festively decorated hall into a room with a door made of oak wood. She swiftly closed the door and turned the key in the lock. On the other side, something crashed with a reassuringly dull sound against the door.
Elli looked around. This had to be de la Croix' bureau. There were several bookshelves, a big desk with the office supplies common in this time, and two windows.
Sadly, no additional exits.
Elli pondered briefly whether she should jump out of the window, but discarded the idea. If she remembered correctly, and she could be absolutely sure she did, roses grew down there…
So only the defense against this clockwork zombie remained. She already hit with mechanical regularity against the door.
Clockwork does not like blockades…
Without further ado, Elli armed herself with a letter opener, awaited the next hit and opened the door immediately afterwards.
Her pursuer appeared somewhat baffled because of this turn of events, allowing Elli to ram the letter opener into an important looking mechanism. The result was more boring than she had hoped.
One of the gears gave in under the sudden stress and shattered, suggesting poor quality. Because of this, another part of the apparatus got set in motion, seemingly in neutral gear. The undead(?) got slower and slower as a result. Every jerk she moved with allowed her less room to move. She still managed to grab Elli's hair and let it slide through her hand with a strangely melancholic expression on her face. Then she came to an ultimate stop as if she had frozen while in motion.
Elli made a step to the side and looked with expert knowledge at her handiwork. Whoever had done this to the girl knew about the structure of the human body but had no clue about engineering. The construction had apparently resulted from pure guesswork. And for that somebody had killed…
Elli searched for her flask and took a really necessary sip.
Then she had to keep herself from choking, because behind her a crunch could be heard.
As if bones grinded on bones…
This time, Elli turned around faster and became aware of the skeleton that had tried to sneak up on her with his knife. Because of its discovery, it jumped towards her.
More out of surprise then out of intention Elli spluttered her booze, that, as a fog, ignited by itself and enshrouded the attacker in flames.
Bones did not burn very well, though, so the only thing stopping this undead was the surprise.
Sadly it didn't hold very long but Elli remembered right on time that bones were very light. She held her arms protectively in front of her, effectively diverting the skeleton man's attention from the foot that hit him in the pelvic bone and catapulted him backwards.
Normal enemies only staggered a little bit backwards but they were also notably heavier. Still, Elli registered the distance as a new record, while she searched for something she could knock against his skull, because the attack had only slowed him down. Elli was not eager on an actual power struggle if she remembered Pierre.
The corridor in her immediate reach was unfortunately completely empty, so she only had the retreat into the bureau left. She rammed up the door right away.
That had been the plan at least. Because the Undead blocked the door like an annoying vacuum cleaner salesman.
And despite Elli pushing with her entire weight against the door, he mercilessly pried it open further and further…
She frantically looked around but every object she deemed helpful required her to let go of the door in order to reach it. That was a luxury she could not afford against an opponent with such a low moment of inertia.
Think, Elli!
On the other side of the door a sudden crunch was audible and she fell on her back, because the door no longer offered any resistance.
Fortunately, Elli still had her flask in her hand, so she doused the situation for the time being and listened to the noises from outside.
Carefully, she opened the door and peeked outside. Pierre could be seen, how he held Elli's frying pan in his hand. The skeleton laid on the ground, his skull crushed.
"He didn't notice me while he tried to pry the door open", the undead explained while Elli exited the room.
"How many are left?", she asked.
"As far as I know only two."
Elli forced herself to calm down. She had made several screw-ups that wouldn't have happened to somebody who was calm. She simply had to assume that they would find Chloe again. Alive. And she did not have to worry about Dean. De la Croix was evidentially to stupid to-
"What are we doing now", Pierre asked.
"Chloe got in through the basement, so she will be either there or on the ground level by the entrance door. So, we search there. Give me back my pan."

The entrance door proved to be deserted but Elli was worried because of the light scratch marks on the ground. They seemed to stem from a very big dog that had repeatedly sprinted. And they were fresh.
The trails lead down to the basement, where they vanished with the start of the stone floor. Elli lighted a candle with her booze to navigate in the dark corridors.
Where was Chloe? She had to be somewh-
Light poured from under a door in front of them.
"What is that room?", Elli whispered behind her.
"The operating room. He… transformed… me there…"
Maybe he had caught Chloe already. She had to verify that.
Slowly, she opened the door to take a peek inside.
That was the point when a giant hand grabbed her at the face, pulled her into the room and slammed her with elemental force against the wall.
She could only hear how a tussle between Pierre and their attacker ensued while she fell down to the ground, stunned. Everything was spinning around her…
When the world got tired of orbiting around her, Elli saw the the room through the light of some storm lanterns in all its ugliness. Surgery instruments laid everywhere and the ground seemed not to have been cleaned thoroughly enough. Fortunately, Dean over there on the table was out like a light. He probably would have broken the fingers of the man in the worn-out suit who bent himself over her. Elli saw that his shirt was rolled up but couldn't say if somebody had fiddled around with his body. Pierre was tied at the hands to a pole in the corner..
"You know, I have an exceptional hearing", de la Croix explained, because he couldn't be anybody else. "You whispered too loudly."
Elli didn't let go of her frying pan, and let it spring up from the ground. The Gentleman grabbed her arm with astounding speed and wrung her kitchen utensil out of her hand.
"I know about Pierre but I don't remember meeting you before," he continued, as if nothing had happened. "Are you the owner of him?"
He pointed at Dean
"He is owned by nobody", Elli replied slightly infuriated because of the question. "He follows me and acts like my mother, that's all. And you will let him go right now!"
De la Croix chuckled briefly. It sounded unhealthy.
"It saddens me deeply, my dear, but I won't. Why was something like that kept secret from the world anyway? With him, we could lift humanity to a new level."
Elli raised an eyebrow.
"You are working with immortality, how is Dean supposed to help you with that?"
"Oh, I was going in the wrong direction the whole time. But if we expand the definition of the word "human" a little bit, I am sure-"
Suddenly, de la Croix looked to the door, frowning. He moved cautiously towards it. Elli meanwhile decided to collect her frying pan again…
After he had seemingly listened for a short while, the Gentleman opened the door with a swift motion and grabbed Chloe by the throat, who had been busy with running past the door.
He started grinning.
"Today is my lucky day!", he rejoiced, while Chloe struggled in his grasp. "I have everything I need for the next step, Pierre, this is fantastic. If you hadn't broke free, I would have never gotten all this!"
He started to laugh. It was no wholesome laughter. It was a laughter telling from a mind in complete chaos.
Pierre in the corner seemed to be paralyzed with horror.
Elli rose up slowly and avoided de la Croix’ field of vision…
The Gentleman meanwhile intended to chain Chloe to Pierre at the pole but when he let her go to change his grip she immediately bit his hand. He screamed in pain, the sign for Elli to whack him.
The head jerked a little bit towards the ground but only due to the force of the impact. Instead of falling over, he hurled Chloe, who let go of his hand in the process, against Elli, who made unpleasant contact with the wall, again. This time with Chloe's impact, as additional component. It pressed the air out of her lungs.
Chloe started to scream.
De la Croix, now inflamed with rage, charged at them and lashed out at them. However, he only hit the wall because Elli rolled away, with the still screaming Chloe.
"Will you stop making such a ruckus!", the Gentleman fulminated.
"No!", Chloe gave back and promptly resumed her efforts to destroy all glassware in the room with her voice alone.
In Elli thoughts raced. Why did Chloe suddenly scream? Screaming was an expression of fear, but that required Chloe to be completely in panic. Apparently she wasn't, since she reacted rational to de la Croix and whizzed away under his grasp, ducking under the operating table to reach the opposite wall. And she still screamed while she kept an eye on the Gentleman. Why did she make such noise? Elli realized that Chloe had chosen the point of the room that was farthest away from the door. Didn't Pierre say that two undead remained? Then she understood the plan.
Chloe didn't scream out of fear.
She screamed to attract something.
Elli decided to do the same. When running away from a bear, one had not to be the fastest. But one should not be the slowest. And if de la Croix had the rest of his creations as well under control as Pierre…
That had to be it, otherwise he wouldn't be so mad because of it.
Distracted by Chloe, it was easy for Elli to hit the Gentleman with the frying pan. While he still turned around angrily, Elli was already past him.
And the door exploded in a hail of splinters. A being looking like it came straight from they mind of Mary Shelley entered. The Frankenstein monster screened the room briefly and then locked on de la Croix, grinning.
"Risky plan, Chloe", Elli commented. "I love risky plans. How did you know that?"
Chloe's single dust-dry comment: "He killed my zombie dog without batting an eye."
The conversation couldn't be held further because the patch-work beast assaulted its creator. De la Croix smacked him with a hook to the chin, which only staggered it before he tried to grab the Gentleman.
Elli briefly asked herself how de la Croix had managed to let them loose without getting attacked by those things but the answer probably contained blunt force weapons.
Meanwhile, she pulled down Dean's shirt again and hit him in the chest. He opened his eyes and rolled from the table five seconds later to evade a thrown de la Croix, who had set course for the work surface. In the meantime, Chloe freed Pierre with a scalpel lying around.
Elli prepared herself to leave the room together with her companions but suddenly the Monster targeted her. To defend herself, she grabbed one of his arms and used the velocity with which it dashed towards her to send it to the ground per shoulder throw.
Meanwhile, de la Croix got up again and immediately ran to the door to prevent Pierre from leaving the room with Chloe.
Dean simply rammed him through the frame against the wall outside in the corridor.
"YES, THAT'S HOW THAT FEELS LIKE!", Elli yelled after him while running out of the room with her frying pan and her flask in her hands. Closely after her followed the monster that could not change the direction fast enough due to its momentuum. It crashed into the Gentleman at the wall. And broke his ribcage.
Before it could pick itself up again, Elli's alcohol shrouded it in flames.
The creature had apparently piled up inside itself because it burned really well, even though it did not pay any attention to this circumstance and chased after them.
Elli and Dean, who had put Pierre and Chloe under his arms, ran up to the first floor and to the main entrance. After the door had been unlocked they hastened outside, down the stairs and awaited the arrival of their pursuer. He could not be permitted to reach the town. Who knows what he would do with the inhabitants. Dean let down Pierre and Chloe while they waited.
It took a short while but then a severely shriveled, still blazing human figure. Elli tightened the grip on her pan. When he tried to get down the stairs the monster fell and crashed face-first on the ground. It did not get up again.
"Is it wrong that I am somewhat disappointed?", Elli asked.
"Yes", the other ones present exclaimed unanimously .
"Can we get away from here?", asked Pierre. "I don't want to be near this house anymore."
"I can only concur", Dean commented.
Chloe just nodded.
"Maybe better", Elli agreed. "The morning is approaching and I do not want to be seen by witnesses."
The quartet hurried to get away from the estate and did not look back. So, nobody noted that another figure stumbled out of the mansion.

Paris possessed several side alleys, a lot of them quiet at this early hour. Elli took advantage of this to make a last deal.
"Pierre, after careful consideration I have to admit that I know of only one way to "get you back". And I don't know if it works."
"I don't care", Pierre said. "Everything is better than this."
"Don't be so sure about that", Elli murmured and rummaged through her purse until she pulled out a tablet packaging.
The tablets had a red and a white half.
"This is Panazea, also known as magic bullet."
"That's a thing?", Pierre exclaimed. "But if it heals everything, why should it not work?"
"Because your soul is not in your body anymore. Either, it gets inserted again after the intake or rejected and replaced with a new one. That would mean the death of your current you, although we will probably not notice any difference except that you will have forgotten what happened after your first death."
Elli gave Pierre a stern look.
"Either your die or you live. Your chances are 50-50."
"That's enough", Pierre replied and extended his hand.
"Well, as you wish", Elli said and shrugged. She gave him one of the pills. Another one she gave Chloe.
"What am I supposed to do with this?", she asked confused.
"You have presumably contracted a lot of diseases your inoculations do not work against here. Not up to date, you see? You are still in the incubation phase but somewhen you will get the symptoms."
Chloe hurried to swallow the pill.
Pierre meanwhile hesitated, got then ahold of himself and took his medicine.

The Humanist Assembly traditionally gathered in a festively decorated hall. There was a cold buffet and many of those present stood together in groups to exchange news.
The Assembly would begin later since not everybody had arrived yet. Ambroise indulged in a champagne when the entrance door opened up and a man entered, pushing a servant around with his look alone.
"Uh, Sir, I am terribly sorry but I cannot let you pass like that. Think of your appearance!"
The newcomer indeed looked shabby. His once aristocratic clothes were torn and apparently wet, the hair unkempt. And the man looked unnaturally pale. His eyes were bloodshot and all of his movements produced nauseating cracking noises.
Then he inhaled, a sound reminiscent of the wind-up of snuffy bellows and spoke with an asthmatic voice.
"Listen up here, yeah? I am an Humanist Gentleman like everybody else in this room, so I have every right to be here!"
Ambroise's jaw fell down when he realized that this was no one else than de la Croix. The champagne in his mouth flowed down uninhibited on his suit during this process. Fortunately he was not the only one that was subject to this…
"De la Croix, is that you?", he asked in disbelief.
The one he had addressed turned around in a jerking motion and walked, no, shuffled towards him in a hurry.
"Ambroise, oh luck, please help me to shake of this cretin. "
Ambroise opened and shut the mouth a few times before he responded.
"Good Lord, what has happened to you? You look as if you were dead."
De la Croix strived for a smile more befitting for a serial killer.
"Well, technically I am. I made it, Ambroise!"
That only confused him further.
"Made it, made what? I thought you had somebody else to-"
"Long story but I simply made myself the demonstration model. The next stage of the Better Man."
Ambroise's face went numb.
"Is that a bad joke?"
"IS THAT A BAD JOKE!", bellowed Ambroise. "Just look at you! You look terrible enough to rout the enemies of France in a war with your appearance alone. What in the hell gets you to think that this is the Better Man!?"
De la Croix took a step backwards and looked around in search for help. But he only gained disgust from those present.
"I admit, the result is not visually appealing right now but with more time-"
Ambroise silenced him with a gesture.
"De la Croix, during your research you apparently lost sight of the reason why we call ourselves the Humanist Gentleman. I will personally ensure that your mansion will be swept and your results confiscated. You are not creating the Better Man. You are creating monsters. Help me detaining him!"
"Wha-", de la Croix begun, while some Humanist Gentleman bended his hands on his back with some effort. "My friends, you are making a terrible mistake! I found the secret to immortality! I bested death! I bested death!"
Ambroise stepped up to him.
"Given the atrocities your have no doubt committed until you perfected your method, I'll look forward with pleasure to our tests to prove your claim."

Chloes closet creaked when she exited, wearing her own clothing. Elli followed close behind and looked on the clock.
"HA! 22 Minutes! Isn't that something?"
Chloe fell face-first on her bed.
"Yay", she wheezed exhausted.
Elli's mood was suddenly downgraded. Dean meanwhile exited the Nexus and studied Chloe's homework.
"Oh, I am sorry", she answered gloomy. "I know it has been strenuous, but how should I have known that zombies were loose over there?"
Chloe turned the hat to face her.
"Maybe you couldn't? Or can you see the future?"
"Well of course, I have a time machine. But concerning impending fate…"
"What do you think Pierre will do now?"
Elli shrugged.
"No clue, he managed on the street before so he will be able to do now. Also, he can read, write and calculate, that could be an advantage in his time."
Silence reigned for a while during which Elli pondered what else she could say. When she opened her mouth she realized that Chloe had fallen asleep.
"Oooh…", she whispered.
Then she turned around and tip-toed back to the closet. It looked somewhat funny thanks to her hampered sense of balance.
Dean grabbed her by the shoulder.
Dean only glanced at Chloe's presentation.
"Oh bugger, I completely forgot this."
"Now try talking your way out of this one.", Dean commented with a lowered voice.
"I don't have to", Elli whispered after a short deliberation. "I finish it myself."
"Your shitty scrawl doesn't look like Chloe's in the slightest. She writes very well."
"Then it's a good thing you can falsify writing really good," Elli smirked. " I dictate, you write."
Dean rolled his eyes.

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