Overture of 4K:Nightmare Regent Red
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The darkness of the basement couldn’t be fully illuminated by the shaking candle lights, it casts an ambiguous shadow on the six human figures.

Five of the figures stand in a reversed pentagon, with the sixth one standing in the middle facing a single wooden door.

The door is closed, but occasionally some white light can be seen through it.

The elder man in the middle began to speak: “Brothers, the ritual was effective, we had opened a crack. Today, we shall open the entire door”>

“Ah, please wait a moment”

Everyone turned to the entrance to the basement in surprise. A seventh person that was not supposed to be there are aiming two handgun-like weapons toward the crowd.

This is a woman, around her thirties, she’s wearing clothing suited for movement. Black hair and black eyes, with asian facial features.

“Who are you, why have you interrupted us?” The elder man questions her. Two of the figures begin chanting what appears to be incantations.

Two bright lights hit precisely before their feet, leaving two trails of black smoke.

“Do you want to see who is faster?”

Shocked, the two figures cease their incantations.

“I do not wish to interrupt your rituals, you may continue after I leave. I just need the full details.”

“Why do you want this for? ████ belongs to us. Whoever you are, we will not share this with you.”

“I expected you would ask that, believe it or not. I came from the future a hundred years later, what you are doing now caused us a great amount of trouble. Even though personally I would like to kill you all because of this, but because of the risk of altering the timeline, you just need to provide enough information for us to reverse your ritual.”

“You came from a hundred years later? So what happens in the future? Did our name go down in history?”

“In some sense, yes. I cannot tell you the details.”

“We need to discuss this”

“You have two minutes.”

The six figures quietly converse amongst themselves, then the elder man questions: “You make hollow threats. Even if what you have said is the truth, you yourself said that there is a risk in killing us, so you won’t do anything to us.”

“Is that so? If negotiation fails, I am authorized to make the final decision. Compared to the troubles you make, the risk of altering the timeline is fully acceptable. Or you people aren’t as important as you imagine to be?”

“…… Fine. But we can’t fully trust you, your weapon is a threat, and your demands are acceptable. The instructions are on the table there, but you cannot leave with it.”

“That is not a problem, I have my methods”

So the woman placed the guns on the table, using the now freed hand to browse the ancient text while blinking rapidly, but at the corner of her sight still guarding against the six figures, to prevent anything they may be up to.

“Alright, thanks for cooperating, you may continue.”

And with that, the woman retrieved her sidearms, and disappeared when she clicked a button on her belt.

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