Ninth's Proposal II

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Textual inoculation started.

Like a writer who deconstructs himself into a handful of characters to create a plot, I will use deconstruction to confront the true origin of the Foundation.
The essence of so-called grandeur is imagination in free creation; and the limits of my language mean the limits of my world.
Discussions on the Internet are constantly shrinking, and one can only live with the semblance of eternity, but all topics are of equal value.
The sense of the world must lie beyond the world. In the world everything is as it is and happens as it does happen. In it there is no value.
We are real and the Foundation is also real. It is all those things that fade away with a touch that allow us to experience joy or pain.
So I completely deconstructed the Foundation and turned it into an image, a fantasy that we desire and love in our inspiration.
This fantasy is constantly changing to perform a fantastic play, so that boys and girls can still feel posh in their adolescence, but lose the source of poshness in the end.
In the end, such a work has been created. Have fun with it!

Inoculation completed. You may continue.



Item #: SCP-CN-001

Object Class: Euclid Apollyon Enochian1

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-CN-001 is to be contained in

SCP-CN-001 is no longer containable.

Description: SCP-CN-001 is a staircase located in the southeast of the ground floor inside Area-CN-07-Ω. The anomalous effect lies in the additional underground passage that does not exist in the as-built drawing of the facility. When a human subject enters the resting platform of the staircase on Basement 1, there will be hallucinations of a parallel world a world located in the upper narrative. These hallucinations have intense cognitohazardous effects and will cause the subject to become an SCP-CN-001-Α instance.

SCP-CN-001-Α will develop a strong urge to continue exploring SCP-CN-001 downward until the instance is no longer detectable by any means of communication. However, the image of SCP-CN-001 obtained by remote instruments such as drones is not anomalous and shows that Basement 1 has no stairs leading to greater depths.

According to an interview with SCP-CN-001-Ω, the creator of SCP-CN-001, the destination of SCP-CN-001-A is the world of the upper narrative. Compared to the narrative in which the Foundation is located, the world of the upper narrative has zero probability of anomalies, and the cognitohazardous effects caused by SCP-CN-001 are explained by SCP-CN-001-Ω as "they just keep going since a world without anomalies is attractive.

The anomalous effect of SCP-CN-001 was first discovered in July 2012. The Foundation discovered SCP-CN-001 when AanaMalsageco, an employee at Area-CN-07-Ω, was affected by the anomaly and disappeared from the facility. However, progress on containment was hampered by the obstruction of SCP-CN-001-Ω, during which time approximately 200 Foundation employees were affected by the anomaly. After the successful capture of SCP-CN-001-Ω, SCP-CN-001 was fully contained by the Foundation.

Updated 08/15/20██: Currently, the anomalous effect of SCP-CN-001 has extended to stairwells leading to basements in all Foundation facilities and some non-Foundation buildings. As of the date of this update, the number of people missing as a result of SCP-CN-001 has reached ███,███, 36% of whom are Foundation members.

Now that SCP-CN-001 has the ability to create an XK class scenario, the object class of SCP-CN-001 has been revised to Apollyon. The Foundation's focus will shift to containment and control of SCP-CN-001.

Updated 08/20/20██: SCP-CN-001 is now the baseline reality.

The pataphysical Day of Flowers has arrived.

Addendum 001-N2:

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