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Welcome, child.

You may be wondering why I found you and are talking to you alone. Maybe you are thinking if you have broken the school rules, or if you did not perform well enough in your courses. You may be feeling nervous as if a catastrophe is on its way. Please relax, I assure you that none of the above will happen. I came to find you explicitly for your unworldly thoughts.

No, no, please sit down, I am not here to make you pay for anything. Here, let me tell you a story first, one that has never been recorded before.

There was once such a group of people with obliviated heritages, who walked among the countrysides, the villages and the ruins, wielding ancient mystique to save the poor that were suffering from diseases. But the strength of human is limited, while the desire of human is infinite. At the time there was the outbreak of witch-hunt movements, and some that were not treated have reported them to the Inquisition out of envy. Some thought they did nothing wrong, made their utmost efforts to fight for themselves, and then were burnt to death. Some had overestimated their own abilities, and when the inquisitors came they have already exhausted the last of their strength, they can only watch themselves being put on the stake. For the remaining……they fled.

But they had not forgotten that they shouldered the ideology of saving the citizens. They traveled around the world, and recorded all that they have experienced on their journey. Ceaselessly there were people being persecuted to death on their way to pursuing their dreams, and ceaselessly there were people giving up as the ideals were too hard to achieve. Gradually they started to doubt themselves, were they the ones who were wrong?

So what about you? Have you once thought of helping the people, saving the people, but only to find out that the challenges confronting you were far more than what you were able to do? Have you once thought of giving in, or dreamt of suddenly gaining great powers to clear all the obstacles in front of you? Have you ever wondered whether what you entertained was wrong and even wanted to forget these ideas?

They had been in exactly the situation as you. But finally they have realized the truth:

Depending only on the themselves, it would be impossible to save the people. Neither depending only on the people themselves could. And what's more, people did not necessarily want to be saved. Most of them only wanted sustenance, one that can relief them from the painful reality.

Therefore they have changed their minds. They have decided to strive for “ending all sufferings”. And in order to commemorate the change, they reconstituted a secret association called “Nirvana”, which not only symbolizes the rebirth of their hearts, but also symbolized their dreams of that one day the human society can be reborn.

Perhaps you have already guessed it, I am a part of this organization. We have already walked this path together for 300 years to try achieving this target, and we need more to join our line, strengthening our power.

That is all I have to say. Maybe you will feel shocked, afraid, disquieted or regretful. If you want to forget all these you have heard, here is a glass of water, drink it and you can return to normal campus life, and I will still be your Professor Mu.

It looks like that you have no regrets. Welcome, welcome to the family of Nirvana. I am Muralis, or code name Quadrans Muralis if you want, subordinated to the Mount Council. We will walk the path together in future days.

Nirvana Logo by Maple Element

Nirvana (GOI-8436) is a secret organization that is formed by a group of people with same views and possibly similar experiences. Its members generally think of the human society as filled with injustice and ignorance, and therefore put their hopes on Nibel1, wanting to change human society with the Nibel and to reintroduce sincerity and peace to it.

For this particular purpose, the anomalous items produced by Nirvana, the Nibel, such as SCP-CN-026, usually carries slight cognitohazard. The affected will change their mind, and actively attempt to change themselves and everything around them, and most importantly, staunch spiritual supports created by Nirvana. Nirvana hoped to find those of the same ideology as them, to increase their influential power, and finally achieving the target of reforming human society.

The current number of members of Nirvana remains unknown. The core members refer to each other with code names of constellation among themselves. For now Nirvana does not have any conflict of interest with the Foundation or other groups of interest, and has remained neutral. Despite this, there are speculations that multiple members of the Foundation and other groups of interest are affiliated to the core of Nirvana, therefore Foundation personnel should hold a cautious attitude towards Nirvana.

Background settings

Once, this world belonged to the anomalous. They called themselves God, Celestial, Buddha, and so on. They relied on their anomalies to rule human, and led human through the age of obscurant. However, as the power and the societal consciousness of human have awakened, and the anomalous have declined, human came up to be the ruler of this world. Finally, they raised their swords against the anomalous…

It was a catastrophe for hundreds of years. People could accuse their friends and family of devil by a single rumor. People could fanatically burn their friends and family to death only because of a minor difference. Numerous anomalies were killed by human, but those died more were human themselves. The age of anomalies was gone, followed by the age of science.

Nowadays, humans and science have dominate this world, and embark on controlling or ejecting the rest as anomalies. What should those dying anomalous entities do in the face of such situation? Should they accept the destiny of being controlled and ejected? Or look for ways to equally coexist with human? Or…to rise up?

Groups of Interest

Wherever we are, whichever path we have chosen, we only have one goal, which is to end all sufferings.

Nirvana: Idealists. They think that this world has already experienced too much pain, and even when the era of anomalies have past, humans are still addicted killing one another. Perhaps, the cooperation between anomalies and humans of equivalent status may end this all?

The Order of Þrumuveður3: The extremists. An anomalous group that was established along with Nirvana during the witch hunt. They think the world without anomalies as administrators will be perished, and only by regaining the past honor can this all be ended. The Thrumuvethur is heavily damaged in the Second World War, and their former leader Draco's whereabouts is a mystery. The successor Dorado have established the Storm Investments Ltd., and hoped to strengthen themselves economically, and at the same time finding Draco through international human resources.

SCP Foundation: Rationalists. They think anomalies are threats to the stability of human society, therefore should be under control. One of the leading powers of the human camp, representing scientists.

Global Occult Coalition: A classic example of tradition human minds. They think anomalies are enemies of human and should be eradicated. One of the leading powers of the human camp, representing governments.

Marshall, Carter and Dark Ltd.: Opportunists. They think the ideal state for anomalies is to become commodity without self consciousness.

Chaos Insurgency: A friendly organisation to the Thrumuvethur, committed to breaking of the curtains and reforming of societal orders.

Vatican Holy Office for Secrets and Prophecies (Secretorum Camerus Prophetias): The highest human organization for supervision of anomalies during the Middle Ages in Europe, and the initiator of witch-hunt. It was heavily damaged by the Thrumuvethur at the late stages of witch-hunt that it had retreated to behind the scenes, and finally incorporated into the Foundation.

Wanderers' Library: The Thrumuvethur has once maintained a good relationship with the Wanderers' Library. But after the disappearance of Draco, Hercules leading the Thrumuvethur and the Wanderers' Library had a division concerning the issues about ordinary human, causing their total hostility towards each other during the Seventh Occult War, though there were some members of the Wanderers' Library that sympathized of what had happened to the Thrumuvethur. Nirvana, on the other hand, has been maintaining good relationship with the Wanderers' Library, and the Wanderers' Library has been handing resources gained from the Thrumuvethur during war to Nirvana after an agreement was made.

Herman Fuller's Circus of the Disquieting: A friendly group towards Nirvana, finding talented anomalous humans across the globe, and strives to change the attitude and acceptance of normal humans towards anomalies by different performances by anomalies.

Manna Charitable Foundation: They happen to hold the same view and stance as Nirvana, but since the Manna Charitable Foundation has distributed anomalous items without strictly studying their long term effects, and have caused large amount of casualties, currently Nirvana will send some of its members to the Manna Charitable Foundation for guidance on their jobs irregularly. Nirvana will also use the Manna Charitable Foundation to promote its ideologies.

The position of other Groups of Interests within this canon are to be supplemented. (Perhaps someone might volunteer to add to the list?)


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Nirvana documentation formats

Members of Nirvana will sometimes incorporate their interpretations of ideologies into their creations. According to the content, these creations are roughly divided into the Tomes of Twilight, mainly of mythologies and tales, and the Verses of Streams, mainly of poems.

All Nirvana documents will need to include the Nirvana theme by pasting the following code at the beginning of the page:

[[module CSS]]
@import url(;

Though theoretically every member can work on related creations, the parts with conflicts concerning ideologies will be discussed or debated by the Mount. Its Assembly records are collected in the publication Mount Assemblies of the Mount

Related book

Scraps of Ashes

The collection of books within the Library are as much as stars in the universe, but large amount of stories written by other supernatural entities are still scattered outside of the Library. They may have vanished within the river of time just like their authors, or burnt to ashes listed as scriptures of cult or forbidden books. Luckily, one of the leaders of the Reborn, Indus, had gone through hardships to save a part of it, and generously handed these precious fragments to the Library to keep.

These fragments have described what the supernatural entities that scattered across the Earth have seen and heard, along with the forgotten history of the Living Dead and the Reborn. When Mr. Indus handed these fragments over to the Library, these were the only words he have said:

“History shall never be obliviated.”

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