Not a Problem.
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He's laughing.
Laughing at the end of the hallway.

The same hallway he has run down countless times.

One time, a shadow had followed him and chased him here.
Another time, a flame had followed him and struck him here.
Yet another time, a torrent of water had followed him and poured over him down here.
Not a problem.

He just opened the door and entered, and they never followed.

Once, he'd suffered lacerations on his forearm here.
Once, his skin had suffered burns here.
Once, his leg had suffered fractures here.
Not a problem, not at all.

He could always just open the door and walk out, and then they wouldn't hurt him.

Whatever follows him, it's not a problem.
Whatever injures him, it's not a problem.

And so he's laughing.
Laughing and leaning on the door.

The same door he has opened countless times before.

He laughs, and drops the broken doorknob to the floor.

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