Note: Nobody Is The True Brave One From The West
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Aliases: Fuck It All

Summary: The Federal Government, the Foundation and the GOC persecute nonhuman minorities and individuals that have recently obtained anomalous abilities, intended to purge the traces of the ever-growing supernatural effects, holding firm their rust-eaten crowns under the Veil.


  • Took a group tour of Death Valley with fellows in January, failed, as the Foundation seemed hiding something there. Everyone got sick after returning, found to have blue tumor-like objects, deceived into an operation by the UIU, newly formed thaumaturgic organs harvested, yet utereses as for ordinary women. They nearly found out my other anomalous abilities
  • Destroy supernatural beings' habitats, change local thaumaturgic fields
  • Tamper with the truth, deceive people outside the Veil with fake news, suppress and terminate civil research on supernatural phenomena by force
  • Discredit those who know or mention supernatural beings for mopery, frisk and arrest them, and slain resisters
  • Make reality anchors from skeletons of espers massacred or tortured to death. Remnants of victims' souls still scream in silence
  • Carry out long-term inhumane experiments, and waste massive resources maintaining the unnecessary Veil
  • Enact the Supernatural Entity Affirmative Action, register identities of different supernatural species on the surface, while in fact making a threat list, dividing and inciting minorities that are of the same class
  • Detail troops to invade neutral nexuses in the name of purging terrorists, take over occupy Three Portlands and Backdoor SoHo
  • Declare religious groups except the Horizon Initiative are banned from publishing in the journal of the International Center for the Study of Unified Thaumatology

Threat: Max

  • Due to their increasingly radical actions, licenses can't be used to escape inspection, and life is harder than before. If exposed, assets and personal security wouldn't be secure
  • Has to learn American English, or would be targeted earlier, branded "the Mark of the Beast"
  • Restricted from going to Ambrose Restaurants and other supernatural places with delicacies and entertainment, found it so inconvenient to buy their waffles
  • Pentagram monitors the globe, so notes can't be taken in electronic devices
  • My ordinary friends will fear Just invite them to the ascension
  • Traffic risk increased

Interest: Could live on.

Plan: But I'm just a nobody Something must be done; someone has to do something.
☑ Take back that part of my body
☑ Help Chef Satoshi Ikeguchi move his restaurant
□ Inform Fritz not to tell it to the Jailors
□ Find anyone persecuted by the Federal Government, the Bookburners and the Foundation. Heard about a few guys in the Oasis who escaped from the federal concentration camps. Go meet them
□ For the peace of the supernatural, maybe I should create or join a resistance organization, but the Chaos Insurgency is not a good choice
□ See if I could enter the Library through the Serpent's Hand's ways
□ Spread "the blue-blessed" in secret, take off the Veil, take back the world from the Jailors, open up new normalcy for the globe
□ Steal the Protocol ALABASTER document
□ Give it a nice name. Blue Revolution? Sounds good.

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