A Quiet Night at Site 34
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It was a quiet night at Site-34 (obviously), enough to have a small gathering in the break room, there were popcorn, soft drinks, pan-pizzas (minipizzas on round bread) and Dr. Von Braun had brought a lot of videotapes already and SCP-ES-061, who turned a film seen a thousand times into a totally new experience, literally.

In addition to him were Agent Kane, Agent Mujica, Doctors Bitran, Domeyko, VanDerGauss and Cygnus, the latter along with Dr. Castillo were somewhat apart from the rest, talking in low voices.

And what they had to say was important: a Russian expedition in Antarctica was drilling through 2000 meters of ice, in order to reach a lake buried in the bowels of the polar ice cap, a large body of water that had remained isolated of all outside influence for 10 million years, and maybe more. There was a week to complete the drilling and access to the lake, where they would take samples hoping to find, perhaps, unique microorganisms, among other things.

And the fact that it will sound like the beginning of a horror movie did not go unnoticed by the Foundation, who would send under false identities to two agents, one of them a scientist to assess any possible risk, and a field agent with combat experience, so that it would take the necessary measures if there was danger, including the isolation of the equipment and the scientific basis…or its destruction.

- The kind of extreme measures that the Foundation likes…Do they know something that we do not?

- No, or so they say - Castillo replied - anyway, the Foundation, and with it Humanity, has not survived being neglected, nothing may happen, but anyway…They have already chosen which agent to send to, it will be Mujica (and with the joyful thing that is seen without a doubt he still does not know anything) but regarding the scientist, who will have to spend at least one month isolated among the ice, they ordered me to evaluate who to send.

- Maybe Von Braun?

- I do not know if he will be the right man for the job, and we do not know how he will react, remember when he faked the death of his son to extend his vacation 15 days more.

- Yes, that was horrible, even taking into account that he is single and without children…and VanDerGauss?

- I like it very well to do this, besides, with is luck, it will probably fall into a crack in the ice and be frozen there for the next hundred years.

- Hey guys! What are they doing chatting there? - Von Braun interrupted them - choose Predator or Indiana Jones I?

- Do not you have Avatar? I like to see a version of that movie that does not have a story so fürchterlich cliché.

-No, my dear Phill Kleinac, the most recent films do not come on VHS, it's a technology as dead as the 3½ floppy disks.

At the end they chose Commando (1985), and while Castillo and Cygnus were still arguing in a low voice, the group sitting in front of the TV was killed with laughter seeing as the protagonist was a bearded Harrison Ford and not Schwarzenegger. Later they laughed a lot less when they saw how this alternative version went from being a parodic and eighties action movie to a serious criminal drama about a traumatized Vietnam veteran forced to do horrible things to defend his daughter. Then they engaged in a ridiculous discussion about whether the gun they were threatening the protagonist with was a Desert Eagle or not.

- It's a Desert Eagle, no doubt, I have an equal, - Castillo said, he and Cygnus decided to leave their decision later and join the rest of the group.

- Seriously? Why? -Von Braun asked- is not a very useful pistol, too big, few bullets, little balance…

- For me if it was useful, I saved my life once.

- Yes, but anyway, no police force or any other type usually occupies it…for my pistols so big they are like phallic symbols, a kind of overcompensation for personal shortcomings.

And he returned to concentrate on the screen, ignoring how Castillo's gaze hardened and nailed impiously on his back.

The next day Castillo sent the following memo:

To O5-7

Dear Sir:

I have concluded that the right person to be sent to the Russian Antarctic base Ivan Kolessov, as an evaluator of any possible danger level Euclides or Keter, is Dr. Von Braun, not only is a scientist with experience in multiple disciplines and in containment of several SCP, but also is an individual who exudes sympathy, which will make more bearable, for him and for the Russian expedition, the months of isolation.


Dr. Castillo

Shortly after, he bought an FN Five-Seven.

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