A Note from ZH Admins: Rewind of 2021
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This is the day when the old year ends and new year begins. So it seems appropriate for us two admins of ZH to post a note for the members of our site. It is composed of what we see this year and our wishes for the coming future. Those who are mentioned in the following article can guess which of the 2 admins wrote down the specific section for you/him/her/it/them. We are sorry that not every members can have their own sections since some members are relatively silent or are too unfamiliar for both admins. Nonetheless, we also acknowledge them at the bottom of the article to thank their contribution to our website this year (2021). We sincerely invite everyone to join our rewind of the year, hoping to march on to the next year on the basis we've had at this moment.

SamScriptSamScript, Sam, Triad of Site-ZH-44(INT). He's been in ZH Branch for almost three years. According to himself, 2021 is a year of production booming compared to previous two years. This year, he rewrote a few articles, submitting a ZH-001 Proposal, and released a sequel to SCP-ZH-310(INT), which was his debut in ZH. He also spared no efforts on writing SCPs concerning Taiwanese Indigenous People, and, in advance, started to approach some significant political events in history of Taiwan. But those who know him well can also tell that he's not always a person of serious topics. Instead, he's good at playing and fighting with other members or creating some notorious memes. He also seemed to fear endless corridors as well. Lastly, the GOI-ZH majorly proposed by him: YuanJi Inc. Hub was also officially released in this year.

Dr V ValentineDr V Valentine, Valentine, a member who has been here way long before ZH Wiki was created. He's undoubtedly (one of) the true "Ancient Divine Beasts" of our community. This year, he introduced plenty of artworks from other branches to our website. He also created some artworks of our member's OC and worked on visual designs of several campaigns such as Summer Contest 2021: Archive of Strange Things. Besides, he has bravely attempted to submit a artwork to JP Branch, writing a unique creepypasta and released a tale with full Taiwanese Hokkien dialogues. I personally can feel his special aesthetic standard on literature from his tale Snedronningen in Project Reincarnation Series. About his SCP of year, we can also see that he really hates a specific kind of insect.

vomitervomiter, vomiter, the real leader of ZH Branch. A diligent, practical person that engages original writing, translating and wikidot engineering. Although many members regard him as a solemn soul, he's actually gentle and humorous if you know him more. He is also the engine that makes our website march on; introducing several canons and settings to our wiki. vomiter excels in tales presented in format of lectures or reports. His works are renowned for being "very Foundation"; Excellent and metaphoric masterpieces are not rare to see. Specifically, his creations related to political issues are impressive and shocking to read.

Reverberate_aReverberate_a, Reverberate. Her in-community activities were relatively rare this year, primarily due to real-life factors. However, as another admin, she is always good at giving critical suggestions when we got lost in the mist, guiding us like a lighthouse in the hazed night. She has the top-tier standard of original writing, and has created numerous great works about some renowned EN figures. Her OC1, Dr. "R" is also a celebrity among all ZH characters. Since her original facility, Site-ZH-81 is beloved by many, her apocalyptic story line, which is about the on-site AI destroying a dying world, has been viral up to this date. Her famous work, SCP-ZH-9288-EX(INT) also fascinates countless readers from ZH or other SCP branches.

Viken-KViken-K, Viken, an indispensable staff of ZH Branch. He's a silent contributor who usually works in background and cares all members by giving solutions instantly. He's also the License ranger of image use in our website and did a marvelous work. He also has finished the translation of the whole Antimemetic Hub within his limited free time in campus life. He also submitted numerous splendid works; some of them are really compact and favored by public, such as Mrs. Alicia(INT), SCP-ZH-729, andSCP-ZH-446. About his tales, Viken has his own fashion to tell stories; both the wisdom and confusion his characters presented are truly amazing to read.

OnHg does not match any existing user name, Mercury. He has joined our crew since early 2021 and has devoted so much to our community. Some details should be kept obscure, but we indeed witnessed his loyalty. I'd like to informally compliment him in this occasion: You really did a great job, Merc. Mercury also wrote several tales about his OC: "Researcher Hg", along with his Private Execution Series and a SCP entry this year. One can feel that he's somehow hesitant on further developing this character, but I think it would be fine to enjoy a pack of Guai-Guai2 during break times. You know, calories can sometimes relieve your stress and comfort your soul a bit.

Mang GwanMang Gwan, Mang, an important helper of website operation. Despite some language barriers, he's a active member that brings joy and naughty times to the chatroom. Mang is always active and passionate to help resolving others' problems. We are truly grateful that Mang is in our team, if letting aside of some chaotic moments he involved. About his creation, he would bring some awing innovation once in a while. We highly look forward to seeing his growth and achievements on our website in the following year.

SemibreveSemibreve, Semibreve, (another) Ancient Divine Beast of ZH. He's the Alpha of military affairs & weaponry in ZH community and obsesses knowledge of warfare that no one can rival. He always takes care of members of website, regardless of being noticed or not. He also spares no efforts on fulfilling his responsibilities, missions and duties. He's also the supervisor of facility Site-ZH-50 and originator of our villain GOI-ZH NSB-8(INT). What he excels most is the epic battle tales that show defiance toward the fate. These tales are infused with tension and struggles of characters, definitely worth a reading.

Frederica BernkastelFrederica Bernkastel, Makima (MKM). He has posted a tons of massive and SUPER MASSIVE translations and is undoubtedly one Atlas that raises the globe of ZH translation. Also, he proposed a joke canon called "Department of Tactical Phonology" in Discord chat, which hasn't been really written in any articles. But who knows? We may possibly have this canon in the near future. Makima also translated many "Comprehensive Lists" from EN Wiki during the whole 2021. What an achievement. He has formally joined our staff crew since autumn 2021. Let's anticipate more of his great jobs in the following year.

LostwhatLostwhat, L.What or LW, one of the key figures of ZH. His works are viewed as elegant and ambitious, ranging from classic tropes(INT) to innovative plots. He's also willing to challenge his own limits, and apply his knowledge of writing in articles. He's also one of the persons that devoted most on OC shaping in ZH. His other characters are also beloved by plenty of readers. Hope to see more of his works being established on the wiki in 2022.

AbyssDreamAbyssDream, AD or AbyssDream, but it is suggested to call them "AbyssDream" when referring to the author. A key artist of ZH. they3 are skillful at combining their own experiences and creation, and their observations on modern issues and personal feelings(INT) are also one-of-the-kind. Apart from these, they're a excellent artist that uses clearest symbols to express the most saturated emotions. They're also the leader of facility Site-ZH-12, which is one of the three most popular facilities in the ZH.

ting129ting129, Metha, another member that has been in ZH previous to me. Remember on the day I arrived ZH, I asked whether this "Ting" is that "Ting" (who is a famous YouTuber from Taiwan that introduces SCPs to the public), but it seems to be two different souls. Metha often uses elements of Japanese culture or Japanese Taiwan in amazing ways. The author also submitted In memorial of Mr. Ang Nau to the Taisho-150 Canon of JP Branch. In my opinion, it's a pity that no new works were added to his original canon Taiwan Miracle Exposition in this year. Maybe we can wait for some new works to be born in the upcoming 2022.

kingdom warkingdom war, Wing. He became a official staff of ZH in spring 2021 and is responsible for releasing ZH Weekly Newspaper on the Instagram. He's highly passionate on topics of Taiwanese culture and Japanese Taiwan Era. Despite that he didn't submit too many articles during the year, he was very active to participate in website affairs. Spotlights are to shed on his devotion on GOI-ZH: Tsar's Seer and derivative works of it. We bless him to finish his scheduled canon about White Terror Era of Taiwan in the future.

NihilmaceNihilmace, Nihilmace, a writer of skills. Although his works of year are relatively rare, each of his works is favored by many. We hope to see him submitting more excellent articles after he finished the project in another media.

Chromeblushowo Chromeblushowo , Chrome, a member heartful to website affairs. He's the top-tier consultant of economic/financial profession in ZH. He also devoted to combining his expertise with his works. Although his current works are not having higher reputation due to the topics and skills of presentation, we can undoubtedly feel his own fashion of writing and worldbuilding. His potential are surely worth expecting.

k1s10r0db00nek1s10r0db00ne, Kris/Kislorod/Oxygen, a contributor of all dimensions. They4 excel in skillful visual arts, writings and translation of high quality. Their brand new franchise: Project Reincarnation is currently a viral canon of ZH. I highly suggest visiting their author's page and check out their countless masterpieces.

EmptyName723EmptyName723, EmptyName, moderator of wiki. He's very responsible and finished all missions diligently, deserved appreciation and gratitude. He also translated several epic-class SCPs and tales. Although his works are relatively rare to see, each of them are impressive to read, especially the amazing SCP-ZH-112: Happy Birthday To You. He may have to be off-duty in SCP community due to the upcoming examination next year, but we still wish him the best to bring more beautiful works in the future.

Control ZControl Z, CZ, An artist that draws attention all the time. He's not only the joymaker of the chatroom, but also an extraordinary artist with skills of professional class(INT). His works are full of sharp and unique outlines, and have gained high reputations from several branches! Apart from visual arts, his performances on SCP writings are also worth noting. He was highly active in our 2021 Summer Contest. Several interesting SCP essays are born within the middle of year as well. Although his artworks are relatively rare compared to previous years, each of them is adorable to enjoy.

Bales20147Bales20147 (BalesBomb does not match any existing user name), Bales, an active member who works as a writing/typo-picking machine. His series is steadily progressed in the scale of years and is scheduled to be not only large but also delicate. He has two different accounts due to one wikidot accident. He really likes to create new characters; the total number of his original characters have surpassed 100 up to this date. He's also in charge of facility Site-ZH-16; this facility is an important transfer station of cargoes and anomalies, also the primary stage to most, if not all Bales's tales and characters.

SigtinaSigtina, Tina or Willow. Her most "notorious" identity is the advocate of GOI-ZH "Bell Tosser"; all her works surrounds the topic of Bell Tosser (sometimes even her dialogues in the chatroom are so, too). I personally consider her Corrupted Wings Series was actually an excellent experiment: Stories surrounding a single character seem to be pretty attractive for readers to follow up a canon. However, I also wonder what can this author create if she does something not related to Bell Tossers at all.

Pao MianPao Mian, his nickname means "Instant Noodle" in Mandarin. A member of impressive translating and writing abilities. We can tell that he has expertised some advanced settings of the Foundation, and is good at building his imagination from these settings as well. He's also in favor of crosslinking his works to articles from EN wiki. Some experiences close to his student identity were also seen in the year. Undoubtedly, he's a member of diversity. Pao Mian also has joined our staff team since this autumn. Let's expect his performance in the future days.

lpin000031lpin000031, aka Postman. Although he's a new blood of this year, the number of his contributions can already rival that of some old members. He started building a facility of black technology of Taiwan's authoritatian regime at the first term of the year, but the series still needs more articles to become a solid canon. Apart from this, he has also contributed some translation and original articles; anyone can tell how much he favors Global Occult Coalition and military topics. He's also the first one to write GOC GOI format. It's certain to say he's gonna build his own kingdom by his diligence and perseverance.

YONGZUNYONGZUN, Zun. a member and windbag of community. We can see a series of tales surrounding characters Ming and ZUN. He also submitted a SCP of a parallel universe railway and its related tale. He literally lives in the chatroom and is good at talking rubbish, however, some members can find some treasure or zen from these trashes.

Fan YehFan Yeh, Leaf, Triad of Site-ZH-44. Her most famed article is none other than SCP-ZH-036: Raccoons of Tea Addiction; the most beloved/famous one among them is a raccoon named "No.5". This year, she submitted two tales: Memory of Lights and Those Interns of 2010, which are apparently surrounding a specific shop in ZH Shopping Arcade. This tea shop hasn't been discussed in SCP format yet. We hope to see it having a seat in SCP-ZH Series in the upcoming year.

Jimmypong10Jimmypong10, Popcorn. He is a huge fan of GOI-ZH: NSB-8; even his profile page used the css theme of NSB-8. He submitted a series of tales surrounding a character who is originally belonged to NSB-8 but later joined the Foundation: "Han-Ying". This character has much potential for future development and worth our following up.

s97169s97169, Sugoi. A notorious member/character of ZH Branch. Although the community jokes that Sugoi always procrastinates on writing new entries, but even I was surprised to find that he actually wrote 4 articles in the just past year. These are respectively a Parawatch entry with slight horror, a heart-warming tale, a joke SCP and facility Site-ZH-13. What is for sure is that Sugoi did make a lot of difference and attempts in the year. We hope to see him submitting more articles of diversity. Also, since Site-ZH-13 is now an official canon, can we finally witness the drafts of "Tesseract" and "Yorozuya" being born in 2022?

Aindavis_817Aindavis_817, Ain, Triad of Site-ZH-44. She excels in writing tales in format of novella. This year, she submitted a Christmas-themed tale of aquaintances' reunion, and a tale that expands the worldbuilding of Site-ZH-44. From the latter one, we can also see that the author has created some novel interpretations from the lol-Foundation-ZH settings of our early days. As for how the OC "Dr. Ain" would "shovel off" the dark history of the facility, let's just wait and look forward to her performance in 2022.

CNBlackCNBlack, Whitelightning Thundershower. She successfully submitted a promised tale of interaction between her OC "CNB" and AbyssDream's "Dr. AD". Besides, she also lead a gigantic original co-authored project to celebrate one member's birthday. Great job, Whitelightning. Please give us more surprises in the upcoming brand new year.

JettttttJetttttt, jet, Jet the Jet. He submitted a SCP claiming "Art = Explosion". To be honest, I find this potential to become a prelude of war among anartists of AWCY. It was a pity that we couldn't learn more about the identity of "J" and his background. We can just wish to see some derivative works about this issue in the future. On the other hand, he submitted a tale discussing about how Taiwanese people show "innovation" on foreign delicacies. I admire his courage to touch such a sensitive topic, which I in person don't dare to touch up to this date.

LuLu_LucifelleLuLu_Lucifelle, Lulu the hedgehog. She submitted a tale of Site-ZH-12, a a SCP of sea turtle(INT), and a 3D visual artwork. From her previous works, one can be sure to say she's a talented contributor. We would like to know more development of this normal OC (which are rare to find in Site-ZH-12) in the 2022.

helloahumanhelloahuman, generally known as Lettuce in chat. A new blood of this year. He submitted a qualified original work this year, too. I can clearly remember this author brought a draft about a tentacle monster with a big red eye on the date he landed on ZH server. Later, he switched to different ideas and explored different paths of writing. I personally consider it a good thing for newcomers to try different types of formats and materials, but it is also important to learn something in every attempt. If he eventually settles down on his style of writing, maybe a co-authored project would be a good approach for him to start.

ElsingElsing, aka IE. He submitted SCP-ZH-613: Blood Angel this year. Compared to his previous work SCP-ZH-444: Ghost Messenger, we can see that he's had a more accurate understanding on SCP of classic fashion. We can also expect him to create a brand new flavor out of "cult" articles like SCP-ZH-912: See.

FourshadowFourshadow, Fourshadow, a deep lurker. He submitted the first entry this year: SCP-ZH-322: Cup of No Water. From the content and his replies in the forum, we can see an author of notions. The mystery of "SSP" in the article is another thing we can expect to learn in future.

KaiTennoKaiTenno, Kai. A new blood of the year. His debut, SCP-ZH-226: Winter Maid has won some reputation. This author seems to know well of how Foundation thinks and treats a humanoid anomaly. A potential author worth future attention.

K the internK the intern, "K". He was in a duo team with Sugoi, also an important pioneer of Site-ZH-13. According to him, 2021 was a meaningful year in his real life, so his activities in the Foundation also decreased inevitably. However, we thank him to spare some time writing SCP-ZH-409: Alloy Algae for our website. This is a really innovative article with potential of further development. We wish him having another great year.

Kaze YangKaze Yang, Wind Walker/Kaze. One who adores Kaiju most among all ZH members. She's also the author of Black Bodies, which is a very early SCP in ZH history. Her recent works are more prone to the Library, though.

NyunyunyunNyunyunyun, Nyun. An important assistant of our crew. She helped completing many works of update of our website. From my personal observation, this is a lovely friend with some delicate sensations. I'd like to tell her in this occasion: We all know and remember your goodness. There's no need to exploit yourself. Just take your time, alright?

NxalNxal, a new blood covered in mist. He claimed to be "a pair of kneecaps of penguin". He submitted a tale named Performance earlier this year, which fits the cruel nature of the Foundation pretty well. We also noticed several emergence of him in the draft channel, and look forward to reading his new works in 2022.

feitagfeitag, feitag, a pretty senior member of our branch. He submitted numerous translations of non-English SCPs. We highly appreciate his contribution of facilitating interactions of International SCP Community. It's also common to see his insist on some biological and linguistic topics/terms in our server.

PeiWeiArtzPeiWeiArtz, Ray. He's the primary drive of Site-ZH-94, also an old member that has been in the community for years. This year, he wrote down SCP-ZH-829: Amorphous Weaponry, which was said to be inspired by YONGZUNYONGZUN's words when he posted some pictures of his toys. This ability to change daily items into SCP ideas is indeed admirable and worth mimicking. Let's hope to see more entries about Site-ZH-94 to emerge in 2022.

ThanksforhelpingThanksforhelping, a contributor that joined us in the late 2020. He submitted a sequence of tales earlier this year: The Best Cabin and My Love of Lifetime. This series is currently unfinished. Although we have no idea when he will continue this journey, but there have been some readers waiting for more of his works.

Xina HarwoodXina Harwood, Snow (CatOfSnow). Although she was lesser active in 2021, she also brought us SCP-ZH-066: Return Before Borrowing Again, which is inspired by a daily story of one member. She also translated several significant SCP of EN-I, also creating many original works full of personal characters. We do look forward to see more activities of Dr. X of SCP-ZH to rival the Mutants series of Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Mayaw KacawMayaw Kacaw, Mayaw. He's an active participants in all campaigns of website. He has drawn many attention since his early days in ZH. Despite his rare emergence in chatroom, this author is undoubtedly a popular author of our community. Most of his ideas are shaped from events of daily life, making them easy to approach and interesting. I'd love to see more of his works in the future, especially tales surrounding his OC duo, Ava and Mayaw.

Edward_KnaveEdward_Knave, Ed, a member of diligence. Regardless of some problems on interaction, we can feel his love to SCP literature. At this moment, Ed's works are mainly translation devoted with spirits. He's also one of our rare JP translators and has made amazing progress from his initial drafts. Hoping to see more of his works in the near future.

Adev DrafaskiAdev Drafaski, Adev, a super new member worth expectancy. He has amazing passion and patience of writing SCP entries. Considering his perseverance and speed of progression, we believe that he can figure out the methods of writing SCPs very soon.

KarlKakuKarlKaku, kaku, a super new member worth expectancy. His gift of writing SCP document is amazing. Although he hasn't fully obtained the way to write a SCP profile, we expect him to become another popular author of ZH. Let's wait and see more excellent works brought by him next year.

meteotAWAmeteotAWA, a deep lurker of ZH. Although his debut, SCP-ZH-033 was controversial, we believe it can become a better articles with some slight revisions. From his relatively new work SCP-ZH-054, some progress has been noticed. We'll wait for more entries from AWA coming in the future.

ZoeLinZoeLin, Zoe, a lovely young member. Despite her lack of writing skills, her curiosity, vitality and fondness to SCP makes me wonder how much awesomeness she can bring to website in the following year.

NocturnalTNocturnalT, Nocturnal (Mangocat)5. A staff of our crew. He submitted Handcraft Doll of Dr. X as a gift of Christmas 2020. One of our rare contributors that devote to 3D visual arts. He's also a shy, lovely member that is sensitive to love and emotion around him. We highly anticipate more of his 3D masterpieces (and translations) to come up in 2022.

Agent_REXPXAgent_REXPX, Platinum. They submitted a comic about Dr. Kondraki earlier this year. Comics that reprise plots from other articles are joyful to read, and this artist is especially good at picking scenes full of tension and emotion for adaptation. Let's hope to see more of their artworks in 2022.

relena_xdrelena_xd, Relena. They submitted a painting of Halloween theme. I really like the lovely figures drawn by them; the colors used in this masterpiece was marvelous as their previous works. May the goddess of fortune bring more of their work in 2022.

MatchaColaMatchaCola, Matcha Cola. He seldom showed up in chatroom due to some real-life factors. However, he also has finished many translation in his fractal leisure time. We'd like to suggest every of you to read more of his works in his author page.

Here, we also want to thank the following members for their dedication to our Branch:
Dr FishboneDr Fishbone
A yuhanA yuhan
la kanrola kanro
H New YangH New Yang
W KoukiW Kouki

※Sorry if any omssion occurred.※

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