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Nexus number: Nx-CN-08

Folk title: Danxia Wanling Dongtian, Magu Mountain, Jiangxi, Fuzhou City

Population: 34Unknown

Area Level: Shangri-LaBriar


Figure 1. On a hillside in Nx-CN-08 of buildings. The occupants are guests who entered Nx-CN-08 at the invitation of GOI-CN-011.

Nexus Interaction Protocol: The Nx-CN-08 population is familiar with the anomalous phenomena in the area, and there is no need to implement any cover-up protocol. More research teams will be dispatched to this area to carry out activities. Currently, due to insufficient resources, it is impossible to cover up and control this area. If anomalies are encountered, Foundation personnel in the area should guide and assist the Nx-CN-08 population Conduct containment activities.

The population of Nx-CN-08 is presumed to consist of members of GOI-CN-011 "Beidi1 Qiyuan2 Sect", and persons authorized by GOI-CN-011, therefore, members of the Foundation engaged in work related to Nx-CN-08 Members need to understand the general situation of GOI-CN-011, and have a sufficient reserve of Taoist cultural knowledge. The specific situation will be trained, tested and reviewed by cultural consultant Gu Xingwei. This area and known access routes are currently under the control of Global Occult Coalition, and infiltration and investigation operations in this area are currently being considered.

Nx-CN-08 is known to have at least one entry and exit location, located in Magu Mountain, Nancheng County, Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province, China. According to the relevant agreement, the aforementioned location needs to be guarded by Foundation personnel, but due to the lack of local human resources, the current measure is to perform Class A amnestics on any civilians who stray into Nx-CN-08, and then release them in Nancheng County or a designated place. The location is currently under the cover of a large transformer factory, and is guarded by the Global Occult Coalition armed forces. Relevant local Foundation agents are to continuously monitor the location and keep records of who enters and leaves. (See Appendix - 7 for details)

MTF-Sigma-3 members with 5/Nx-CN-08 security clearance can access this link View the relevant information of GOI-CN-011.

Description: Nx-CN-08 is considered a non-Euclidean space or an area neglected due to the influence of antimemetic anomalies. It is known that there is at least one entry and exit location for Nx-CN-08, which is located in Magu Mountain, Nancheng County, Jiangxi Province, China. This path is currently covered by a large transformer factory, and is guarded by the armed forces of the Global Occult Coalition. The entry and exit methods exhibited by members of GOI-CN-011 manifest as a series of Taoist religious ceremonies and are assessed through cultural knowledge of Chinese folk beliefs, after which a path into Nx-CN-08 will be indicated; this method is believed to be a The cover-up measures, the method of specifically locating the entry and exit locations of Nx-CN-08 and the conditions required are currently unknown.

The topographical structure of Nx-CN-08 is a basin, which has been confirmed to cover an area of at least 4 square kilometers, and some document records mention that there may be a vast underground space in Nx-CN-08. Although the sky is covered by strong cinnabar coloured cloud and glow most of the time, the climate environment, vegetation, and geological conditions inside Nx-CN-08 are consistent with those near Magu Mountain. The average Akiva radiation is about 120 Akiva, and the average Hume index is about 36 Hume. Due to the technological limitations at that time, possible thaumaturgic aspect radiation was not measured. Animals, birds, insects, and microbes have been observed inside Nx-CN-08, and there are sources of extinct and anomaly-affected species inside Nx-CN-08.

There are rivers, streams and small lakes inside Nx-CN-08, but no sources have been found. Foundation personnel have observed large schools of crucian carp (Carassius auratus) in lakes and rivers, and no other aquatic animals have been observed. According to the description of GOI-CN-011 members, the crucian carp in Nx-CN-08 was brought in from outside by a member in the 50th year of Kangxi in Qing Dynasty3, due to the lack of competing species And natural enemy species, crucian carp multiply and replace other native species.


Figure 2. A GOI-CN-011 member looking into the distance , it can be clearly observed that the sky in the background of the photo is covered by a strong glow.

There are 35 ancient Chinese buildings with similar architectural styles in Nx-CN-08. Currently, 2 buildings have been explored. The average Akiva radiation inside is about 360Akiva. No abnormal phenomena have been contacted or observed. The 2 buildings are temples of the Taoist deity "Ziwei Emperor"4 and its related Taoist pedigree gods. In addition to this building complex, there are houses, planting fields, squares, warehouses, studies, smelting workshops, huts and other functional buildings, most of which have been abandoned or have not been maintained.

A total of ███ anomalous phenomena or things were found and recorded in Nx-CN-08, as well as ████ written records of various anomalous phenomena or things. The investigation and comparison work has been assigned to Site- CN-65, please refer to Appendix-1 for details.

According to the report of MTF-Sigma-3 "The Bibliographers", and the information received from the "Chinese Abnormal Society", the earliest record of Nx-CN-08 appeared in the Jin Dynasty (Appendix-3: Nx-CN-08 Historical Document Record), at this time the abnormal phenomenon of Nx-CN-08 should have not appeared or less, only as a place of retreat for Taoist priests, thaumaturges, and occultists. Since the Tang Dynasty, Nx-CN-08 has been occupied by the predecessor of GOI-CN-011 "Beidi Qiyuan Sect": "the Beidi Sect"5. During the reign of Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty and the reign of Emperor Huizong of the Song Dynasty, the Beidi Sect was prosperous, members of the Beidi faction were invited to cooperate with the Chinese Abnormality Society to obtain and nullify a large number of anomalies, and the members of the Beidi faction brought some anomalies back to Nx-CN-08, and it is very likely that the anomalous phenomena in Nx-CN-08 have been created or aggravated by the anomalous items it holds. According to records, since the mid-Southern Song Dynasty, the method of entering Nx-CN-08 has been restricted. At the same time, the documents of this period show that the Beidi Sect was gradually integrated into the Shenxiao Sect and the Zhengyi Sect. From the Yuan Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty, there is no relevant information about the activities of the Beidi faction during this period, and the documents from this period and later all associate the secular title of Nx-CN-08 "Danxia Wanling Dongtian" as MaGu mountain, the descriptions of various abnormal phenomena are also fabricated by the author or derived from other records, and the existence of Nx-CN-08 is no longer known or recorded by the secular society.

The Foundation has learned of the existence of Nx-CN-08 from the documents and records of the Abnormality Society since its activities in East Asia in ████. In ████, encountered members of GOI-CN-011 during the containment of ███████, after cooperating in the containment of ███████, Dr.██████ and her team was assigned as a representative of the Foundation to establish diplomatic relations with GOI-CN-011, and to conduct a preliminary investigation of Nx-CN-08. In 19██, the Global Occult Coalition was formally established and took control of Nx-CN-08 during [REDACTED]. Since then, the Foundation has not conducted any investigation or exploration of Nx-CN-08. In 19██, Dr. ██████ ███████ submitted several documents, [REDACTED], which included some general information about Nx-CN-08 after it came under the control of the Global Occult Coalition ( See Appendix - 2 for details)

The current population of Nx-CN-08 should be mainly composed of members of the Global Occult Coalition and members of GOI-CN-011. In addition, personnel from other organization of interest and persons of interest were also recorded to have entered and exited Nx-CN-08.

Appendix - 1: Nx-CN-08 subordinate anomalous excerpt list

Appendix - 4: Overview of GOI-CN-011 "Beidi Qiyuan Sect"

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