Shall Begin the Bridge that Never Ends

"Awaken, son."

Somebody help me.

"Where am I?"

I can't move.

"Be not afraid my son, all is well."

I can't breathe.


Stop! We are still here!

An entity made of light was all I could see. The rest, void, nothing.

I looked around me. To the left, nothing. To the right, nothing. Emptiness surrounded me. My vision was dark. I couldn't see anything but myself.

I tried to breath, but if felt like trying to breathe underwater. The feeling was suffocating, but at the same time I felt like i didn't need to breath.

I tried to scream but nothing came out, or that or my ears stopped working. So I looked down. I saw millions of translucent hands below me.

Moving, squirming, trying to reach something out of sight. Suddenly, they started trying to reach for me.

From the hands came a familiar face, my deceased mother. I saw her with a smile coming out of the sea of hands and arms, I saw her reaching out her arm for me. Below it were the faces of dozens of other people I've met who have passed away throughout my life.

I was afraid, I tried to swim away, but I couldn't.

Suddenly, I look up: a being made of light was descending. Extending its hand for me.

I grabbed it.


Trumpets, whispers.

Whispers of an ancient language long forgotten, the language of the gods. I looked around me, I was surrounded by beings made of light, one of them standing out with blinding, radiant wings.

All bowed to the one with the wings sitting cross-legged.

The cross-legged one offered his hand.

I accepted it.

Visions filled my mind, me eyes shining like the headlights of a car.

I saw the truth.

Time no longer mattered, 1920, 2645, it didn't matter. All ages united in the present. Space and time bowed before the entity of light and to it they bent.

And then we saw it: Our deaths were for naught. Our sacrifice? Forgotten, censored. Our bodies? In concrete buried, without ceremony.

I sat in front of the entity of light in a chair. I looked up, sideways, to my back, alternate copies of myself stretching out an infinite number of times. Alternate realities connected.

An offer was made: Revenge on those who made our deaths forgotten and absolute vision of the truth. What we needed to do? Worship the one true deity: the Enlightened. The currency we would pay with? The souls of the unrighteous.

We accepted it.

Chains caught at my feet and I was pulled into the depths of a seemingly endless ocean whose bottom I couldn't see. The ocean had gray water, but I could still clearly see in the depth of the water, chains pulling all my versions of alternate realities into the ocean depths while other chains shot out of the ocean to catch something.

There were fish of different sizes, fish that would fit in the palm of your hand, fish bigger than a person… and then… that…

The Leviathan.

I can't describe the creature, but it looked like a mixture of dragon and eel. All scaly, with a dragon's mouth that glowed in the deep darkness of the depths that engulfed my body.

The Leviathan swam around the chains, forming a floor with its own body in the absence of the ocean floor, with a hole right in the center.

I couldn't breath. I couldn't blink. I didn't feel my body.

"Are we in purgatory?" I tried to say, but I couldn't feel my mouth.

The darkness devoured me, I felt my body that should have been non-existent being consumed by the darkness. But then… the darkness spat me right out, my chains snapped. I fainted.

Past and present once again became one with the present and I felt omnipresent for a moment. I saw everything.

The truth was revealed by the Enlightened. Our promise must be kept.

Over our reality the Enlightened has no jurisdiction far from his sacred scriptures, however in the realm of the dead he reigns supreme! Our brothers reign supreme!

Our own Purgatory by the Enlightened created for the souls of the unrighteous to punish and purify.

Our brothers reign supreme over the souls of unrighteous mortals! Our brothers reign supreme! Yea! All of the unrighteous shall bow down before the Saints of Concrete.

The regime shall bow before the Saint of Concrete!

A bridge they ordered us to build and our brothers shall build it! A bridge like never seen before! But our bosses are no longer them, but he, and we are no longer paid by them for our hard work, no, comrade. We will pay him with the soul coin of the unrighteous. The unrighteous military shall bow down before us, before him.

Let the unrighteous bow down to he. Let the fallen gods bow down to he. Every soul that bows before he is one more soldier in the war agaisnt the one whom all power possesses and by cultures was and is adored and glorified in its different forms. You do not understand? Of course not! The minds of mortals would go mad if they understood the meaning of this!

The truth I shall say, and the truth only I say: souls are the currency of the gods, souls are the true strength of the gods… the souls of the worshipers… and what makes the gods gods. Without the souls of their worshipers, the gods are mere beliefs.

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