About the beginnings of the altnormal medicine
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Alternative anomalous medicine

Truth or nonsense?

Due to recent events on the anomalous medicine scene, many have become interested in the alternative. One of the largest pharmacies cooperating with business was closed on the pretext of distributing illegal substances harmful to health. Jarosław Zimorodek, the creator of this trend in protoscience has become a media figure, often involved in scientific conferences of the anomalous world. We talked to him to learn about this new field and what this phenomenon is all about.

Good morning mister Jarosław. Maybe you will start by telling us where did your interest in this field come from?

It dates back to my student days. I was at the AGH University of Science and Technology, and then I started to notice how defective the current system is. Normal remedies are defective, after using them it is often much worse than before. In my family natural medicine was always used. Mother made a onion syrup, father always said, that the best for colds is a chicken soup. Time passed and of course I have these opinions after entering the business.

How exactly did you enter the anomalous world?

Many people know that I started in the Foundation, it is one of the main „arguments” of my opponents. Situation was simple. I didn't have many career paths and then their agent spoke to me. They hired me to assisting in the project of discovery of some anomalous cave, I don't remember much from that time. Not fun getting old, ma'am. Eventually my paths with the Foundation have diverged, although I would not say that I think it is bad. I didn't agree with this organization on many issues. I had to hide from their watchful eye for a long time. Then I understood how things are here, and who can make most money on anomalies.

There are rumors about your connection with MC&D at that time. Are they true?

No, these are definitely nonsense. I only came across them a few times, but already during the time working for the Foundation I knew they were as two-faced as all other similar organizations. They also sold remedies, which inspired me to introduce a revolution in alternative medicine to the anomalous world, too.

How did you manage to start your business?

It was a long and a hard way. First of all, I tried to get into my hands anomalies with healing properties. Somewhen in June of eighty-nine I met a thaumaturge, his name was Achim Vahlen. He belong to an organization associating many of them. Together with him, we produced the first anomalous remedies based on vitamin C. They allowed incredible things. At that time, my image was undermined after a special version of anomalous vitamin C affecting the teeth appeared on the market. Decayed teeth were to fall out immediately, and new, appropriate ones appear within a few hours. Unfortunately, it was just a theory. Instead of teeth, clients began to grow anomalous fangs, we did not know what was going on. We were nearly caught by the Foundation. Another years passed and we tried to gain a reputation. Achim brought some of his friends, I was involved in the promotion and distribution of medicines. We have attracted the attention of larger organizations a few times, but this was nothing important. After buying some anomalies from a former Russian intelligence division our offer grew larger. We realized that anomalies can give a lot to the whole country. Young people in our country are suffering, and international companies are making money out of it. We wanted to prevent this. That's how we got to the present state. We are still a fairly modest organization, but many people in Poland agree with me and buy my products. I go to anomalous science fairs, although I'm not so welcome, and that's where I see with my own eyes that people want changes like me. Not great scientists trying to go down in history, but normal people. They will understand my idea.

What can you say about anomalous products of the alternative medicine?

Ma'am, the main idea is that the consumer would know everything. We do not hide the properties of our remedies from customers unlike the larger players on this stage. They are not filled with chemicals and do not damage the body. I would definitely recommend them to all readers. Anyway, I invite them to my website, where you can learn more about the topic.

Julia Bar
Anomalous Warsaw Courier

Amelia put down a newspaper on a desk and sighed loudly. She took out her phone and quickly dialed a number.
"Hello? Adam. Yes, again. Yes, it's those from altmedicine. Bring boys from Eta-17" — she looked at the headline and hung up.

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