Personnel File: O4-12
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Name: O4-12

Date of Birth: [REDACTED]

Security Clearance: Level 4

Tasks: Director of Site-DE9, Me,mber of the O4 Council

Description: Older man with gray, well-groomed hair, broad, slender build, almost always wears a business suit or combat fatigues in dangerous situations, ambidextrous.

Career: Member and later deputy head of Mobile Task Force DE1-𝔏 "Die Inquisition". Since 2004, vice director of Site-DE9. Promoted to site director in 2009 and appointed to O4-12.

Biography: Grew up in Leipzig, the son of an NVA soldier and a nurse, was sent to the Young Pioneers at six and became a Thälmann Pioneer at ten. Joined the Free German Youth at fourteen and became part of their order groups. Graduated from the Georgi-Dimitroff-Schule1 at eighteen, then completed three years of military service within the guard regiment "Feliks Dzierzynski". After military service, he began studying at the Officers College of the Border Troops of the GDR (called "Rosa Luxemburg") and graduated there at twenty-six, followed by promotion to Lieutenant Colonel in the Military Intelligence of the National People's Army. During this time he met his future wife [REDACTED], moved in with her and fathered a child with her. However, the house where the two lived collapsed a year and a half after their marriage, crushing [REDACTED]. She had been pregnant at the time and thus had not been able to leave the house in time. The cause of the collapse, according to public investigations, had been the collapse of an underground cavity, which had caused the ground to sink. O4-12 did not remarry and was discharged from the service in 1991 as part of the demobilization of the NVA, but was scouted by the Foundation due to his demonstrated abilities and assigned to Mobile Task Force DE1-𝔏 "Die Inquisition" after being properly screened. Rose to Deputy Chief and was removed from the MTF in 2004 as vice director of Site-DE9, which was under construction, due to his outstanding management and threat response skills. Rose to site-director in 2009 after his superior was irretrievably turned into a salami sausage during a containment breach. Simultaneously took his post as O4-12 on the O4 Council following an 8-4 decision by the O4 Council.

Personality: O4-12 is described as cold and aloof, although he has extreme acting talent to mask these traits. In decision-making, neither ethics, nor morals, nor ideology play a role for him, but only pragmatism and the cost-benefit ratio, which is why he is one of the tie-breakers in the O4 Council in most cases. He will sacrifice without hesitation if it means he can save more than he would lose.

Stasi documents suggest that he was heavily indoctrinated and initially held a grudge against Western countries, which was reflected primarily in the vehemence with which he pursued and convicted suspicious elements originating from West Germany and other NATO countries during his time in MTF DE1-𝔏. For this reason, he was also selected by the then O4 Council as vice director for Site DE9, as his superior had far more than sufficient comptence as an O4 member at the time, but his ideology made him susceptible to giving in to requests to relax containment of an anomaly, especially in the case of ethically questionable methods.

In 2007, however, O4-12's fixation and ideology fundamentally changed and resulted in his current modus operandii after an acquaintance, after consulting with the Ethics Committee, sent him some Division XXV transcripts that reported the actual fate of his family. These reported a failed weapons test that missed the target by several kilometers. Instead, O4-12's house was hit. From then on, his attention was not only on people from NATO countries but on all personnel and anomalies in Standort-DE9 and later on all major undertakings within the German Foundation.

Notable Traits:

  • O4-12 still maintains contact with MTF DE1-𝔏, in combination with his tendency to keep abreast of as much documented Foundation activity as possible, he usually knows more about what is going on within the Foundation than the other O4s do.
  • He leaves Site-DE9 only in emergencies or for emergency calls of the O4 Council.
  • Rumor has it that he allows individuals with ties to the anomalous to work at the Foundation, ostensibly to prevent them from "working elsewhere."


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