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Gazing Upon Dead Stars is a canon focused on a very real dilemma faced by humanity: Where are all the aliens?

A considerable amount of the studies conducted to date indicate that the conditions necessary for the formation of life as we know it must have occurred a few times in our galaxy. Everything points to the fact that, in the vastness of the Universe, other alien life should have arisen. However, in our tireless search of the firmament, we have found nothing to indicate that aliens are there. We have sent messages into the void in the hope of receiving a response… But looking outside our planet, everything is dead.

This dilemma has a formal name: the Fermi paradox. There are a number of solutions to this paradox, some more accepted than others. Perhaps extraterrestrial life is rarer than we think? Perhaps intelligent beings tend to self-destruct, or destroy each other? Or maybe they are afraid to let themselves be seen by alien eyes… Or maybe we are simply not looking hard enough.

No solution is yet definitive, and no research has proven the existence of extraterrestrial life, although there is inconclusive evidence. The Foundation, accompanied by the guardians of the Universe, a species we call Vidnepas, have also confronted the paradox and - amidst anomalous science and watchful eyes - have discovered the ashes of other civilizations, and sometimes even some dying embers. The Fermi paradox has a solution, rooted in the dark origin of existence itself… But what is it?

That remains to be seen.

On Rabbits and Darkness

Before humanity could walk upright and the spark of our Sun was lit, we were condemned to live in an aggressive environment, full of resentment and revenge.

Read in the following order.

Vidnepas Protectors of the Descendants of the Stardust - By Luis GmLuis Gm | Translated by Luis GmLuis Gm

The Last Night Before the Beginning - By Luis GmLuis Gm | Untranslated

Ethereal White Dots Still Reign, and Their Sins Still Linger - By LazyLasagneLazyLasagne | Untranslated

SCP-ES-191 - By Luis GmLuis Gm | Translated by Luis GmLuis Gm

SCP-ES-149 - By Luis GmLuis Gm and AlmardukAlmarduk | Untranslated

SCP-ES-148 - By AlmardukAlmarduk | Untranslated

SCP-ES-040 - By LazyLasagneLazyLasagne | Translated by Luis GmLuis Gm

SCP-ES-055 - By Luis GmLuis Gm and Shadow-MASKShadow-MASK | Untranslated

SCP-ES-090 - By Luis GmLuis Gm | Translated by Luis GmLuis Gm

I Died Consumed, I Came Back Wiggling My Ears - By Luis GmLuis Gm | Untranslated

SCP-ES-2991 - By Luis GmLuis Gm, AlmardukAlmarduk, and LazyLasagneLazyLasagne | Untranslated

Memories and Nightmares on Earth and in the Cosmos

How did the Foundation begin? How is it that Earth survived so many years without its presence? And what happened after its appearance? Maybe the Universe is destroyed and desolate, but not dead. At a time when humanity begins to scrape the confines of the stellar graveyard, the ruins and atrocities of a devastated Universe are rediscovered.

Read in any order.

SCP-ES-165 - By DrCastilloDrCastillo | Translated by morhadowmorhadow

SCP-ES-129 - By Luis GmLuis Gm and AlmardukAlmarduk | Untranslated

SCP-ES-233 - Por Luis GmLuis Gm y CrackertimeCrackertime | Untranslated

SCP-ES-185 - By Daman_1985Daman_1985 | Translated by Nykacolaquantum does not match any existing user name

Welcome to Terranova - By Miles323Miles323 | Untranslated

The Hexapod Rodent at the Twilight - By Luis GmLuis Gm | Translated by morhadowmorhadow

Prelude: "Dichotomy of Eternity"

Read in order.

SCP-ES-231 - By Luis GmLuis Gm | Untranslated

Dark Pages of a Doomed Existence - By Luis GmLuis Gm | Untranslated

My Eyes to the Sea, My Soul to Eternity - By Luis GmLuis Gm | Untranslated

Paradoxes of the Universe

Could you take another path? And if so, wouldn't you be afraid of knowing that everything could get worse?

Read in any order.

And After the Limit - By LazyLasagneLazyLasagne | Untranslated

The Swan’s Song and the End of the Archangels - By AlmardukAlmarduk | Untranslated

[ S t o r y ]

At the beginning of the second decade of the second millennium, humanity, still a species without a flower, begins to unroll its petals to the nearest reaches of outer space. With great effort, it is barely able to reach out its fingers to the lunar surface.

And the Foundation, for all its titanic might, is not much more capable. The embryo of a defensive fleet was consolidated in early 1992 in the form of the SCP Foundation Land Navy (SCPFLN). The SCPFLN consists of just twelve instances of the stellar equivalent of the Wilbur and Orville Wright brothers' Wright Flyer I, a model titled Swallow I, a name to which the mobility of the ultraplane2 does no honor: it is little more than a heavy metal shell, with tiny solid fuel thrusters and a plasma laser more suited to construction than armament. The weight of these is such that until 2024 a powerful thaumaturgical ritual was necessary to get them off the Earth.

Despite the SCPFLN's presence, the Foundation's interest in outer space remained low (except for those more paranoid, whose concern about a threat from the void urged them to divert funds to the Navy) until 2002, with the discovery of SCP-ES-149.

SCP-ES-149's existence was deeply disturbing to the Foundation's archaeological side: absurd dates, unknown symbology, and impossible architecture for its age, not to mention the possibility of a threat still lurking in the ground. In desperation, the Foundation turned secretly to the Wanderer's Library, avidly searching for answers for two long years. As the search stretched and stretched, a second find was made in 2005: SCP-ES-191.

SCP-ES-191, since its discovery, seemed to be the brilliant inverse of SCP-ES-149: contrary to the latter, of the former, a plenitude of documents was found shedding light on the history of the shiny little rabbit-shaped creatures, and their fate intertwined with the threat discreetly presented in the reliefs of SCP-ES-149. It was known at last that both came from the depths of the firmament, celestial remnants of a battle fought by titans. And at last, the eyes of the Foundation turned to the sky; the Office of Exoarchaeology (OEX) was formed to examine in depth the remains of the battle on Earth.

Soon, the scope of its responsibilities began to grow; in 2014, the black hole beneath SCP-ES-149 began to cause disastrous earthquakes around it, threatening to gradually fracture the Veil, a situation that was compounded by the increasingly popular theory that the black hole was nothing more than a prison. The OEX incorporated the maintenance of a specialized particle accelerator to generate black holes into its responsibilities, to later become the center of astrophysical activity at the Foundation. Everything pointed to the conglomeration of all the outer space sciences - or exosciences - under one yoke.

The last step in this process came in October 2018, with the discovery of SCP-ES-148-1, the origin of the already long-studied memetic agent SCP-ES-148. At last, there was a need for a body incorporating all exosciences for research, and for this purpose, the Department of Investigation and Extraterrestrial Exploration (DEINEX) was formed.

By 2024, superluminal space travel is a reality for the Foundation, with the introduction of the Blink Engine.3 Other technologies, such as specialized stellar weaponry, surveillance satellites, and prefabricated exploration bases, are on the way, ready to equip the army of Mobile Task Forces and research and containment teams organized under the banner of the three arrows pointing inward.

Today, the DEINEX is the Foundation's gem: an open door to the exploration of an entire galaxy. With less and less interest in a world that seems fully explored and with no more challenges to offer, the brightest minds in the aegis of the Foundation turn to the firmament… But the Foundation's pride in its new jewel would not last long.

[ C o m p e t i t i o n ]

Despite recent agreements between the Global Occult Coalition and the Foundation, the extent of their exoscientific technology, especially with regard to ultraplanes, remains unknown. It is clear that their reach is in every way superior; a single Coalition ship is capable of decimating an entire Foundation fleet, and even the latter's flagship, the SCPS Resistance, is not even a shadow of the immense thaumaturgical advances that the Coalition seems to conduct every day.

If it comes to outer space operations, the Foundation will be deeply dependent on the Coalition for a long time to come. It seems that the scales are finally tipping to the Coalition's side, after a century of the undisputed reign of the SCP Foundation.

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