Omega Fallon's Personnel File
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Omega Fallon's emblem

Name: Real name, █████ █████; Pseudonym, Omega R. Fallon

Special Containment Procedures: Omega Fallon is to be placed inside a large, atmospheric room lit with scented candles in order to prevent him from getting writer's block.

Description: Omega Fallon is a teenage American male, hailing from the great state of New Jersey. His hobbies and interests include writing, music composition, speedrunning, and destroying capitalism making an OC Head Researcher that will never see the light of day.

He is a native speaker of English and is currently "studying" French.

"I'll learn it eventually, but until then, I have better things to do. Well, not actually better, but you know what I mean. —Omega Fallon


Omega Fallon would like to remind you that Head Researcher Polybio does not exist, and, if she did, she would not be the lead Researcher on SCP-3908, "The Wishing Blob", nor would she be the person responsible for the events of SCP-7777777-EX.


SCP-027-FR (French to English)
SCP-003-IT (French translation to English)
SCP-SKIP-FR-J (French to English)
Order of the Light/Order De La Lumiere (French to English)

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