A Person's Life
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You were an ordinary employee of the Foundation. You grew up ordinarily, joined the Foundation ordinarily, and your security clearance had been low. For you life you had been working for the front company of the Foundation, and then you got old, and died ordinarily.

You were an ordinary employee of the Foundation. You grew up ordinarily, joined the Foundation ordinarily. When you were forty five, an accident caused a serious containment breach at your facility, where you and your coworkers decomposed to crumbs on the way to escape.

You were an ordinary employee of the Foundation. You grew up ordinarily, joined the Foundation ordinarily. When you were forty, the Chaos Insurgency invaded your facility, and within the chaos a security guard is knocked down, his weapon discharged accidentally and blew your head.

You were an ordinary employee of the Foundation. You grew up ordinarily, joined the Foundation ordinarily. Twenty years of hard work led to to the high position of security clearance level 4. But one time the interaction experiment under your authorization had caused a serious consequence, that you were dismissed to a D-class. The day after, people found your corpse hanging in the middle of the jail room.

You were an ordinary employee of the Foundation. You grew up ordinarily, joined the Foundation ordinarily. They let you manage items of safe class, and you did well. One day, without any warning, the items under your guard faded into thin air, and the surveillance record checked afterwards showed that the enemy almost stole the items in front of you, therefore you were executed in the name of traitor, and you still didn't understand what happened at your death.

That day you were drunk, you took out a knife during a fight, and stabbed him in his heart, killing him on the scene. The judge adjudicated you of death sentence for committing negligent homicide, but on the day of execution, you were secretly transferred to a mysterious governmental facility that introduces themselves to be the Foundation. They claimed that if you co-operate with them for participating in experiments, they will grant you freedom after a month. Afterwards you experienced a whole new world: a big lizard that kills, sounds that deprive people of their minds, weird creatures that live in dreams; and because of your luck or bravery, you have survived it all. One day, the guards with guns gave you and the others in orange clothes a broom, and let you into room to clean up the filth with blood on the floor, and there is a strange sculpture at the corner of the room. You three took turns staring at it just as they've told you. It stayed silent until you sneezed, and the sound of your neck crack is the last sound you've heard in this world.

After you had withdrawn from the front line, you have seen the true side of the world due to a coincidence, therefore entering the circle. Experiences that wars have taught you made you extremely calm when when facing anomalies. MC&D liked you, and their price had moved you, such that you were willing to work yourself to the bone for them. Days have passed, and someday MC&D thought that your abilities were not worthy for your salary, therefore they assigned you to a death mission, which you could only understand before your body is sliced in half.

In a traditional magician family, a girl meant the lack of talent, but you had despised the saying since youth. To prove the saying wrong, you had learnt to stroll in the library while your brothers were playing, listening to masters' and predecessors' wisdom. After becoming an adult, the conflict with your family has led you to a more extreme path to join the Serpant's Hand, and to free the beauty that the Jailors and the Bookburners have imprisoned and killed. You acted boldly and ruthless, famous within the industry, and at the same time putting yourself in an extremely dangerous position. One night, when you have just entered meditation, a commissioner of GOC has shot a non-euclid carbon-uranium alloy bullet through your brain, and ended your live instantly.

You were a special army soldier, and because of the co-operation between the government and some organization, you were assigned into the organization, where you have seen enemies that were truly dreadful, which previous battle were only child's plays compared to these anomalies beyond description. You performed well in the MTF out of born sensitiveness and cautiousness, and you were promoted to the captain of the MTF when you were thirty five. At the age of thirty seven, there was a serious containment breach in a facility, and on the way to support them, you and your team have encountered a Keter class object, and were completely annihilated.

You were born in an ordinary family, and entered a world's first class university due to your gifted talents. In university, you were chosen by a tutor for your outstanding insight and your interest in quantum mechanics, and he gave you an offer to be a junior researcher in the “SCP Foundation”. You accepted the offer not because of the position nor the salary, but to explore the truth of the world instead. Your tutor had found your determination worthy of the job, such that he taught you the rules to deal with anomalies and how to design ingenious experiments to discharge potential risks, and encouraged you to succeed the guilt of using D-class personnel. Gradually you became an outstanding researcher, posting thesis after thesis on the internal journals of the Foundation. Your theories had been put into practice and saved lives of the innocent. But gradually you start to be discontent with this conservative working style: you thought humanity can gain more from anomalies, and that anomalies should be completely researched instead of simply locking them up. This resentment had became more intense after your tutor died to cancer, that you know it would only take a pill of SCP-500 to save his life, but were rejected by the seniors on all your applications. Potential enemies have noticed this emotion of yours, and they contacted you claiming that they would offer a better job opportunity, with the price of betrayal of Foundation with your achievements. You chose to believe the guys claiming to be the “Chaos Insurgency”, and on a night you left Site-██ with the information. But the Foundation do not forgive traitors. After a year, you died after drinking a cup of coffee during a vacation to Europe.

You were an orphan raised by the Church of the Broken God, and like others you listen to His words and read His books. At the age of twenty, you have undergone Upgrading Operation, loosing a part of you body but closer to God. At the age of thirty, you became the head of the parish. At the age of forty, a dispute happened within the Church, and caused a civil war. In the war, you sacrificed yourself protecting part of His body in the church.

A large bet when you were young made you completely lost your freedom, and you were sold to some country in north Africa after a few tradings on the Deep Web. Here you were treated as a human lab rat to be in contact with countless obnoxious and evil entities. For the slaves who worked here, death is the best relief, for you have seen how a certain sparkling polyhedron had devoured your friend's soul and turned him into an empty shell; and you have seen how an evil book full of unknown writings turned human into disgusting creatures. Finally, you have had enough of this kind of life one day, you knocked out the guard in a chance to get out, and escaped the enormous underground facility. But then you were lost in the endless sand, and died of thirst.

You were born in a remote village in Siberia. Like your parents, you have never left the village for your life. One day there was a stranger that came to your village, claiming to be a divined emissary. He showed miracles,and cured all diseases in the village. The villagers agreed, and the stranger left the village in satisfaction. Then things started to go wrong: everyone became extremely stimulated and had strong appetite. Blood seeped out from the ground, and the smell of rotten meat filled the air.
Others have found you who was forever merged with the house, and it was then they finally realized what “sacrifice your bodies and hearts to god” the stranger asked you all meant.

You were one of the most reliable soldier of the Foundation. You had executed countless missions, which some may have left marks on you, but were finally completed perfectly. But the newest mission the Foundation had assigned you to was to join a special mobile task force that was formed by anomalous entities, and to assist these entities on finishing some extremely dangerous missions. You were discontented by the orders from the above, but the duty of a soldier is to obey the orders, though from your perspective anomalous entities were uncontrollable, and they would bring disasters sooner or later. After a few years into the project, the core part of the project, the arrogant warrior gradually showed its chaotic side. Finally it lost control, and an atomic bomb wiped the whole site out, including you.

When you were still immature, you have already been observing you parents and their friends making magical creations. The art they created almost had a breath of life into them, which once had made you incapable to distinguish tales from reality. After you have grown up, you understood what anomalous art is, and know how to admire the beauty of anomalous art. This is a unique kind of beauty that shouldn't be suppressed by the world. There are no boundaries to art; under this ideology you and some other artists have accomplished a loose cognition, and tried to find ways to promote anomalous art. But quickly some of you became extreme, that the artworks they created have caused casualties, which was brought to the attention of the police of the anomalous side of the world. In a show in Paris, a team of fully armed soldiers have assaulted you all. You tried to fight back, but in the fight a rubber bullet hit your head, then your visions turned black and consciousness quickly left you.

You were born in the family of a senior officer of Soviet Union. After you had grown up you entered a military school to learn operational commanding. You successfully joined the army after you graduated, but was transferred to the intelligence department due to reasons. Here you have learnt about the special intelligence team “GRU Division ‘P’” ,which was even more secret than the KGB, for your first time. Then you were transferred to the position of political commissar of the division, where the division performed all kinds of secret anomalous researches, ranging from those which was incredible to those which was terrifying, all that you have seen was only the tip of the iceberg. At the age of forty, as the adjustments of the political situation up above has caused a political purge within the division, an unclear fund allocation had been put on your blame, and you were put in jail. After all those years you have had enough of what they would do to political prisoner, you decided to do it yourself.

You were an ordinary employee of the Foundation. You grew up ordinarily, joined the Foundation ordinarily. At the year of thirty-two, an intelligent memetic entity of high cognitiohazard has breached its containment, and when support arrived the whole site had already fallen to the revelry of cannibalism. Then the site was completely wiped out.

You were born in a family within the Foundation, where both your parents were middle class management personnel. When you were young, you successfully joined the Foundation, and were cultivated to be a department director. Despite this, you had no interest in political intrigues, whether publicly or in the dark, nor researches on anomalous objects. You applied to join the Ethnics Committee, and after a full inspection on your talents and wills, you have joined the Committee successfully, and had been on the path of watching over the Foundation since. Your predecessors have taught you how to evaluate advantages and disadvantages, how to judge the bottom line, and gradually you have become an irreplaceable senior member of the Ethnics Committee. In forty years of your career, you have been tortured by your morals again and again, sacrificed some people for the others, participated in the drafting of the cruel Procedure 110-Montauk, and fed an enormous number of D-class personnel to the hostility from the abyss. After all this, you have finally climbed to the top of the Foundation, and since that day your name was gone, only O5-3 was left. As an O5, you have the right to be immortal, but the prolonged life had finally beaten you, and on a morning, you chose to commit suicide.

You were an ordinary person, with a family, parents and kids, leading an ordinary live, never experiencing anything that couldn't be explained by science, born ordinarily and died ordinarily.

And this ordinary, is the meaning of our existence.

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