Oneiromancer Re-Orientation
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What Is an "Oneiromancer"?

Oneiromancer - While this word generally refers to a practitioner of divination through dream interpretation, it is also used as one of the very rare official job titles in several large collectives.

They independently research and assess the subconscious of various individuals, evaluating and reviewing its nature, structure, climate, oneiric ecosystem, stability for hiding, and various other aspects. The evaluations are used as a guideline for urban development planning by the collectives, and are also used as an indicator and decision-making factor for Oneiroi in general to determine the security and comfort of their stay.

Subconscious areas that receive high ratings are used as centers of collective activity in many cases. Conversely, areas that are branded as low-rated almost always end up becoming abandoned, depopulated, or off-limits areas, partly due to the mental instability and vulnerability of the hosts, which may have contributed to such a rating.

However, the total number of Oneiroi serving in the position of oneiromancer has continued to decline since the end of the ████-era urban construction bubble. The main reasons for this can be attributed to the successive retirements of incumbents (mainly due to boredom), the lack of know-how transfer to the next generation, and an extremely low-margin compensation system. In response to this situation, Oneiroi West has issued an announcement stating that it will continue to recruit new prospective oneiromancers on a semi-permanent basis. Nevertheless, the announcement has not been —

Oops, sorry I didn't notice you sooner. No, no, you're right on time. No problem. I was just about to take a break. I appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to meet with me. Well, anyway, please take a seat wherever you'd like.

What? Oh, this? I've been asked to prepare the same "dossier" as usual. I must say, it's not much fun to criticize one's own position, is it? Oh, excuse me, I've gotten sidetracked.

Let me cut to the chase. First of all, are you satisfied with your current job and compensation? As far as I can remember, it has been about a decade or so since you held the title of oneiromancer. Yeah? Am I right? Well, I'm glad I'm not misremembering.

So. What has been your reward over the last decade? The half-price guarantee program for a rental property that you rarely return to due to business trips? Compensated expenses for connecting to the networks within Oneiroi West? Ideal dreaming service preferential treatment for the non-corporeal? And we should add some conceptual elements as well, like a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment after the job is done.

After all, it's currently almost like volunteering. You made a hobby of going around reviewing other people's subconscious as you pleased, and somehow the Collective gave you the status of a lowest-ranking government official and a minimal amount of service for it.

Oh, no, don't get me wrong. I work every day as a oneiromancer, thinking it's a great position; I have no animosity toward the Collective's policies. Nor do I have any intention of denying your mindset or work ethic.

What? No, it's not like that. Apparently, you have misunderstood. I am not trying to headhunt you to another position or division. You already know I don't have that kind of authority, don't you? Hmmm, I think you're missing the point.

Let me get straight to the point. I just want to teach you how to get rewarded more for being an oneiromancer. It's quite simple. You just continue to do your job as you have always done.

All you have to do is give extremely low ratings in certain areas that I specify.

Now, now, calm down. Just listen to the end. So sit down again.

Listen up. Look, this is none other than a very important role. Oh, You're not comfortable perjuring yourself? Don't worry, this perjury won't hurt anyone. In fact, it may even lead to protecting those you care about. Of course, you'll have to maintain confidentiality.

Come on, don't ask me why. Do you think I'm permitted to explain it to you? You just need to rewrite a few documents in exchange for a big reward. It's not hard. And the reward should be equally offered to your family.

Don't be nervous. This is the part that really matters to you. Oh, and move your recording device aside. This conversation will not be logged.

It has been fifteen years since your death in reality. That means your granddaughter is nineteen years old this year. Do you understand? She's a very smart girl; people around her, and her family — your daughter and son-in-law, I mean — see great promise in her. I heard that she is studying day and night to go to a law school. It's really wonderful.

Aw, don't point such a thing at me. It's dangerous, so put it down before you get yourself hurt.

Put it down.

Yeah, thank you.

Let's get back to the topic. Sadly, it was not only a positive legacy you left your family. Of course, we know you have regretted that, even after your descent to this realm. But now you have the opportunity to clear that up. You don't need to think about anything difficult. With one word of your cooperation, we can wipe out all of your remaining debt in reality.

Hm? Hahaha, "Men in Black" and "Foundation" are just urban legends. They don't exist, do they?

Now, please, make a choice. Choose a future for you and your family.

It's me. Successfully rehired another oneiromancer from West.

Yeah. So please assign him to conduct an assessment of the Foundation Collective jurisdictional territory in question, as usual.

It will take a few days, but once his negative review is published, Oneiroi will no longer come close to Mr. ████'s subconscious.

I believe they are planning to build the ██th Dreamworld Research Facility there? Well, I'm not interested in what comes after. I'll leave it to the Department of Urban Development and get back to my own work.

Even though being an undercover agent, I'm kind of fond of my job as an oneiromancer.

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