Ordre De La Lumiere

Please note this translation is outdated. You may find a more faithful description of this Group of Interest here.

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For decades, centuries, millennia, the human being has existed, evolved.

He no longer inhabits dark caverns, but huge skyscrapers. He no longer dresses with vulgar animal skins, but with luxurious fabrics. He does not only work with his hands, but with countless resources and tools. He no longer seeks precarious security, but lasting comfort. He no longer undergoes its environment, but imposes his will on plant life and the animal kingdom.

The human being able to give body to his will by creating or erasing it, by destroying; being able to give and take back life, then we could believe that he is the equal of a god.

Now, the existence of Man is ephemeral and unhappy. And that of a god is eternal and blessed.

We, members of the Order of the Light, believe that the Man is a being in the making, which must be fulfilled, to blossom.

We believe that the path of knowledge can enable man to transcend his mortal nature.

We believe that ignorance holds the human being captive to his fear and desires. He leads war and gives in to conflict, because he fears or despises what he does not know or understand, and he succumbs to sin because he tends to happiness that is always out of his reach, that he can not satisfy.

We, members of the Order of the Light, believe that the whole humanity, that each human being, deserves and can claim the oldest knowledge that conceals this world.

Join the Order of the Light!

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