SPeV-II Orientation
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Welcome, everyone!
My name's Mauro Venelli, and I'll be the one to introduce you to our SPeV.
There's no need to introduce yourselves: I already know who you are, what your hobbies are, what the names or your closest relatives are, and other quite compromising information.
Are you surprised? Well, that's what you'll be doing here with us.
Meanwhile, I suggest you pay close attention, because you're being watched from all sides, but I'm not sure you realized that.

Let's begin. I'm the head of this department, but I've also been a priest, a butcher, a professor, a good friend, a murderer and a savior; I worked hard to join the Foundation, and I can assure you it wasn't easy.

Someone in the crowd raises their hand.

Oh, we have a question. Speak up, agent Ricchetti.

The young woman stands up, visibly disturbed by being called by her last name.

«Excuse me, agent Venelli, is it really necessary to know all this information about us and the researchers?»

Venelli looks at her, with a malicious smile on his face, as if he was masking great wrath.

My dear girl, you haven't seen what I've seen. I can assure you that I must know everything about you: you brilliant little geniuses have the potential to kill us all, if one of those CFO gentlemen kidnaps you.

A deafening silence falls on the conference room.

Since our darling Miss Ricchetti wanted to bring forth the privacy topic, let me tell you a story.
Back in the 90s, a very competent and important doctor worked at Site Vesta; his last name was Savignano, he had a wife and a daughter who was fourteen back then.

So on a nice Sunday, as on every single Sunday, Savignano went out with his family to buy bread at their trusted baker's. On that exact day, they vanished into thin air. No one ever saw them again, so a search began to figure out where they were.
His daughter was found dead beside a country road. The autopsy revealed that she'd been raped and tortured, before her throat was eventually slit.

Nice story, huh? We haven't even begun.
The poor little girl's parents were found a few days later, both buried near a creek. Their corpses were torn apart, manhandled — in other words, shredded.
Eh? Do you feel like commenting these facts? Was I too graphic when I described the little girl? Good, because I'm not done yet.
On the same day the doctor and his wife were found, a Foundation van carrying sensitive data was attacked by some CFO madman. Do you know why? Do you know what all of this has to do with Savignano? Well, the guy driving that truck was the doctor's brother. The two of them had probably talked and exchanged sensitive information.

Now let's move on to our slogan, our sacred word, which determined the fate of the Foundation and its personnel: prevention!

If SPeV-II had been around back then, doctor Savignano would still be alive, his daughter would've become a brilliant researcher, his wife would've been a happy mother, and the men of that convoy wouldn't have been turned into mashed, dead meat.

So remember: we're guardian angels, we protect the people of our interest from the most dangerous anomaly around — human cruelty. Our job is forgotten, no one knows what we do here, no one knows how we do it. But above all, they can't even imagine the atrocities we commit to do it.

So, Miss Ricchetti, there's the answer to your question: prevention. Is that clear? Or do you have more questions?

Someone else in the crowd raises their hand.

Speak up, agent Rocca.

«I had a question: does the Ethics Committee know about your practices? And if they do, why haven't they intervened yet?»

Like before, silence falls in the conference room. Venelli takes a deep breath.

Of course they do, who do you think spreads all those jokes on the Ethical-Moral Regulation Section? Eh?

«Honestly? No, the Committee should also grant the safety of…»

The Ethics Committee!

The old director Venelli yells, as if that wrath concealed until now had emerged. Realizing this, Venelli clears his throat and resumes speaking.

My dear agent Rocca, SRE-M never does anything. I'm here to make sure things go as best they can, that you all can lead a peaceful life without any fascist, any anomaly, anyone, let me emphasize, anyone can hurt you. The Ethical-Moral guys do their job, and I do mine.
Are you good with my answer, agent Rocca?

Rocca doesn't reply.


Enough talk now. Prepare, everyone: you have one week to decide.
If you want to quit, don't show up at next week's meeting. I'll have you know that your current identities will be empty, if you want to join this team: your relatives, friends and acquaintances will only know that you're working on a project abroad, far away. You won't see them again and you'll be wearing a different "mask" forever. When your contact expires, you'll get a new identity and won't see your partners again.

Do you think that's excessive? No, everyone, you're the guardians of the lungs of this organization, as much as the agents of SIR-II are.
Anyway, you can pick up your belongings at the entrance. Yes, you'll also have to learn how to pick pockets, if you want to join this team.

A week later, a message is delivered to all SPeV-II agents.

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