Site Deus Recruit Orientation
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All right, everyone, welcome to Site Deus. Let's skip the small talk and move on to the introductions. I'm doctor Michela Marchetti, the site director.

Let's not deny it: we all know what they say about Site Deus. You often hear comments like: "The site managed by a woman. Are there flowers and sequins across the hallways? Does the site suspend all activities when that wench gets her period? Do they play the Winx Club opening theme during breaks? Or the Lelli Kelly song?". Well, forget those sexist stereotypes, because you're going to find the exact opposite here.

Now, let me show you what's particular about Site Deus. You'll be spending the worst times of your lives here. Not only will you constantly risk dying, but we also suspended the daily break hour "indefinitely". Nice, isn't it? We also increased the number of SRE-M personnel: you'll be constantly watched by cynical, obnoxious people! Doesn't that sound like a great idea to you?

Going off on a tangent, let's move on to the introduction to Site Deus. Yes, I know, I'm rather brief. This site takes care of containing "peculiar" elements. Should the things we contain here breach containment, they'd cause quite the bad scenario, so to speak. Therefore, it's imperative that such entities stay in here, like they did for hundreds of years. What? Don't you understand what I'm referring to? Oh well, that's normal: this is the Foundation.

Come to think of it, this is the perfect time for a line such as "I'm sorry, you lack the clearance level required". But I'd rather spare you, this time.

Now, you'll be given some maps describing the layout of Site Deus. Let me give you a short summary: the white areas are safe, the orange ones are not so safe, the red ones are dangerous and that's where you'll be working; the green areas are meant for tourists. That's right: there are tourists here as well. The blue lines are the metro rail we use to move across the facility; the blue areas are the break rooms and the cafeteria. Any questions? You two raised a hand, but I don't feel like answering, so perfect: I see there are no questions. Remember: don't lose your map, because you won't be given a "spare".

You'll be given some forms to fill out and… you. Yes, you, over there. Do you think Foundation staff members are blind or dumb? Maybe you could avoid talking to your watch in front of a security camera, the next time you decide to be the Dictator's spy. I'd usually schedule a termination, but I've been feeling a bit meaner lately. I'm going to call someone from Site Minerva, so they can "do what must be done". Guards, get that worm out of my sight. I apologize for the inconvenience, but you know, it had to be done. Are you wondering how I knew that about that guy? Well, didn't you know the director sees everything?

I see you're terrified, but don't worry. If you cooperate, nothing will happen to you. Remember: the Foundation is cold, not cruel.

Ah, one last thing. You might notice a well-guarded elevator around the site. Just don't use it without a proper clearance, or unpleasant things will happen to you.

Anyway, I see you're already done filling out the form. Perhaps you have some hidden talent. Maybe you'll join the Esoteric and Thaumaturgical Research and Development Section! But that's another story. Now, follow the deputy director Gianfranco Rinaldi for the role assignment and the key-card delivery. I have business to attend to.

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