Site Nettuno Recruit Orientation
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Break it up. Good morning, Daniele. Good morning, Rachele. Thanks for coming here and helping those present wait. What did you tell them? Small talk and need-to-know stuff for the future personnel of your units? Only the small talk?


Welcome to Site Nettuno, everyone. I'm captain Arianna Contadi, the head of this site. That's right: captain. I led Legio Atlantidis for six years, before becoming the director of this site, so it's only natural for the site personnel to still call me captain. Admiral, even, but they prefer captain.

Anyway, I see you've already met Daniele Lorenzini and Rachele Siciliani, the captains of our naval units. Only I was missing.

So! If you're here, it means you have the physical and scientific skills to be researchers. Or guards, or agents; I know some of you want to join Legio Atlantidis. A fine SSM, isn't it? I've been an agent of theirs for seventeen years. Speaking of which, meet my successor and current captain, Basilio Aramini.

Anyway, as you surely know, Site Nettuno is divided into several parts. Why? Because we take care of everything marine or simply linked to aquatic environments, whether it's animals or ships, or even weather phenomena. And it takes space and suitable facilities to retrieve and contain such things. We can't control everything from such a small island. We need to cover a vast sea area, which implies we need to be mobile. We're the only site of the Italian Branch divided into several areas. This is the support area, housing the main research and containment facilities. Then come the two naval units, which sail around Italy to locate and contain some anomalies. And of course, we host SSM-II, Legio Atlantidis. For those who are interested and passed the tests, I'll entrust you to captain Lorenzini, Siciliani and Aramini, once the introduction is over.

Any questions? Oh, yes, you. What do you want? Huh? Why is my hair wet? Ah! I've just come back from the sea, I had no time to comb it. Was that such an important question?

All right, let's set the record straight: I went to the sea to study the sea bottom, not to have fun. Site Nettuno is no holiday resort. Are you here to enjoy the beach and take strolls along the seafront? Hahahahaha, fools! If you want to do nothing, you're in the wrong place. I want no lazybones in my ranks! The first guy lounging around the workplace will be in serious trouble, I guarantee you!

What? I sound too military to you? I'm sorry, why do you think I introduced myself as captain Contadi, rather than doctor Contadi? I already told you, but since you're not listening, let me repeat: before captain Aramini, I was the team leader of SSM-II. I'm the site director, but I'm a soldier above all. And I manage this site the military way. Certain habits die hard. And you know what? I'm not going to change the way I do things, because I think the military way is the most efficient one. Don't you like it? Your funeral. I'm not here to be your mother or your tongue-in-cheek friend, I'm here to make you work and achieve the SCP Foundation's goals. In case you forgot, let me repeat them: secure, contain, protect. There's only one way to achieve these goals: work.

Any more questions?

What? The medieval ship? Why, that's an anomaly, darling! It's not here for show or for taking strolls! Why would we have a forty meters long galleass, if it was a normal ship? It's SCP-050-IT! It must be watched carefully when it sails the sea! It must be kept far from ferries, as well as cargo or cruise ships. I'm not going to list the other anomalies contained here, since you'll quickly learn about them. Those are worse. Between genetically modified sea urchins and the storms, not to mention the microorganisms which have to… Daniele, I'll leave the explanations to you, eh?

Anyway. We don't need only biologists here, we also need meteorologists, scuba divers, port workers, guards and sailors. There's an ample variety of necessary roles and I expect you rookies to do your job properly. I want everyone to be careful all the time, and no one can afford a single mistake. The last time someone made a mistake, we almost lost a naval unit.

That's right, this isn't heaven. The sea is full of surprises and it often turns out to be hell. If you think it's easy and peaceful, well, go home and look for a different job.

Are you all staying? Perfect, I see you get it.

Now, for those who wish to join the naval units, I'll leave you to captain Lorenzini and Siciliani, who will explain their job better than me. For those who were assigned to Legio Atlantidis, I'll leave you to captain Aramini, since SSM-II is now his, not mine. Meteorologists? Follow doctor Ferrante. Shipboard personnel? Follow agent Salvino. I'm leaving: I want to behold the newest anomaly in the site. Ah, before I forget: follow me, biologists, I'm sure you're going to like this new anomaly.

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