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Operational Information on SCPs


List of SCPs

int.png Series-INT (International Collaborations)

SCP-002-INT - The Creative Cup
SCP-003-INT - Wishful Chocolate
SCP-004-INT - Hexenherz
SCP-005-INT - The Arc
SCP-007-INT - Oneiric
SCP-008-INT - Shouldermounted Maw
SCP-009-INT - What would I do for a cereal bar?
SCP-010-INT - Become One in the Light

int.png INT Tales

A Piece of His Mind
Honest Trailers - The German SCP Branch

int.png INT Hubs

The Hive

int.png INT Joke Series

Macro/7happy7 Proposal - The Death of the SCP Foundation

gr.png Series-EL (Greek branch)

SCP-002-EL - Biological ladders
SCP-010-EL - Never-ending oil tanks
SCP-025-EL - The destroyer
SCP-030-EL - In the sea, where oil surrounds
SCP-043-EL - Ancient Cube
SCP-066-EL - Mother of all whales
SCP-074-EL - Night wooden horse

nd.png Series-ND (Nordic branch)

SCP-002-ND - A Mischievous Virus

id.png Series-ID (Indonesian branch)

SCP-003-ID - Ur waifu's real m8
SCP-099-ID - Ajoen-ajoen

Series-LA (Latin Branch)

Storm's Proposal
Director Bold’s Proposal
SCP-LA-002 - Fruit

Series-SH (Serbo-Croatian Branch)

SCP-SH-012 - Crystal lie

SH Tales

Meat and Vapor

Series-IE (Interlingue Branch)

SCP-262-IE - Anniversary

List of known unofficial branches

If you know of an unofficial branch, no matter the size, number or quality of translations, please add them to this list or let our staff know.

  • SCP-UN: Underrepresented Language Incubator2

Additional information

The Hub of the Other Branches has no representative, but is currently maintained by: Dr_GromDr_Grom

This hub is meant for translations of all branches who have not yet created their own hub. Just add your translation to the respective list. Once a branch creates their own hub, the links are transferred from this page to the new hub.

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