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Esperanto Branch

eo.png Series-EO

SCP-EO-416 - Ghost

Greek Branch

gr.png Series-EL

AGS's Proposal - Source of Anomalies
SCP-002-EL - Biological ladders
SCP-010-EL - Never-ending oil tanks
SCP-012-EL - Frozen Ocean
SCP-025-EL - The destroyer
SCP-030-EL - In the sea, where oil surrounds
SCP-043-EL - Ancient Cube
SCP-066-EL - Mother of all whales
SCP-074-EL - Night wooden horse

Indonesian Branch

id.png Series-ID

SCP-003-ID - Ur waifu's real m8
SCP-099-ID - Ajoen-ajoen

Interlingue Branch


SCP-262-IE - Anniversary

Iranic Branch

iranic.png Tales-IR

Sand & Ash
Remembrance of The Past

Latin Branch

latin.png Series-LA

Storm's Proposal
Director Bold’s Proposal
SCP-LA-002 - Fruit

Nordic Branch

nd.png Series-ND

SCP-002-ND - A Mischievous Virus

Pig Latin Branch

us.png Series-PIG

SCP-002-PIG - Transforming Fish
SCP-006-PIG - The Kingdom Of Swinedon
SCP-039-PIG - Hatsune Miku
SCP-075-PIG - The Diamond King

Serbo-Croatian Branch

rs.png Series-SH

SCP-SH-012 - Crystal lie

rs.png Tales-SH

Meat and Vapor

Standard Galactic Alphabet Branch


SCP-SGA-002 - Brain Freeze
SCP-SGA-009 - The Big Yellow One's The Sun!
SCP-SGA-171 - Cowboys and Chaos

List of Developing Branches

If you know of or take part in an international SCP project that is not listed in the official branch list, no matter the size, number or quality of translations, please reach out to someone from INT Diplomatic staff to let us know.

These branches of the SCP Foundation have been officially recognised by SCP-INT, but do not yet meet the requirements to be listed as Official Branches. See Requirements For Developing Branches for more information on the recognition process.

Developing Branches have their own representatives, listed here.

For a full list of unofficial branches, see here.

Additional Information

This hub is meant for translations of all articles from Developing and Unofficial branches that do not have their own hubs yet. Once a branch becomes Official and creates its own hub, the links will be transferred from this page to the new hub.

You are free to edit this page to add your translations to the appropriate list.

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