Otter al Ajillo
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Black Queen Irwin. A pleasure.

Yo, yo, this is Black Queen Lindbergh.

Black Queen Divani. Let us have another peaceful and uneventful day.

Black, Queen, Trishula. But today I’m Red.


”Otter al Ajillo” is the name given to an otter with intellect equal to that of a human, this anomaly given to it by an old man. The old man, who’s known simply as “Elder Guindilla”, raises living beings besides otters on his own facility, and gives them anomalies using homemade tools. The purpose of the elder differs depending on the timeline, but the most common one is to produce anomalous ingredients to then consume, prolonging his own life, and thus achieving immortality. The elder is cautious about many risks, such as information leaks, and keep interactions with others to a minimum due to an obsession with ensuring their own safety and achieving their own goals. It’s believed that the Foundation has the means to easily achieve immortality, and it’s believed cooperation between the two would be difficult even if they sympathized with each other, and it’s believed establishing good relationships with us would be difficult as well.


Naturally, the existence of otters is absolutely necessary. Another condition is the existence of a human being that grants intelligence. In other words, the subject exists in almost every universe.


Some individuals realize their own fate, and escape from the elders’ rule to become free. These can be generally divided into two groups: Those who continue to run from the so-called “Normalcy Preservation Organizations”, and those who are hostile and use their abilities to fight. Some, like the elder, have mastered the art of giving anomalous traits to other living beings. The range between these anomalies, both good and bad, is too broad, but this investigation will prove beneficial to us. An otter army? It could be convenient for us to give intelligence and anomalies to organisms that reproduce a lot. Even without outstanding anomalies, a variety of skills can be obtained through education. It’s already been proven that such people are of high use.


With some exceptions, they’re all fragile creatures without any special tolerance to trauma or poison. Also, some of the creatures that have been granted intelligence and ego are in need of psychological care. Make sure not to cause any additional pain.

Instance: Timeline A-061

An otter-shaped automaton developed by the elder. The elder requires a broad range of ingredients, and the automaton is sent to remote locations to secure ingredients, doing so with a high degree of autonomy thanks to its artificial intelligence. Mecha-Otter attack. This type was used to hunt amphibious beings similar to otters, especially the mongolian kappas, and was named “Ajillo” because of the way they were arranged to be cooked. When it detect its target, it’s designed to grow in size and swallow it in one gulp, moving it to its base while still alive. They could be used for abductions, but the issue is that they were produced in small quantities. Mass production is far from being implemented. The means of capture are really creepy. It really stands out. Was there no other way but to swallow them whole?

Instance: Timeline A-243

Former product of the pet shop that the elder developed at some point or another. now a member of the anomalous community. After defeating the elder with the help of their friends and stealing the anomalous technique in order to seal it away, they vanished using the power of a friend. They raided other pet shops to expand their ranks, and are on the run from the Foundation, and the GOC, and pretty much everyone who isn’t their kind and willing to become their accomplice. They move from place to place, and if they keep going, the chances they’ll reach the Association of Mutants' City are pretty high. If one has the skill to grant anomalies, merging with the Association is not a good development. Who’s their negotiator? I have a guess… But I can’t prove it. We can’t do much but wait and see.

Instance: Timeline A-624

The individual here work for the anomalous mercenary group ”Primordial”, and act as pilot. The elder of this timeline is an air force researcher named Togashi Hirohiko. Hirohiko dedicated his life to the realization of an “aquatic lifeform” powered aircraft, and gave intelligence and skills to the otter as part of his research. Primordial has often been hired by the Foundation to help collect items, but due to their nature, it’s easy for them to be hired by another group for a better pay. So we have to act as soon as possible. There’s no guarantee that they’ll be in good health tomorrow. Understood.

Instance: Timeline B-034

If I remember correctly, Divani was sent to this timeline to investigate another matter. That’s correct… Divani? Are you ok? Ah, y-yes, I’m alright. In this timeline, the elder belonged to an organization that handles anomalous sushi known as ”Dark Sushi”, which breeds otters and other land-dwelling animals to use as sushi ingredients. Otters and kappa were sometimes considered the same, so… Kappa sushi? I don’t think so. I mean… Why sushi?… I’ll continue explaining. When they were about to be turned into sushi ingredients by the elder, they were saved by a young man named “Takao”, who threw himself into a sushiblade battle. And then… It… Uh… Did something happen? Yeah… I was in contact with that timeline’s Ajillo while investigating the other case, but… Due to a misfortunate event, I was confused with a Dark Sushi researcher who shares my name, and I was chased after… Ah… Don’t worry. Well, that’s… We shouldn’t worry. It’s just bad luck. They didn’t figure out where the library is, correct? Y-yeah… I managed to lose them… I think.

Instance: Timeline B-290

The individual from this universe suddenly appeared on an aircraft flying over a Foundation facility, and was cataloged as ”SCP-1129-JP”. Judging from Divani’s report, it appears to be the same individual from B-518. So they got in there by flying? We’ll discuss that next. He requested the Foundation to help him find the elder, without realizing he was in a different universe. Later, the elder’s workshop was transferred into this universe soon after his death. It’s assumed that the source of this was the time-space barriers built on the workshop by the elder to escape the Foundation were no longer working due to his death, and the workshop was transported into a nearby universe. The Foundation explored and investigated the workshop, and partially conveyed their findings to the individual, who suffered an emotional shock they haven’t recovered from yet. Now, it must be said that the elder of this universe was once active, but has disappeared since.

Instance: Timeline B-518

In this timeline, there were two otters kept as ingredients. The elder had trained one of them in piloting aircrafts to mature them to use for ingredients, and flew regularly, but the other ingredient quickly discovered the elder’s goal, and used time-space leaping magic to allow the first one to escape, leading them to another timeline. B-290. Indeed. After the first one ran away, the elder began training a new second one, but they weren’t as proficient as the first one, and was displayed and auctioned off to a Japanese property owner through MC&D. That child… We wanted to protect them from the client’s house, and into our care, like the individual Lindbergh had protected, but the Foundation got to them first… I’m truly sorry. Well, there’s plenty of universe where the Foundation is present, so don’t worry. Thanks. So the elder was trying to produce new individuals, but failed every time. A frenzied search for the first one started, but could never be realized as they had jumped into another timeline, and he eventually died, writing of his hatred towards the first one in a diary he left behind. The rest is as Irwin reported.

Instance: Timeline B-947

The individual here is contained by the Foundation as ”SCP-1891-JP”. The difference with previous individuals is that, to save on education time, their soul was placed inside the body of an otter living around the Reichenbach Falls, but this wasn’t a good idea. "Napoleon vs The Wizard: The Movie" Well, it wasn’t that dramatic of a fight. At the beginning, they couldn’t get used to the body of an otter, but in the end, the “professor” won. After dealing with the elder, they fled to Scotland, and was contained by the Foundation while hiding in Edinburgh. Even then, they didn’t remain contained quietly, and they continue to do ill without the Foundation noticing. I assure you, this is past our control. Better to leave things as is. I agree.

Instance: Timeline C-002

For the individual in this timeline, it’s best to let Lindbergh talk. Hm, I’m the one who brought them in… So I’ll continue. The elder from this timeline was attacked by the Foundation, who raided the farm he used as base. I see. Did he do any wrong? No, he was not a threat. Seems like in this timeline, the elder was also interested in prolonging his life and achieving immortality, but the Foundation of this timeline had degraded into a group of bastards who ruled over the world, and terrorized the innocent. The normal Foundation’s crap, but this one’s beyond salvation. Yeah. The goal of the raid was to take the goods produced by the elder. But they were born in this timeline, barely managed to escape, met with me, and was protected by the anti-Foundation movement I was aiding. But two months later… The Foundation destroyed the resistance and only… Only me and Ajillo survived. So you brought them here to take responsibility, correct? Correct, yes. If we hadn’t met, they’d have never known the pain of separation. I have deeply wounded them, and caused pain in their heart. I cannot complain even if I’m blamed, resented and detested. Lindbergh, don’t be so hard on yourself. If that kind resented you, they wouldn’t have volunteered to join us, no? Yeah. I can assure you of this. …… Thanks.

Instance: Timeline K-998

This timeline has two Ajillos. The first one is Sayl Ajillo Llúdriga. They are the current Chief of Staff of the Kingdom of Spain’s Air Force. … Can you run that by one more time? Chief of Staff of the Kingdom of Spain’s Air Force. Spain is a nation of humans, no? How did an otter join their army, and become the head of it while there? I’ll talk about that. To begin with, in this timeline’s 1998, the Veil collapsed due to a Divine Entity Emergency Event that destroyed southern Poland, followed by a series of large-scale anomalous disaster events such as the one in New York in 2001, Tokyo in 2017, Gunma in 2041… The Spain of this timeline was greatly altered during an event in 2015. The deification of the elder, the otterification of 90% of the Spanish population, the devouring of the ex-human otters, the murder of the elder by the two Ajillos alongside the Spanish army. End of summary. No no no, what the hell do you mean?! Bit too broad, but it’s all true. You mentioned ex-human otters, is that the case for the Ajillos of this timeline? Correct. In order to reach apotheosis, and as a catalyst to make the land of Spain a permanent feeding ground, the siblings were transformed into “otters possessing intelligence”. For the elder, otter meat was more appropriate to elevate his divine authority than faith. … You don’t wanna tell me how the two of them were like when they learnt the truth. That was the plan from the get-go. Following the end of the event, Sayl Ajillo Llúdriga visited Japan alongside another person, but eventually returned to his home country. He later joined the Spanish Air Force, and continued to rise through the ranks. How am I supposed to believe in such a ridiculous story! Isn’t this universe out of control?! I understand how you feel, but please calm down and continue to listen. Most of the people who didn’t fall victim to the elder’s gluttony distrust the Foundation for its delay in dealing with the event. Needless to say, these are really convenient circumstances for us. It’s made “their” job of infiltrating this timeline a lot easier too. There’s a few comments I want to make, but now that we know about the first one. Any information on the second one? Her original name was Amalia Ajillo Llúdriga. Unlike the first one, she chose to stay in Japan instead of returning to Spain. She was involved in an anomalous disaster in Tokyo, but survived, obtained Japanese citizenship in 2025, and changed her name. And she was blessed with a family of her own. However, after all… Did something happen? N-no… they lived happily ever after. I’m sure of it. … I see.

We’ve identified a couple more interesting universes but… The air’s a bit heavy, no? Why don’t we take a break? Let’s have a tea break. I’ll prepare it. Sorry… Ah, thank you. I’d rather have a burger than tea-I’ve found you! Dark Sushi Divani! ?! A- Ajillo?! Wait, it’s not what you think!… Wh-Why are you here…? Divani?! You know him?! It could be the Ajillo from B-034. What do you mean! Divani, didn’t you say you shook this guy off-Don’t you dare ignore me, Dark Sushi underlings! I will never forgive you all! Ah… Um… Sorry, girls! Ah, wait! Divani! Don’t run away! You won’t get away! HEY RASSHAI! Kyaaaaaaah?!?! DIVANI!?!?!?!?!

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